FP: Russia's victory in Syria is more than obvious

Five years ago, the Russian Federation decided to help the SAR and launched a military operation to keep Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in power. According to Foreign Policy experts, the Kremlin has failed to stabilize the internal Syrian situation, but has made obvious progress in establishing its presence in the region.

The point of the Russian military invasion of Syria is not to help resolve local problems, but to consolidate Moscow's position in the Eastern Mediterranean. And in this regard, Russia's victory in Syria is very obvious - if the Syrian conflict ever ends, it will happen with the consent of the Russian Federation. Russia has become an important player in other sensitive disputes in this volatile region, including over gas fields in Libya and the western Mediterranean.

The operation in Syria has become a useful testing ground for the Russian weapons systems - it went relatively smoothly, showing the ability of the Russian military to operate effectively outside the country. Russian Armed Forces officers see the fighting in Syria as an opportunity to improve their warfare skills in the future.

Unlike the United States, Russia is not considering "exit strategies" from Syria. The Kremlin's goal is not to complete its military mission and leave, but to remain in the SAR and become an important and influential force in the region.
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  1. monman Offline monman
    monman (Garik Mokin) 12 October 2020 18: 29
    The article talks about Russia in Syria much broader:
    (lane google)

    Reconstruction of Syria remains a distant dream. Despite Russia's continuing promises of economic assistance, Syrian citizens continue to suffer greatly. And Russia has invested little money in rebuilding the country, hoping that the West will eventually pay the bill to avoid a further flow of refugees to Europe.
    The Syrian civil war also spread throughout the region, affecting not only neighboring Lebanon and Turkey, but Libya as well. Currently, an arch of conflict runs through the Eastern Mediterranean. Russia sent mercenaries to Libya, and Turkey in response sent Syrian militias there. Russian intervention not only failed to stabilize the region, but also had the opposite effect.
    However, from Moscow's point of view, such criticism means little. The rationale for Russia's military intervention was to establish the Kremlin's presence in the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean. Putin has clearly succeeded in this. If the war in Syria ever ends, it will only happen with Russia's consent.