"We only need a reason": Hungary deepens penetration into Transcarpathia

Kiev complained to the European Union and NATO about the actions of Budapest in its desire to influence the outcome of the elections in Transcarpathia in favor of the “Party of Hungarians of Ukraine”. This was stated by the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Kuleba on the air of the TV channel "Ukraine 24".

Another scandal between the authorities of Ukraine and Hungary erupted after the visit to Transcarpathia of the Hungarian Secretary of State for National policy Janos Arpad Potapi and his agitation during the election campaign for the party of Ukrainian Hungarians. In response to this, some Hungarian politicians were declared persona non grata in Ukraine. After that, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyjarto threatened to block Kiev's course towards European integration.

According to the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, Yevgeny Muraev, the Hungarians, at an opportunity, can take the territory of Transcarpathia. In his opinion, the financial investments of Budapest in the construction of roads and an airport in this region in the form of an interest-free loan in the amount of 50 million euros for a period of 30 years suggests that "they are building this for themselves." The distribution of Hungarian passports to local citizens also continues.

There is a soil under which, with some kind of catalyst - be it street confrontations, some serious shock, this can result in a split in the country. And then with pleasure the Hungarians will take Transcarpathia

- Muraev believes, speaking about Hungary's desire to use any reason to deepen its penetration into the Transcarpathian regions of Ukraine.
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  1. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) 28 October 2020 12: 35
    Why torture people in Ukraine (people are not cattle) Take all of Ukraine and divide it up. The Hungarians will take their own, the Poles will take their former lands, well, we will not offend, we will take what was Russian lands before the revolution and which Lenin gave it is not clear why (it seems he did not drink like Yeltsin). Everything is decorous, noble, democratic, without suffering and bloodshed, organize a general referendum and let the people vote. I think people in Ukraine are already tired of the lawlessness and will happily vote.
    1. passing by Offline passing by
      passing by (passing by) 28 October 2020 14: 31
      they will just torment until the cattle dies. Hungarians need Hungarians, Poles need Poles ... and no Ukrainians.
  2. DeGreen Offline DeGreen
    DeGreen 28 October 2020 13: 25
    Give Ukraine a part of the EU. Regions of Poland and Hungary
    1. Dear sofa expert. 28 October 2020 15: 05
      Give Ukraine a part of the EU. Regions of Poland and Hungary

      Yes, only the EU, why all of Ukraine?
      They just need it as a buffer zone. With the Baltic states got excited in due time, having accepted. Now they are frantically trying to strengthen their frail borders with Russia there.)
      1. DeGreen Offline DeGreen
        DeGreen 28 October 2020 17: 57
        But they don't know that. Ukrainians.
  3. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 28 October 2020 14: 08
    Under the current Kiev "Maidan authorities (in their anti-national-anti-state" w / Bandera "form of feeble-minded amero-Euromarionettes), the loss of Transcarpathia is only a matter of time, plans and the degree of determination of the Hungarian authorities! winked
    The Hungarian authorities have already shown more than once that they are persistent, purposeful and decisive in defending their own national interests, and the "Maidan authorities" themselves will provide the Hungarians with as many convenient "clues" as they want for the "annexation" of Transcarpathia - practically all the prerequisites for the rejection of the Hungarian population multinational Ukraine "ukrosvidomye" natsiks have already "created (although" creation "is not about these maydauns, because they are total destroyers of everything that they can reach and zhlobski" nadkusyuvat "!)"! request
    The lessons of the Crimea and Donbass did not go for the future "cynical w / Bandera"! fool
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 28 October 2020 15: 44
      This is the Bandera movement and is pushing for decisions on a national basis. Therefore, the Hungarians inhabited the territories of Ukraine will go to Hungary, some Romania, and most of the Russian-speaking ones to Russia, a matter of time, because Ukrainian independence is built on the Ukrainian-speaking ethnos, and others are no longer included ... On what Ukrainian nationalists build independence on the basis of Ukrainization, on that will remain ... Russia needs actions to attract Russian-speaking Ukrainians, the war in Donbass does not contribute to this, a peaceful and more peaceful and cultural approach is needed, which is built on a Russian-speaking basis and connections. ., Conclusion: Russian is not a nationality, it is on the basis of the Russian language and life-giving foundations a nation created for centuries ...
      1. beeper Offline beeper
        beeper 28 October 2020 16: 43
        Vladimir Tuzakov
        .... Ukrainian independence is built on the Ukrainian-speaking ethnos, while others are no longer included ... On what Ukrainian nationalists are building independence, on the basis of Ukrainianization, they will remain on that ...

        hi "Ukrainian independence", at its core, is built precisely on a specific xenophobia-militant double russophobia!
        And all other "ethnoses", as well as individual subchiks of any nationality who support this terry Russophobia, are all "enter" into the current amerocolonial "Maidan banderonazism"
        - a living example of the Russian Klimkin - "Chugunkin", the Jews, Valtsman and Zelensky, the Georgians Zhvania and Saakashvili, the Armenian Avakyan, ..... and other things, including foreign hired killers - "ATO heroes" of Polish, Lithuanian, German, Swedish, American, Canadian, British, Australian, ets .... origin, who are honorably awarded passports and citizenship of "Ukraine" for merits in the extreme expression of militant "self-righteous" Russophobia - murderous genocide of Russians! request
        But if a Ukrainian citizen, even if he is 100% Ukrainian, does not support the militant ruthless Russophobia and state anti-Russianism, then he automatically becomes a "separatist" pursued by an outcast for the "w / Bandera" authorities of the "independent" amerocolony!
        With the Hungarians of Transcarpathia, a slightly different story is happening - the current "Ukraine" is poor in comparison with neighboring Hungary, and even deliberately infringes upon the national rights of its citizens ...
        1. Barmaley_2 Offline Barmaley_2
          Barmaley_2 (Barmaley) 29 October 2020 23: 57
          Poroshenko is not Waltzman! About his Jewish roots zv @ zdezh and this has long been justified
          1. beeper Offline beeper
            beeper 30 October 2020 02: 01
            Quote: Barmaley_2
            Poroshenko is not Waltzman! About his Jewish roots zv @ zdezh and this has long been justified

