Lukashenko - Pompeo: Our main ally is Russia

After the arrival of the pragmatic Donald Trump in the White House, US attitudes towards Belarus have seriously changed. Washington stopped demonstrating its "exclusiveness" at every step and began to use the "multi-vector" nature of Minsk.

The Trump administration believes that if you push hard on Belarus, then it can quickly become part of Russia. Therefore, Washington lifted sanctions against Minsk, acquired an embassy there, and even began selling American oil to Belarusians.

When the “color revolution” began in Belarus in August 2020, and crowds of “peaceful protesters” began to roam the streets of Minsk, the United States demonstratively pulled back from the process, shifting it onto the “mighty” shoulders of Lithuania and Poland.

On October 24, 2020, the head of the US State Department, Mike Pompeo, called President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. He was interested in only one question - the release from the pre-trial detention center of Minsk US citizen Vitaly Cheryshikov, who was detained during the protests in August.

For Washington, this is extremely important since political sides. In the United States, the pre-election bacchanalia for the election of the future head of state is in full swing, and Trump will be able to demonstrate concern for his fellow citizens by presenting a freed American. Minsk is well aware of this, so there is practically no doubt that soon the "peaceful protester" Cheryshikov will be free.

As the Belarusian media reported, during the conversation Lukashenka said that Russia is the main ally of Belarus. Therefore, if Poland, Lithuania and other NATO countries show aggression, Minsk and Moscow will react together.

In turn, Pompeo assured that the United States remains a supporter of the sovereignty and independence of Belarus. He stressed that the Alliance does not pose a threat to Minsk.

In response, Lukashenko said that Belarus is closely following what is happening in the United States. Then he wished Trump victory in the elections.
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  1. Azhdaha Offline Azhdaha
    Azhdaha (Andrei) 25 October 2020 11: 05
    Why a lot of words. The old man would simply treat Pompeo to Belarusian stew and to Pompeo's enthusiastic cries - "Oh my God, how delicious it is!" I would tell him that Tikhanovskaya and her gop company, having come to power, will destroy all factories for the production of delicious stew!
  2. stef13ch Offline stef13ch
    stef13ch (Yadykin) 25 October 2020 14: 15
    When the “color revolution” began in Belarus in August 2020, and crowds of “peaceful protesters” began to roam the streets of Minsk, the United States demonstratively pulled back from the process, shifting it onto the “mighty” shoulders of Lithuania and Poland.

    - this is the key phrase ..!
    We've come up with something perverted ..!
  3. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 25 October 2020 19: 33
    These American citizens of Belarusian descent are still "Belarusian patriots", although upon obtaining American citizenship, emigrants renounce their former homeland and swear allegiance exclusively to the interests of the United States(from this "stove" and should dance in the assessment of the steps taken by them, although they declare their alleged "concern for the Belarusians")! smile
    Volens-Nolens maintain contacts with American Belarusians from the "sausage emigration", as we have been friends since Soviet times, when we were all Soviet citizens!
    Therefore, in the course of their anti-Lukashenka sentiments, only recently such a group of American "zmagars" tried to get to Belarus through Ukraine in order to "help overthrow Lukashenko."
    Although these American "zmagars" permanently reside in the United States, they somehow retained their Belarusian passports, and the money earned there, was profitably invested in the purchase of real estate in Belarus and, "for a little bit", they rent it out to Belarusian citizens. But they are very dissatisfied with the local tax policy, which forces them to part with part of their profits, therefore, in the overthrow of the “Lukashenka regime” and the establishment of the pro-American puppet regime, they see for themselves an opportunity to better “turn around” in their former country and become even richer at the expense of their former compatriots! request
    Probably the American citizen Cheryshikov is from the same row of "visiting overthrowers", under loud slogans pursuing their narrowly proprietary mercantile interests ??! winked
    Probably, until he was exposed by the Belarusian law enforcers, he showed everyone his unused Belarusian passport and slyly positioned himself as a Belarusian citizen, as if “expressing the will of the people,” how many of these hypocritical swindlers-foreigners are there in the ranks of the “white-maidan” criminals ?! negative
    This is all a "flaw" of the Belarusian KGB, caused by the crafty Russophobic "multi-vector" of the top-Belarusian authorities, active pro-American-pro-Western "flirting" of the AGL itself and his entourage, alas!
    Alexander Rygorovich still does not understand that in the West he is not needed in any capacity and is only a "consumable" - a "useful idiot" in the geopolitical games of the same Pompeo or Trump ??!
    In order for Belarus to survive and not become an amerocolony (like the former Ukrainian SSR), the Belarusian president now needs to make non-trivial decisions and get ahead at a pace, break the plans and strategies of the impudent opponents of the Belarusian statehood! prioritize and jump over your head to avoid "loss of losses" is a "question of questions"! winked
    I would really like the AHL to be able to save the country from "Maidan (as well as gradual" multi-vector ")" transformation into a dull colony of the collective West, similar to "Ukraine", since a third of my heart always belongs to Belarus and Belarusians!
  4. Kuramori Reika Offline Kuramori Reika
    Kuramori Reika (Kuramori Reika) 26 October 2020 18: 30
    Lukashenka is an abomination that Russia needs to get rid of as soon as possible. The only thing Lukashenka can get if he does everything right is judicial immunity. And if he continues to live insolently, then a kick in the ass together with his family and into the hands of the Maidan people, so that he will repeat the fate of Gaddafi.