US forces Russia to deploy strike potential in Chukotka

The Russian Federation can use the Soviet practice of deploying ballistic missiles in the Far Eastern region - in this case, the coverage of a potential Russian strike could spread to part of the continental territory of the United States. This was stated by military expert Vasily Kashin in an interview with the newspaper "Sight" in the context of Moscow's possible reaction to Washington's deployment of medium and short-range missiles in the APR.

At the stage of the United States' withdrawal from the INF Treaty, Vladimir Putin said that the Russian Federation would deploy such weapons only in the same places on the planet as the United States. Under the USSR, medium-range ballistic missiles of the Pioneer system were based precisely in Chukotka - from there they best "reach" Alaska (there are now important elements of the American missile defense system) and parts of the continental United States. Thus, the Americans can force Moscow to place a strike potential on the Chukchi Peninsula.

Theoretically, you can now return to the Soviet version of missile deployment

- noted Kashin.

However, the Kremlin does not currently have such weapons. Putin talked about the development of missiles based on the complexes already put into operation, the first of which is a hypersonic system or a ballistic missile based on the Iskander, the second is a cruise missile built on the basis of Russian aviation or naval weapons.

Alexander Khramchikhin, Deputy Director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, agrees with Vasily Kashin. According to him, neither the Kremlin nor the White House currently have the missiles that Washington claims - the plans to deploy such weapons are so far only speculative.
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  1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 23 October 2020 18: 22
    Since the United States does not live peacefully, these are their problems, let them start building bomb shelters again, as in the 60s of the 20th century.
    1. John Hart Offline John Hart
      John Hart (John Hart) 24 October 2020 01: 09
      You were in the usa or from Soviet newspapers you learned about the decaying west, and at the same time you were tying all the technologies that you could reproduce with your crooked little hands
      1. Andrey Ostroushko (Andrey Ostroushko) 24 October 2020 04: 10
        I can imagine how a Russian spy with stolen drawings sneaks along the corridors of the White House. Everyone is tyryat, except for Russia, no one can build anything. Here they reached the point that they "stole" from the United States the blueprints of a hypersonic weapon and a new vaccine, the technology of which you had no idea about.
  2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 23 October 2020 20: 55
    US forces Russia to deploy strike potential in Chukotka

    - Strange ... - What kind of sluggish US is that so slowly "forcing Russia to place its strike potential in Chukotka" ...
    -This potential should have been placed the day before yesterday., A long time ago, Russia had to place ...
    -Badly, badly the US is forcing Russia to move and do something ... for its own Russian good ...
    -And this potential will most likely also be useful to Russia to protect its Northern Route from insolent China ...
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 23 October 2020 21: 17
    Are there no missiles in the Far East?
    Like for 5 years the population has been talking about the enemy, but there are no missiles to him closer and no?

    Some kind of crap.
    1. Dear sofa expert. 24 October 2020 00: 53
      Are there no missiles in the Far East?

      Why not? There were the 27th and 45th Red Banner Missile Divisions.

      It was just that the 27th was disbanded in 1994, with the light hand of EBN.
      And the 45th division came under the command of the 70rd missile army back in the 53th.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  4. Warrior Offline Warrior
    Warrior 24 October 2020 00: 29
    Russia is now UNAUTHORIZED for military armaments for the United States and therefore must set its conditions to the United States:
    - the dissolution of NATO;
    - remove American bases from Europe and further away (at least 1000 km) from Russia;
    - remove American bases from Japan;
    - to return Alaska to Russia, which the United States simply stole from Tsarist Russia ...
    Give a deadline for meeting these conditions - no more than a year.
    And if the United States does not fulfill these conditions of Russia within the specified timeframe, destroy the United States with a nuclear hyper strike.
    So let's see how the famous American missile defense system and the US Navy will save them.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. John Hart Offline John Hart
          John Hart (John Hart) 24 October 2020 10: 08
          And the whole country is also with weak heroic countries, and Turkey slightly turned up and the plane was shot down and the shells snapped and you are only afraid and the darling was enough to refuse to buy tomatoes))))
          1. Dear sofa expert. 24 October 2020 10: 29
            And your whole country is the same with weak heroic countries

            Aren't you personally ashamed of yourself that you have brought your country to the status of "weak" in 30 years?
            You are even ashamed of belonging to your "weak", because they even wrote your nickname in a language alien to yours.)

            Do not disgrace
          2. Andrey Ostroushko (Andrey Ostroushko) 24 October 2020 16: 08
            I remember Napoleon and Hitler were not weaklings at all, and when the Crimea was annexed, Russia was alone against 30 strong NATO countries, which staged a Nazi Maidan in Ukraine and promised a lot of money for this and unlimited protection, so it doesn't work about the weak. And after the plane and after the supposedly shells of Erdogash, he always quickly went to Moscow to get slapped on the head from Putin.
  5. John Hart Offline John Hart
    John Hart (John Hart) 24 October 2020 01: 08
    Right now, the cartoon will shoot the Mosfilm and show the whole world, people will laugh heartily
    1. The comment was deleted.
  6. Semyon Semyonov_2 (Semyon Semyonov) 24 October 2020 20: 08
    Are they asking? We must respect.))
  7. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 25 October 2020 16: 25
    Chukotka is the closest territory to the United States and there simply must be attack missile systems capable of destroying bases in Alaska and industrial centers on the east coast of Canada and the United States.
    Restore Gudym and his cover system, build new bases, because the US military bases are located in Poland and Lithuania, just a few tens of kilometers from the Kaliningrad province.
    Sweden and Finland will join NATO - Petersburg will be able to fire nuclear warheads even from artillery pieces.
    Ukraine's accession to NATO (the US B-52s already imitated a nuclear strike against the Russian Federation from the Kharkov region) - will impose the entire European part of the Russian Federation from the Arctic Ocean to the Black Sea, and if Kazakhstan is lured away - no most advanced missile defense system will help, and it is impossible to close the border along the entire length - there will not be enough money. Therefore, it is necessary to move from a defensive strategy to an offensive one and develop strike systems capable of destroying any objects on the territory of the United States and Canada.