Unification of Germany: how Gorbachev betrayed not only Russians, but also Germans

This year Germany celebrated the 30th anniversary of the fateful event for itself - the unification of the FRG and the GDR. On this grandiose occasion in the city of Dessau-Roslau in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt, even a monument to one of the "fathers" of this historic decision - Mikhail Gorbachev - was unveiled. The monument turned out to match the "hero" - ridiculous, false and obviously ambiguous. However, we will talk about this separately below.

In the meantime, it is still worth trying to figure out - what assessment are worthy of the actions of the Soviet General Secretary, which made the "merger of two Germanies" possible? What was it in general - "a great breakthrough", as Mikhail Sergeevich himself believed and believes, or still a colossal betrayal committed against many peoples and a grandiose geopolitical mistake, the consequences of which have already brought many problems and troubles to our country, and it is not known how many will they bring more?

Betrayed everyone he could

The unification of Germany is one of the moments that makes it possible to dot the "i" in the best possible way in the question of whether the last General Secretary and the first president of the USSR was a "conscientiously mistaken romantic", or a cynical and cold-blooded villain, an enemy of his own country, who carried out its destruction either by someone else's orders, or by their own malicious will. Here, most likely, the second took place - deliberately thought out harmful actions by him. Even a schoolboy-dropout could not be SO mistaken, and not that a person with a fairly good education, a lively mindset and enormous political experience, which was Gorbachev at the end of the 80s of the last century.

Memories of both eyewitnesses and direct participants in those tragic events, the anniversary of which Germany is celebrating today, most vividly convey, perhaps, one feeling - the tremendous amazement with what "extraordinary ease" the head of the Soviet state gave up position after position, and even there , where it was not required or expected! There was a game of some completely unprecedented "geopolitical giveaway" - this is the definition on which witnesses of "unification" agree not only from the Soviet, but also from the German and even the American side. The leader of the world power, still the strongest at that time, behaved in a way that it would be unworthy to act even for some native prince whose "possessions" could be bypassed in a day in a not very good car. Moreover, in this situation, even the maxim that Gorbachev tried to "please the West at any cost" is untenable - after all, his actions were in many ways contrary to the opinion and position of the leading Western leaders!

The whole thing is that by giving the go-ahead for a real Anschluss, which, in the good old German tradition, was subsequently carried out by the FRG against the GDR, the Soviet Secretary General completely crossed out ALL the main results of the Great Patriotic War and World War II! Yes, the West has been striving since 1945 to revise the world system, the foundations of which were laid in Tehran, Yalta, Potsdam. However, it cannot be denied that it was Gorbachev who dealt the most, perhaps, the most crushing blow to it, not only allowing the "final settlement with respect to Germany" on October 3, 1990, but, in fact, who initiated it. What is the Third Reich, which unleashed the most terrible war in the history of mankind, defeated in it and, by the sacred right of the victors, paid for in their blood, divided by the powers of the Anti-Hitler coalition? What are the 27 million dead Soviet people? What is the Banner of Victory over the Reichstag? Gorbachev crossed out all this in one fell swoop, saying that from now on there are no enemies in the West who have been defeated at the cost of colossal sacrifices, but only “our German friends” with whom, by the way, he does not intend to “bargain” ...

Great Britain and France quite rightly opposed the unification of Germany. The British, who began to set deliberately impracticable conditions for the planned deal, the future Nobel laureate begged to change his anger to mercy almost on his knees. They did not beg him, but he! Not only did this buffoon betray the memory of all the victorious warriors of Nazism. He "threw" Germans from the German Democratic Republic in a way that even the most dashing of the thimblers generated by his vile "perestroika" never dreamed of! All negotiations with the leaders of the FRG and the United States on the issue of "unification" were conducted not only behind their backs, but generally without the knowledge of the leaders of the GDR, who were subsequently simply presented with a fait accompli.

The withdrawal of troops was complete madness

Few people know, but the withdrawal of the Group of Soviet Forces in Germany was not at all a prerequisite for its unification! Let me remind you that our group was there not only and not so much in accordance with the provisions of the Warsaw Pact, as following the results of interstate agreements between the countries that won the Second World War. It is clear that in the FRG, which at that time was already a member of NATO, they were not at all delighted with this fact, but if Gorbachev had shown at least a bit of firmness, the Germans would simply have nothing to cover. On this issue, the USSR, no matter how paradoxical it looks today, were even ready to support the United States. The then US Secretary of State James Baker, having received the appropriate instructions in the White House (to go to any lengths to prevent disruption of the process of absorption of the GDR), quite specifically and unequivocally suggested that Soviet troops remain on the territory of the united Germany on exactly the same grounds and rights, as American!

