Erdogan advised Macron to see a psychotherapist, Paris recalled ambassador

On October 24, 2020, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, needed "mental treatment" for his hostility to Islam. Therefore, the Turkish leader advised the French president to see a psychotherapist, the Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah writes.

A week ago, Macron called Islam a "problem religion" that needs to be contained. After that, a "witch hunt" began in France against the Muslim community. Numerous NGOs and mosques have been closed across the country, and attacks against Muslims have increased.

What is Macron's problem with Islam and Muslims? He needs mental health treatment, he needs a psychotherapist

- Erdogan said at the congress of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Kayseri province.

What can you say to the head of state who treats millions of members of the religious minority in his country in this way? First of all - check your psyche

- added Erdogan.

You constantly find fault with Erdogan. It won't get you anything. There will be elections (in France) ... We will see your (Macron's) fate. I don't think he will have to lead for long. Why? He did nothing for France

- summed up Erdogan.

In response, France recalled its ambassador from Ankara for consultations. In addition, the Elysee Palace noted "the lack of messages of condolence and support" from the Turkish president after the beheading of teacher Samuel Pati in the suburbs of Paris. Paris also expressed concern about Ankara's calls to boycott French goods.

President Erdogan's words are unacceptable. Excessive rudeness is not a method. We demand that he change his policiesas it is dangerous in every sense

- pointed out the representative of the Elysee Palace.

The two NATO members disagree on a number of issues. They have serious divisions in the Eastern Mediterranean, Libya, Syria and Nagorno-Karabakh.

Note that Macron's statements about Islam were made immediately after the school teacher Samuel Pati was beheaded in the evening of October 16 in the town of Conflans-Saint-Honorine. In one of the lessons, he showed his students cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, which is considered extremely offensive by Muslims.
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  1. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
    rotkiv04 (Victor) 25 October 2020 16: 19
    both of them with greetings, they will sit in the same chamber Napoleon and the Sultan
  2. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 25 October 2020 16: 27
    Erdogan gave Putin a good example of how to respond to the rudeness of foreign partners and friends.
    1. passing by Offline passing by
      passing by (passing by) 25 October 2020 17: 01
      Putin is not Lukashenka to bark at every hedgehog.
      1. Shelest2000 Offline Shelest2000
        Shelest2000 25 October 2020 23: 11
        Well, yes, well, yes ... He is great at wiping the spitting of "best friends" from his face and pulling another knife out of his back. Damn, he has scars all over his back laughing
    2. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
      rotkiv04 (Victor) 25 October 2020 17: 54
      the Turk does not have a hat for Senka, he has not grown intellectually for Putin to answer him
    3. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 25 October 2020 22: 26
      Zrdogan barked.
      Putin bombed an oil storage facility in Syria. No insults, at the level of a courtyard squabble.
  3. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 25 October 2020 18: 03
    The action with sawing off for teacher Samuel P. (not a Jew, such a lesson against Islam, and a corresponding jihadist, a Moscow-born Chechen) finally placed the barricades on both sides as "humane democrats" of Europe, Muslims and so on the barricades (Islamists in a permanent war with the infidels according to the laid down canons of Islam) ... It remains to declare the crusades ... It could not be otherwise, with all this promotion of the humanism of Europe with millions of immigrants, this charge should have exploded until the fuse was set on fire ...
  4. Cheburashk Offline Cheburashk
    Cheburashk (Vladimir) 25 October 2020 18: 06
    Gobble each other up and hurry up!
  5. Binder Offline Binder
    Binder (Miron) 25 October 2020 21: 09
    Erdogan, the leader of a large state, behaves like a stoned visitor to a diner in a Turkish bazaar. Is there really no one in his entourage to hint to the main Turk that such behavior can in no way benefit the prestige of Turkey?
    1. Dear sofa expert. 25 October 2020 21: 50
      Erdogan is the head of a large state and behaves like a stoned diner

      Doesn't it remind you of Ukraine?)

      Can't such behavior benefit Turkey's prestige?

      Does Turkey need prestige?
      1. Binder Offline Binder
        Binder (Miron) 25 October 2020 21: 56
        Quote: Dear sofa expert.
        Does Turkey need prestige?

        Any state strives to raise its prestige in the international arena.
        1. Dear sofa expert. 25 October 2020 22: 00
          Any state strives to raise its prestige in the international arena.

          Turkey has plenty of prestige. It is the second strongest (non-nuclear) state in the NATO bloc.
          1. Binder Offline Binder
            Binder (Miron) 25 October 2020 22: 45
            You are confusing different things - the Turkish army is the second largest army in NATO, but to say that Turkey

            Quote: Dear sofa expert.
            the second strongest (non-nuclear) state of the NATO bloc.

            - is incorrect. The strength of the state is not only its army, but at least the economic situation, and with this the Turks are very sour. And the army itself is far from being as effective as Erdogan would like, especially due to the large-scale purges of the officer corps after the 2016 coup attempt ...
            1. Dear sofa expert. 25 October 2020 22: 53
              And the army itself is far from as effective as Erdogan would like

              Well I do not know. According to the Global Power Index, the Turkish armed forces are in the last place in the ten most combat-ready in the world.