            Than "it has long been justified" ??? what
            Wasn't the father of the "cynical Bandera", a Moldovan Jew, Waltzman changed his "maiden" surname to the Ukrainian surname of his wife in marriage hide and seek "with the law ?!)?
            Although, in the same Soviet "years of stagnation", many of my Ukrainian classmates, on the contrary, changed their Russian and Ukrainian surnames at the age of 16 to the original Jewish ones, then they had nothing to fear, because about the future "reincarnation" of Hitler's the lackeys-executioners of Babi-Drobitskiy Yar (as well as the fact that individual Jews who have become sick, having opportunistically betrayed the Memory of the Holocaust, will serve them and even smugly be called "w / Banderaites"! fool ) then I could not have dreamed in a nightmare ...
            1. Barmaley_2 Offline Barmaley_2
              Barmaley_2 (Barmaley) 30 October 2020 03: 08
              a bunch of docks about Poroshenko's father have already been posted and sucked, and in Ukraine, a long time ago, this bullshit about Waltzman (this surname does not appear anywhere) is not maintained, except that some completely stubborn ones. I'm not even going to post links here on this You will find the topic yourself, if you wish, where the pedigree of all his ancestors from A to Z has been disassembled to the cog .. This is in the first elections in '14 they tried to smear Patya, but quickly disappeared. About nothing. There is enough real shit on him without Jewishness.
  4. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 28 October 2020 15: 16
    "We only need a reason": Hungary deepens penetration into Transcarpathia

    - Yes, Hungary can easily do it ...
    -The fact is that today Ukrainians are ready to adjust to anyone and to anyone ... -Just not an alliance with the Russians ... -Not with the Russians !!! -Ukrainians are ready even as Hungarians; even with the Poles; even with the blacks of Congo, Somalia, Guinea-Bissau, Ethiopia to fraternize (and learn their language.) .. -only not with the Russians ... -This hatred of Ukraine towards Russia is now enough for more than one decade (for a hundred years ...- for sure) ...
    - But personally, I will never believe that by its order the next government in Ukraine took and "abolished the Russian language" and closed Russian schools ... - But "ordinary Ukrainians were against" ... - but they could not do anything ... - Simple Ukrainians turned out to be such "disciplined" ones ... - And the current generation will now only balk at Mov ... - Who would have forced them, if they themselves do not welcome it ... - bitter - Hahah ...
    -And there is no need to argue that many people still speak Russian at home ... - no need to dissemble ... - the Russian language (in this situation) will still become a rudiment, and even with this Ukrainian generation ...
    - So ... - Hungary, Poland, the Americans, and Africa ... - have very good chances to take something and tear something away from Ukraine ... - But Russia has such chances ... dumb ...
    1. passing by Offline passing by
      passing by (passing by) 28 October 2020 15: 31
      Hungarians, Romanians and Poles claim to Novorossiya?))) Ukrov has no chances laughing
      1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
        gorenina91 (Irina) 28 October 2020 16: 26
        Hungarians, Romanians and Poles claim to Novorossiya?))) Ukrov has no chances

        -Yes, Novorossiya itself would prefer to be a part of Hungary today; at least a part of Poland ... - just not a part of Ukraine ... - where the inhabitants of Novorossiya will simply be physically destroyed ... - all the same "ugly Ukrainians" with the general gloating and approving silence of all Ukraine ... - Or someone will say that the inhabitants of Ukraine will stand up straight and protect all residents of Novorossia from reprisals ... from these "schirykh" ... ??? -Yes, they themselves will help this "schirim".
  5. Barmaley_2 Offline Barmaley_2
    Barmaley_2 (Barmaley) 29 October 2020 23: 45
    Muraev is a very controversial person with supposedly peaceful, aytimaydan in essence and pro-Russian views, but essentially a opportunist and opportunist who will always bill you at a crucial moment. He very ugly dealt with the famous lawyer Montyan, who worked for him on the channel, and so Tolik Shariy tried to play ugly.
    But in essence, the topic with Hungary is much simpler. Firstly, the people there are so happy to sail to Hungary at ANY real opportunity (I have an army friend living in those parts and have a lot of friends from there, with whom I periodically communicate and I still see them when they are in Ukraine) and almost all of them have an open Schengen area plus a second Hungarian passport, and most of them work over the hill, or their work is related to foreign lands. In those regions, in general, a significant part of all economic movements are associated with Hungary. although they are in Z. Ukraine, they do not have the same nationalist sentiments as in the same Lviv region. One can even say that the OUN-UPA is not honored there and for them there is no such great attachment to Kiev. And secondly, there is one extremely powerful country in the world is the United States. And the Hungarians, only with the signal of [email protected], can only bazaar. So for now, this is all about nothing, this Muraevsky chees.