"We go with a slingshot against tanks": there was a video of Armenians leaving combat positions

A video of a dialogue in a raised voice between the Armenian military in Nagorno-Karabakh, who are leaving their combat positions, retreating under pressure from superior enemy forces, appeared on the Web. The footage caused a great resonance on social networks, especially among the "experts" who are at home, without firing outside the window. Some users were quick to accuse the Armenian military of cowardice.

In the video, soldiers of one of the Armenian units explain that they cannot normally fight without air defense cover when they are cold-bloodedly shot from the air by drones of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces. They do not have enough weapons and ammunition, and everything else that is needed to hold positions.

We go with a slingshot against tanks

- said one of the military.

The person who filmed this video promised to hand it over to the authorities so that they would punish the servicemen.

If you look at the map of that area, it becomes clear that the Armenian military is retreating to the mountains. They want to rise as high as possible and gain a foothold in new, more comfortable positions. The mountains there reach 1700 meters in height, becoming a real problem for the attackers.

And in the mountains it is very problematic to use drones. They need to constantly maneuver so as not to meet some sudden obstacle. If drones fly over mountains, they will have difficulties with target detection and firing accuracy.

In addition, cloudiness will interfere with drones. This is well understood by the Armenian military, who desperately "climb" as high as possible. They are pushed to this by the logic of waging war in new conditions and the instinct of self-preservation.
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  1. DimerVladimer Offline DimerVladimer
    DimerVladimer (Dmitry Vladimirovich) 27 October 2020 13: 57
    of course - a reporter is an expert.
    Apparently they did not hear about the distance of fire damage ...
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 27 October 2020 14: 11
      The normal reaction of fighters to the situation (reminiscent of 1941), there is neither desire nor sense to die in vain (lack of air defense and high-precision strikes with 20 kg of explosives). Therefore, the Armenians urgently seek salvation in negotiations and the surrender of part of Krabakh. Russia will also be pushed out with a shield for the Armenian Armed Forces, but is it necessary to protect the regime of the pro-Western N. Pashinyan? ...
    2. greenchelman Offline greenchelman
      greenchelman (Grigory Tarasenko) 28 October 2020 01: 39
      Enlighten please.
  2. Kuramori Reika Offline Kuramori Reika
    Kuramori Reika (Kuramori Reika) 27 October 2020 14: 16
    I don’t understand, but where do they have anti-tank weapons? Yes, there is no RPG-7 for street battles, but something more serious, hitting a couple of kilometers. These military men do not seem to be stupid enough to indulge in the joy of ministers who have not purchased or delivered critical weapons. I hope that after the war a complete inventory of the available funds and an analysis of the structure of budget expenditures over the past 10 years will be carried out. So that the people of Armenia see with their own eyes the result of what happens when they let clowns like Pashinyan into power. Pashinyan is as incompetent as our blunt Medvedev. The people of Armenia are also good, in a country with a frozen military conflict on the border and a powerful hostile military power backing up the western border, they have elected some poor supporting actor as their leader.
    1. passing by Offline passing by
      passing by (passing by) 27 October 2020 20: 36
      in the mountains, Armenians will be rolled out with howitzers. But the Armenians will not drag anything but RPG to the mountains.
  3. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 27 October 2020 16: 01
    And not a single word in Russian.
  4. Voice of the People (Azer Vekilov) 27 October 2020 22: 20
    It's amazing how the Russians are worried about the Armenians !! After what you read on Yandex, it becomes clear that, in fact, nothing shone for Azerbaijan in the negotiations! Because all three countries of the OSCE Minsk Group have always been on the side of Armenia, which occupied the territory of a neighboring country, and they are also trying to bring Azerbaijan and Armenia to negotiations so that Azerbaijan would again be left without their territories. So it is better to die in battle than negotiations in which there is not a single country serving for a fair resolution of the conflict !!! Plus, it's not clear why everything Russian was banned in Armenia and the flag was trampled! But Russia, as always, encourages the seizure of foreign territories and supplies weapons to Armenia! Well, what can you do, let everything happen as it should!
    1. greenchelman Offline greenchelman
      greenchelman (Grigory Tarasenko) 28 October 2020 01: 37
      Where has Kurdish County gone?