              But you are probably better informed)
              1. boriz Offline boriz
                boriz (boriz) 25 October 2020 23: 50
                I have to agree with Myron. Erdogan's economy is very sour. And with technological chains.
                In the event of a serious conflict, it will be unable to produce many types of weapons and ammunition. His resources are a minimum, but he ruined his relations with everyone around him. The USA and Canada hinted to him very thickly about the Bayraktar. And you can leave it without oil and gas for half an hour. Destroy pipes, oil storage facilities and above-ground infrastructure of natural gas storage facilities with rockets. And the country will be catastrophic. Moreover, the pipes do not have to be interrupted. They will give a command - and they will be turned off, so as not to be taken to extremes. And Russia itself will close its valves.
                Well, with the economy, so as not to understand for a long time:
                - 01.01.2015 the ruble was worth 28,3 Turkish lira.
                - today the ruble is worth 9,56 Turkish lira.
                This is our long-suffering ruble ...
                And the US dollar / Turkish lira pair over the past 10 years: from 1,18 to 7,97.
                Sad, isn't it?
                1. Dear sofa expert. 25 October 2020 23: 58
                  I viewed Turkey's prestige in the context of the NATO bloc. NATO has its own budget, mostly funded by Americans, so it has little to do with the Turkish economy. (2%)
                  1. boriz Offline boriz
                    boriz (boriz) 26 October 2020 00: 15
                    So the funding will be cut off immediately. And the supply of components. And the supply of raw materials. And energy carriers.
                    And besides, do you seriously think that the state of the economy does not affect the country's defense capability? The welfare of the people? Business health? Erdogan constantly maneuvers inside the country. There are many business groups there. If he does not provide normal business conditions, he will be thrown out like a cca mattress. And no amount of intelligence will help.
                    Well, NATO does not finance all of Turkey's defense programs. NATO is not interested in the creation of Turkey's mobilization reserves for the "Turkey against all" conflict.
                    Bayraktar looks good only because it is Erdogan's family business and receives state support. This is not a priority for NATO. It is important for NATO to ensure Turkey's participation in joint operations. NATO looks at the amateur wars of Turkey with disapproval.
        2. boriz Offline boriz
          boriz (boriz) 25 October 2020 22: 31
          Any state seeks to raise its prestige in the international arena.

          But the mentality is not going anywhere. He must prove that he is a "man". Creates an image for domestic consumption. And there - their own evaluation criteria.
          1. Binder Offline Binder
            Binder (Miron) 25 October 2020 22: 50
            Yes, of course, there is an Eastern mentality. However, proportions should be observed here - to please the Turkish common people and have a reputation as an intelligent, balanced politician. Erdogan has only gotten the first ...
            1. boriz Offline boriz
              boriz (boriz) 25 October 2020 23: 23
              Well I say: mentality is not going anywhere ...
              I am in 1985-87. served as an officer in the military construction units of the Soviet Army. If you understand what it is about (due to age). I've seen enough. There, from a company of people from the territory of the present-day Russian Federation, there were 5-10 people (moreover, this is together with the North Caucasus). So I saw enough of our "brothers" (all) to the point of nausea.
            2. Tramp1812 Offline Tramp1812
              Tramp1812 (Tramp 1812) 26 October 2020 08: 55
              Leaders such as Erdogan, Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin, Pol Pot understand only the language of force, and understanding is directly proportional to the reciprocal rudeness. Yes, of course, in the ears of a certain part of the Turkish population, Erdogan's rudeness towards the President of France sounds like sweet music. But if, for which I very much hope, Paris does not get lost, but answers not only on the diplomatic front, then the Turkish plebs will be the first to overthrow Erdogan. The words of A.V. Suvorova: Well done, it's time to shorten it. France is not Armenia. If only I didn't let the brakes down. Although each country reacts differently. To insults, for example, the same Erdogan addressed to Netanyahu, he mockingly noted the improvement in the mental state of the Turk. Before, ”Bibi said sarcastically, he used to insult me ​​several times a day, now only once a week. This is progress. They say he got a good doctor ...
  6. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 25 October 2020 22: 51
    Both are worse (c) allegedly I.V. C
  7. Tramp1812 Offline Tramp1812
    Tramp1812 (Tramp 1812) 26 October 2020 08: 27
    Recep Erdogan is the head of a large state, which, being a member of the UN, recognizes the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. It spelled out the basic principles of relations between states, as well as diplomatic protocol and etiquette. What Erdogan allowed himself in relation to his French counterpart is a significant violation of this document. It indicates that Turkey, violating the norms of international decency, also undertakes to interfere in the internal affairs of states, in this case France. Commenting on the incident in a deliberately inappropriate manner. In addition, the Turkish leader defiantly allowed the entire country to be insulted by insulting its head. He even managed to raise the issue of Macron's stay in power, giving his forecast for the elections in France. France's reaction is natural and rather harsh: the recall of the ambassador for consultations. This, according to diplomatic protocol, is the last step before the break of diplomatic relations. Do not forget that France today is, along with Germany, the most economically developed country in Europe. The potentials for all positions of France and Turkey are incomparable.
    The recall of the ambassador is only the first and visible step. Taking into account its authority and capabilities, France has a lot of options to put Turkey in its place, including through economic and political leverage. As for me, Erdogan took a step fraught with the future of his country. I.A. Krylov wrote about this in one of the fables:

    Listen, he says, if you are not smarter, then the insolence will not always pass easily for you, this time Gd will forgive, but beware ahead, And know who you are joking with ...

    By the way, I doubt he'll forgive. This is not just an insult, said Schweik, which is inflicted on the Emperor while drunk ...