Moreover, this is what he called "an absolute guarantee of NATO's non-expansion to the East." Gorbachev “proudly” refused. It is your will, but this cannot be explained even by madness. Only and exclusively by striving for the complete destruction and destruction of everything that was created and conquered over the decades by whole generations of Soviet people. Yes, for this alone, the Secretary General, who had been in office, had to be immediately removed from all power and brought to trial on charges of treason! The withdrawal of our troops from Germany, as, indeed, from all other European countries, liberated by the blood and heroism of a Soviet soldier, was not just a betrayal of the memory of the fallen, but also a colossal military-strategic victory of the West achieved without a single shot, for which Russia is now paying with might and main. ...

American missiles and tanks in Poland and the Baltic states, US and NATO bases in Ukraine, in Georgia, an armored "fist" hanging over Belarus and plans to attack Kaliningrad and Crimea - these are the consequences of Gorbachev's then decision. But in the FRG, for the sake of merging with the GDR, they were even ready to give up their own membership in the North Atlantic Alliance. To hell with him - just to "reunite"! What was the cost of drawing up a sensible treaty that would stipulate the eternal nuclear-free, non-aligned and neutral status of Germany ?! In the end, to stipulate that the boots of a NATO soldier can never and in no case go beyond the borders of the former FRG? I do not exclude the possibility that after the collapse of the USSR in the United States, such conditions would have been spat on and pounded (I’m even almost sure of this development of events). However, now we at least have something to appeal to - at least to some written, ratified and legitimate international treaties. However, in nature there is not a single piece of paper on which guarantees would be imprinted that in the end NATO will not end up with every single former republic of the Soviet Union, not to mention the ATS countries.

And, by the way, in addition to these far-reaching geopolitical consequences, the hasty, chaotic and disorderly withdrawal from the places of deployment of the GSVG had others who "fired" very soon, and in the most literal sense. Let me remind you that the final withdrawal of our units and subunits took place after the collapse of the USSR. 6 armies with all weapons and technique were moved to the territory of the so-called "CIS countries". How many weapons "dissolved" in this case and where they then "surfaced" is a topic for a completely separate conversation. I will only note that it was fully “noted” in almost all “hot spots” of the planet, and, first of all, in local conflicts in the “post-Soviet space”.

I gave it for "thanks". And not even for much

Here we come to another aspect of Gorbachev's betrayal - a purely material one. This rogue at the highest government post then managed to robberly not only the Soviet Union headed by him, but also Russia - in advance, so to speak. Now I will justify. The famous phrase of the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Helmut Kohl, with which he, in fact, began to "breed" Mikhail Sergeevich for "unification" - "We agree to pay!" did not mean at all the pitiful crumbs that Germany ultimately cost to acquire a good half of its current territory. According to reliable data, we could talk about at least 100 billion German marks! And bargaining, as they say, was quite appropriate. In particular, start the head of the USSR to skillfully combine economic requirements with political and military conditions - the Germans would have to part with a much larger amount. And they would have forked out, how cute.

However, gripped by some incomprehensible obscurity, Gorbachev declared that 4 and a half billion would be enough for him “to feed the people”. Oh, you are our people's sadden - at first he ruined the country to the ground, ruined the national economy, brought it to hunger and devastation, and then he began begging the Germans who were beaten in 45! Yes, and begged for something more talentless - in the end we got a shish, and even without oil. In addition to poor food handouts, our country received "for the withdrawal of troops" some 15 billion marks, and even then 3 of them were provided in the form of a loan. And this despite the fact that according to the most modest and restrained estimates, only the property of the Soviet army left in Germany (first of all, military real estate and the corresponding infrastructure) was “pulled” for at least twice as much.

Well, and if we talk about how much the Soviet Union invested in the post-war reconstruction, development and support of the GDR (where, in a purely everyday sense, let's face it, people lived much better than our citizens), then we will have to count not in billions, but, perhaps , in trillions. However, in the end, we also owe them! As for debts, this is a separate story. “Under the sauce” of the unification of Germany, a normal politician who found himself in the place of Gorbachev, overwhelmed by pride and passion for destruction, would “squeeze” from the West the write-off of every single Soviet loan obligations - to the London and Paris “clubs”, to his own former CMEA partners ... But the figure who longed for a "place in history", who, incidentally, had incurred the absolute majority of those debts that by the 90s were hanging in the Soviet Union, did not even try to undertake anything of the kind. In the end, Russia had to pay all this - right up to the present day. They paid off by force ... So it turns out that this "unifier", no bottom, no tire, also robbed you and me, and even very concretely. And about the Germans from the GDR, thanks to him who amassed grief above the roof, I am not exaggerating at all.