      1. maiman61 Offline maiman61
        maiman61 (Yuri) 28 October 2020 09: 25
        Huh! The Armenians grazed dinosaurs there!
      2. Vitaly Ivanovich Ivanov (Vitaly Ivanovich Ivanov) 29 October 2020 00: 06
        Quote: greenchelman
        Where has Kurdish County gone?

        Kurdistani railway smile
      3. Vitaly Ivanovich Ivanov (Vitaly Ivanovich Ivanov) 29 October 2020 00: 23
        This is what an Azerbaijani wrote to me about the Kurdistan Region:

        Kurds appeared there in the days of the Persians, they were resettled there as far as I know. They made up the majority in the district, but very quickly assimilated and adopted the Turkic language.

        After, in the 30s, they were deported to Asia, and the initiative was not from the republics, but from the center. However, a significant part of the assimilated remained as Azerbaijanis proper, and the district itself ceased to be Kurdistan.

        By the time of the war in the 90s, Kurds (or Azerbaijanis of Kurdish origin) were expelled from 7 regions in exactly the same way as in Karabakh, so that their fate did not differ much from the fate of Azerbaijanis.

        There are many implicit Kurds in Azerbaijan, in fact, although they are not carriers of the Kurdish culture and language. And as far as I myself have seen, the attitude towards "their" Kurds in Azerbaijan is positive.
    2. bankiryvraginaroda (bankers are enemies of the people) 28 October 2020 13: 35
      Lavrov, however, clearly informed both you and the Armenians; you take your districts, and the territory of nkao + the corridor to Armenia remains with the Armenians, the war ends, who is not clear?
      1. The comment was deleted.
  5. maiman61 Offline maiman61
    maiman61 (Yuri) 28 October 2020 09: 26
    Well, soldiers cannot stop the enemy with machine guns alone! Why throw them into a meat grinder?
  6. _AMUHb_ Offline _AMUHb_
    _AMUHb_ (_AMUHb_) 28 October 2020 13: 10
    POW convention what works there? or in the "old fashioned" head off the shoulders
  7. bankiryvraginaroda (bankers are enemies of the people) 28 October 2020 13: 31
    the warriors are doing everything right. they do not run away, but do not want to become meat for drones, the positions must be protected from drone attacks
    and warriors must have proper weapons, not slingshots
  8. 405 guards Offline 405 guards
    405 guards (405 guards) 28 October 2020 17: 23
    Yes, Pashinyan called the Russians to the war, help, save, protect, by the truth. talentless rule, perhaps the west will help you when the Azerbaijani army stands on the outskirts of Yerevan. And what now, for good, you need to take Azerbaijan from you 5-7 regions, so to speak, a tribute for 30 years in advance. And the Russian army may come later when the west will finally throw you, as they say in the west, more specifically in a new light, you have to pay for everything, and in the morning money chairs in the evening.
  9. Vitaly Ivanovich Ivanov (Vitaly Ivanovich Ivanov) 28 October 2020 23: 46
    Quote: greenchelman
    Enlighten please.

    Mm, what about?
  10. Vitaly Ivanovich Ivanov (Vitaly Ivanovich Ivanov) 29 October 2020 00: 10
    Quote: bankiryvraginaroda
    Lavrov, however, clearly informed both you and the Armenians: you take your districts, and the territory of NKAO + the corridor to Armenia remains with the Armenians, the war ends

    Can you quote Lavrov for sure? what
  11. Eternal student Offline Eternal student
    Eternal student (Eternal student) 29 October 2020 13: 55
    Armenian occupants will have to leave the territory of Azerbaijan
  12. Adam men Offline Adam men
    Adam men (Adam Men) 6 November 2020 14: 37
    It looks like this is no longer the beginning of the end. This is the end. Armenia stupidly ran out of material and technical resources to conduct hostilities. And, accordingly, the morale has dried up. In principle, completely predictable. Because the economy (and much more) of Azerbaijan was prepared for war much better than the enemy.