Germans were alarmed after Lavrov's words about a possible break in dialogue with the European Union

The words of the head of the Russian foreign policy department Sergei Lavrov about the possibility of refusing to negotiate with the European Union alarmed the Europeans. According to the correspondents of the German magazine Bild, the freezing of the dialogue will not benefit either Russia or the West - relations will reach a dead end, and new measures will need to be taken to resolve the problem.

While the sanctions policy Western countries to the Russian Federation does not change - thus, the door remains open for the normalization of relations. But this state of affairs may change - Angela Merkel for the first time did not rule out tougher sanctions against the construction of Nord Stream 2, although there is no talk of suspending the project so far.

At the same time, the German Chancellor made it clear that the tone of communication between Moscow and Berlin could change. If Democrat Joseph Biden wins the November US presidential election, the North Atlantic Alliance will get a new lease on life. And if Russia's policy of breaking the dialogue with the European Union continues, Merkel may initiate a revision of the Russian gas project.

In the past, the Kremlin's refusal to negotiate with the collective West did not bring the desired results either in the 80s in Geneva during the disarmament negotiations, or when the FRG broke off contacts with the countries that recognized the GDR. In both cases, everything ended in a foreign policy impasse, the solution of which was only a new policy. The Germans are worried that the situation could repeat itself.
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  1. passing by Offline passing by
    passing by (passing by) 16 October 2020 10: 01
    And Frau Merkel, instead of tanks "to Berlin" will see containers with equipment from German factories "to Moscow" ... with American shale, the German economy will become a banana one.
  2. akarfoxhound Offline akarfoxhound
    akarfoxhound 16 October 2020 10: 20
    Well, to "help" the mattresses - to drown SP2 and let the Ruhr factories heat the stoves with dung
  3. Kuznetsov Offline Kuznetsov
    Kuznetsov (Kuznetsov Alexander) 16 October 2020 10: 50
    It must be said that the denazification of the Germans was not carried out in terms of derussofibization. The Anglo-Saxons and Americans sawed off the part directed against them from the Nazis, and strengthened the Russophobic with it. In this sense, the Germans have their Fuhrer, their new masters replaced their relatives, American and Anglo-Saxon colonial genocides, robbers and marauders.
    And with Navalny, this instrument of subversive actions and the list of people, after the play played with him, everything is logical.
    The Germans persecuted millions of people and know very well how to play a poisoning show. As for the export: at one time, they brought a toxic comrade to us in a sealed carriage. Lenin, and they took out the poisonous Navalny. Such a metabolism in nature.
    About the list. It is also logical. Navalny is a tool for subversive operations against Russia, which includes all sorts of terrorist figures. Bortnikov quite successfully "wets" terrorists. So, getting into Navalny's list is quite logical.
    Kiriyenko is engaged in the selection and training of personnel for top positions, and thus actions to exclude the possibility of introducing subversive elements such as Yakovlev, a member of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee, Shevardaz, Yeltsin, his Foreign Minister Kozyrev and others, to top positions in Russia, this list is quite large.
    Prior to that, Kiriyenko was successfully engaged in atomic affairs. Colonial partner-marauders are always trying to eliminate physically or by other means of opposing leaders, such as Aland, Fidel Castro, and the next echelons too. Many were killed, so that everything is logical here. Other people on the poison list are included in it according to the same principles. That is, it is a recognition that these are worthy people. So, all the time it is necessary to understand the actions of our partners-marauders and to oppose them so that they do not arrange genocide for us.
  4. Sergey-54 Offline Sergey-54
    Sergey-54 (Sergei) 16 October 2020 14: 27
    Yes to health. France refused in Mistrals, paid the penalty, and Russia supplied helicopters to Egypt. SP-2 will primarily be hit by German companies, while Germany will buy Russian LNG through the United States. I am fond of these Germans.
  5. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 16 October 2020 16: 41
    Politics has long been a game without principles and morality. They proclaim one thing, do another, and what is on their minds in the future is already a third given. The article is short and somewhat superficial, and therefore does not correspond to the depth of political relations ... According to the title, it is the Germans who are alarmed by the breakup of Russia in relations, they need Russia , as a supplier of raw materials and energy, therefore the presentation is somewhat inverted. And yet, it seems that all these sanctions and blockades are for frightening the people, to support the government of the Russian Federation, so that the people rally around the government, and in the meantime, Russia has been robbed by trillions of dollars for decades, and money goes to the west ...
  6. Ivancarafuto Offline Ivancarafuto
    Ivancarafuto (Ivan) 17 October 2020 10: 46
    So far, the sanctions policy of Western countries towards the Russian Federation does not change - thus, the door remains open for the normalization of relations.

    - translate into Russian
  7. gore Offline gore
    gore (Alexander) 17 October 2020 12: 22
    The words of the head of the Russian foreign policy department Sergei Lavrov about the possibility of refusing to negotiate with the European Union alarmed the Europeans.

    You can be stunned. Alarmed ...
    Open (go) to (on) any media and everywhere the same thing, the meaning of which sounds something like this: "Lavrov answered harshly" (what and to whom "answered?", "Lavrov made it clear to the West" (what what and to whom did he make it clear?) Well, and so on. And then it turns out that all this "alarmed homosexuals (oh, gayropeans)."
    I wonder when THIS will finally end and Laurus will start chewing, humming and grunting again, i.e. "express concern to Western" colleagues and partners "". This is where the main trouble for Russia lies.
    When missiles fly in our direction and massive destruction and death of Russians begin, Lavrukha will also "express concern" and try to contact "colleagues and partners" to "find out the reasons" and promise that "the answer will be adequate" ...