I will give just one example: from the National People's Army of the German Democratic Republic, immediately after its absorption by the FRG, about 50 thousand officers and non-commissioned officers were thrown out into the street. None of them was not only given the opportunity to serve the "united homeland" in the ranks of the Bundeswehr, but they also did not receive a penny for pensions, regardless of their length of service. After all, they served the "totalitarian regime" ... However, the military was still, one might say, lucky - the prosecutions and the real hunt for former members of the GDR special services ended relatively recently. You can endlessly talk about those East Germans who were left without work, were persecuted for the "communist" past and who simply did not find a place in the "new realities".

It would seem that in modern Germany Gorbachev should be downright idolized - of course, a "unifier". However, modern German politicians more and more often declare that "the irresistible desire of the German people for reunification", which gripped them exactly in the 80s and 90s of the last century, could not be resisted by anyone and nothing. What is the Soviet Union there ?! Well, so - I got confused under my feet ... And it was not Gorbachev who united us, but the great and mighty Helmut Kohl and George Bush! That's it. The Kremlin Judas did not even receive the expected “big thanks”, no matter how hard he tried. A monument, you say? Well, you should have seen this monument ... It depicts Mikhail Sergeevich walking somewhere, not only does he not look like himself either in face or figure, but he is also dressed in some kind of buffoonish quilted jacket (which was not found in his wardrobe since he was born) , yes, in addition with a hammer in his hands. Many on this occasion immediately cried out: “Aha! Gotcha! Here it is, exposure - the hammer is a clear Masonic symbol! "

To tell you the truth, I don't have such associations in this case. Well, Gorbachev, on a wretched "monument", does not in any way resemble the insidious and powerful Grand Master of some secret lodge. He looks rather like a crooked-handed plumber who is in a hurry to call, and when asked how much he wants for his job, answering the humiliated: "How much is not a pity ..." Although, on the other hand, plumbers are engaged in useful business, they fix yes get along, but this was only a lot to break. This is how he would remain in our memory - ridiculous and incompetent, going to the address to which millions of former USSR citizens are sending him to this day, if not ... If the consequences of his actions were not so huge, terrifying and destructive.
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  1. Monster_Fat Offline Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat (What's the difference) 10 October 2020 11: 41
    Well, Gorbachev is the apotheosis of the "management" of the country of the generation of "romantics" of the 60s, who forgot the postulate that "the world is a struggle", and the struggle is fierce, "either we or them", and considered that this postulate can be replaced to others, "peace is love". Romanticism in politics has never been good. Gorbachev is a buffoon who liked the "pat on the shoulder" and the approval of the audience, and not so much his own, but more of the border. A typical henpecked, he looked with adoration at his Raichka, who dreamed of living in a family castle, surrounded by clothes and jewelry, like an "aristocrat in Victorian England" and who always said that socialism is nonsense, people cannot be equal due to their position in the management of society and therefore it is not necessary to give up luxury and wealth, which should be mandatory attributes of a "high position". In her opinion, the communist ideology with its "moral code of the communist" had to be removed from use as hindering development and inhibiting the thirst for enrichment and acquisition, which are the engines of progress and development of society. It was not for nothing that they said that it was not the reign of the "tagged bear", but Raichka and her close agents of influence, such as Yakovlev ...
    1. whitebeard Offline whitebeard
      whitebeard 11 October 2020 04: 08
      This Soviet partocracy was raised by Stalin, not to mention that from the very beginning Lenin began to nominate only his associates to all posts, and the Bolsheviks' desire to stay in power was above any ideals there. It is not surprising that the USSR ended up forming a new caste society on a class basis, with its red and gold "elite", which, of course, secretly gazed at the Western rich, dreaming of their level of power and consumption, for the poor civilian sector of industry and services in the USSR is which the Bolsheviks themselves did to please the exorbitant military industry - could not offer them the same level. So everything is natural, proceeding from the DNA of the USSR itself from the very beginning, with its formal lack of socialism, and real "socialism" only for the ruling party and power elite, at the expense of ordinary Soviet people.
  2. Tamara Smirnova Offline Tamara Smirnova
    Tamara Smirnova (Tamara Smirnova) 10 October 2020 12: 05
    The monument to this creature should be made of shit and sticks.
    1. Dmitry S. Offline Dmitry S.
      Dmitry S. (Dmitry Sanin) 13 October 2020 05: 01
      I mean, just hit the pile of shit with a stick?
      You can get dirty ...
    2. tanyurg56 Offline tanyurg56
      tanyurg56 (Yuri Gorbunov) 8 November 2020 15: 35
      Absolutely true!
  3. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 10 October 2020 15: 19
    And what, how much old age do our liberals need to betray and sell their homeland, receive the Nobel Peace Prize, grow such a mug over the hill, eating up all over Europe, where Mazepa monuments are erected to you ... , how do you sleep at night, geek, the nightmares of your years of rule and the destruction of our country do not torment you, and how do your grandchildren live with such a nationwide hatred of you ..... Ugh, abomination.
  4. RFR Offline RFR
    RFR (RFR) 10 October 2020 21: 52
    This ghoul should sit in jail and be anathematized, like his last son Borka the drunkard, and instead of this liberation, performances are staged in his honor with the sovereign's money, this is some kind of shame ...
  5. whitebeard Offline whitebeard
    whitebeard 11 October 2020 04: 03
    An article by another mad reporter cheers-patriot. By the time of the unification of Germany, the USSR was in a pre-bankruptcy state, the GDR was living on subsidies from the USSR - there was nothing to "defend" there. Or at least leave it to the GDR people themselves, if they really insisted. Of course, it would be necessary to shake off good money from the FRG for this, but taking into account the fact that Stalin refused to insist on the payment of reparations by Germany, then Gorbachev's refusal to undoubtedly long in this case trade and agreeing on the terms of unification, despite the fact that in the USSR the economy was already collapsing and was on its last legs - this refusal is understandable, he had more important things to do, and the price of oil was already meager then.
    And the thesis about "the conquered territory of Germany" is extremely strange. We did not conquer her, but liberated her, this did not mean at all to remain in her initially. For example, after the liberation of Paris in 1814, the Russian army went home, because if it had stayed in France, it would have turned from a liberator into an occupier (however, the SSSR and jingoistic post-Soviet "patriots" were never embarrassed, for them the occupation and called "liberation", only on the grounds that this is the RUSSIAN occupation - the fairest in the world, like the Soviet court, apparently))
    1. Cyril Offline Cyril
      Cyril (Kirill) 11 October 2020 14: 01
      An article by another mad reporter cheers-patriot.

      Yes, perfect nonsense. But without Neukropny it would be boring on "Reporter" :) On VO it has an analogue in the form of Kharaluzhny. Two from the box.

      however, this never bothered the SSSR and jingoistic post-Soviet "patriots", for them the occupation is called "liberation", only on the grounds that it is the RUSSIAN occupation - the fairest in the world, like the Soviet court, apparently

      And the flight of the Russians from the battlefield is not a flight, but a "tactical retreat" :)
  6. Cyril Offline Cyril
    Cyril (Kirill) 11 October 2020 13: 56
    Even from the title of the article, I immediately realized that this was another opus of Neukropny :)

    And I recognize the dear
    Laughing ...

    It would seem that in modern Germany Gorbachev should be downright idolized - of course, a “unifier”.

    Dear, if I may say so, the author - modern Germans are grateful to Gorbachev not for "uniting Germany", but for ceasing to interfere with this unification.

    But there is no point in commenting on the rest of the opus (now on Sundays, before the author only had a hard day). There, every sentence is a symptom, every paragraph is a diagnosis.
  7. Cyril Offline Cyril
    Cyril (Kirill) 11 October 2020 14: 09
    Well, Gorbachev, on a wretched "monument", does not in any way resemble the insidious and powerful Grand Master of some secret lodge.

    Of course, after all, the Grand Master of the Masonic Lodge must be wearing a "black cloak with bloody lining", laughing ominously, and lightning strikes and bats must fly around him :)

    The case when even conspiracy theorists turn out to be smarter than schoolchildren-propagandists :)
  8. Both the Russians and the Germans in the years 89-90 equally moved down the roof and with a knife to their throats demanded that the rulers surrender all amers for the echelon of Bush's legs. If Mishka tried to vyaknut - they would have knocked him down!
  9. Plush Sergeant Offline Plush Sergeant
    Plush Sergeant 1 December 2020 12: 29
    Gorbachev is just the talking head of the party nomenklatura. If at least one of his actions contradicted the nomenklatura wishlist, he would have been dug in long ago.
  10. art_2 Offline art_2
    art_2 (Mikhail Yuryevich Artemyev) 29 December 2020 10: 53
    The hump must be burned.