Asia Times: Russia prepares to reconsider its relationship with Germany

After communication between Moscow and Beijing has reached a qualitatively new level, Russia is preparing to reconsider its relations with Germany, the countries of the European Union and other states of the planet, writes the online edition Asia Times from Hong Kong.

The deep essence of the Sino-Russian alliance is reflected in a joint statement by the foreign ministers of the two great powers on September 11, 2020. It draws a historical parallel between what happened in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region in the 30s and 40s of the twentieth century and now.

It says that the rapidly changing situation in the world is a reminder to all mankind of the historical role of Moscow and Beijing in the fight against German Nazism and Japanese militarism, which were stopped thanks to the incredible courage and enormous sacrifices of the peoples of the two countries. The peoples of the whole world are deeply indebted to the memory of those who gave their lives in the fight against the oppressors during the Second World War. Preservation of historical memory is the duty of all mankind, and revision of the results of that war is unacceptable.

At present, there is again an increase in tension in the APR and Europe. For example, Berlin unsubstantiatedly accuses Moscow of poisoning Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, threatening with various sanctions. Germany is not even embarrassed by the blood on its hands of 25 million Soviet people. The statements of the German elite can hardly be called outrageous, because they look like preparation for war. The Germans are not embarrassed by the 30th anniversary of the reunification of Germany, which took place thanks to the will of Moscow.

It is not surprising that there is talk in Russia about the possibility of revising relations with the West. The good news is that Moscow has decided to further strengthen its relations with Beijing. This will be of great importance for the future of European, Eurasian and international policy... Russia is deeply disappointed with the "Navalny case" and speaks openly about it, because the implementation of the multibillion-dollar Nord Stream 2 gas transmission project is under threat on trumped-up charges. Moscow has come to the conclusion that the West is an unreliable partner. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the West looks like a swindler. For example, the European Union, in order to please the momentary desire of the United States to "punish Moscow", decided to sacrifice its long-term interests.
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  1. Igor Pavlovich Offline Igor Pavlovich
    Igor Pavlovich (Igor Pavlovich) 3 October 2020 17: 14
    Again, twenty-five - the Russian "elite" with a sense of deep satisfaction accepts its historicosophical return to the native harbor of the Yuan Empire, threatening the haughty Teuton from the Chinese convoy: "We are with great China 1,5 billion people."
    1. Peter Rusin Offline Peter Rusin
      Peter Rusin (Peter Rusin) 4 October 2020 20: 57
      Sorry for you. Study the history of Russia - Starting with Alexander Nevsky, as we beat that arrogant Teuton with regular constancy.
  2. Cudgel Offline Cudgel
    Cudgel (Dubina) 3 October 2020 18: 39
    What have I just read? "Nonsense and compote ..." (C) D. A. Medvedev (Complete works, remarks and revelations in 80 volumes).

    1. The Americans won the Second World War in Asia, but not China and the USSR. The USSR won in Europe.


    ... in a joint statement by the foreign ministers of the two great powers ...

    - a passing statement about nothing, a dozen such statements are made in the world a day. Will our market replace both European and American? Putin's population, with an average salary of 17, will provide China with hundreds of billions of dollars in turnover.

    3. Look at the export to Europe and to China, in order for us to replace Europe with China, it takes 150 years. Nord Stream - failed, Nord Stream - 2, also fail, that is, replace Europe with China, well, nothing.


    ... For example, Berlin, unsubstantiated, accuses Moscow of poisoning the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny ...

    - Did the Martians poison Navalny? Berlin does not accuse in any way, the author came up with this in a patriotic frenzy. Berlin and two more laboratories checked how they poisoned Navalny. I came to the conclusion that the poison or OM is in the group of organophosphorus compounds and demanded to start an investigation (the investigation is the author, not the prosecution). And what's wrong with the investigation, you don't need to carry it out? Well, they poisoned someone's mother-in-law, the son-in-law took the results to an independent laboratory and there they confirmed it was poison. Of course, the son-in-law will demand that the police and the UK start an investigation, unless, of course, it was he who poisoned him. If he does it himself, he will turn around and scorn like our esteemed Foreign Ministry.


    ... The statements of the German elite can hardly be called outrageous, because they look like preparation for war ...

    The respected author fell from the stove or was damaged in some other way. This is necessary, the Germans will trample on Moscow, tank wedges of 240 combat-ready tanks and 200 planes, the power! Did the Germans go to war with us (according to the esteemed author) because of Navalny, or did we cut off oil and gas supplies to them or did they kick Mercedes out of our market?


    ..Moscow decided to further strengthen its relations with Beijing ..

    - straight into the dragon's mouth, but China will eat us and digest us in a minute.
    1. begemot20091 Offline begemot20091
      begemot20091 (begemot20091) 4 October 2020 16: 11
      do not tell my slippers, Russia poisoned. Navalny managed to do it after drinking, and the Germans tried to poison him instead of a drink. A glass had to be given and maybe an enema. and to Moscow pearls of a German with Czechs and Poles. with them the rest of the European bastard. why only the indemnity was not pulled off from them, and even the "brothers" were restored. And now the great fighting ... Lithuanians imagined themselves as a country. Less than another area, but still there.

      1. Cudgel Offline Cudgel
        Cudgel (Dubina) 4 October 2020 17: 55
        What a syllable, what a style! A real Putin Internet guardsman, the main one loved to teach about toilets and their contents on the air, his fans also succeeded in this!
        1. begemot20091 Offline begemot20091
          begemot20091 (begemot20091) 4 October 2020 18: 22
          Cudgel is a cudgel in Africa too. And, imagine, a guardsman with a rank ... In Belarus, such idlers gallop through the streets. Forward to the barricades. Let's see what kind of couch dare you are.
          1. Cudgel Offline Cudgel
            Cudgel (Dubina) 4 October 2020 18: 48
            ... Your achievements, these are garbage words on the forums, write, and wave clubs, well, even fall from a glass thrown into a swoon. The golden eagle, too, was so brave, and then hid in the basements and crawled on all fours in front of the people.
            1. Fourth Horseman Offline Fourth Horseman
              Fourth Horseman (Fourth Horseman) 5 October 2020 07: 18
              And then, some brave, like you, at the sight of a mosquito scream, Mom, call the cops!
            2. vlad150 Offline vlad150
              vlad150 (vlad150) 11 October 2020 08: 49
              And with BERKUT it will come back to haunt you!
          2. Cudgel Offline Cudgel
            Cudgel (Dubina) 4 October 2020 23: 37
            Do not touch the rank of Guard with your hands, it was received in the battles of the 41st! The title must be earned in the army, and not in your dubious structure.
            Uh-huh, the ever-memorable Berkut also ponted like this. And then he hid in the basements and crawled on all fours so as not to be killed.
            Let's see how you will lick your shoes when they pull you out of the basements by the shkirman. Go fight with plastic cups, you are our hero.
            1. begemot20091 Offline begemot20091
              begemot20091 (begemot20091) 5 October 2020 12: 11
              Quote: Cudgel
              Do not touch the title of the Guard with your hands,

              ruchOnkami- "I would have learned Russian ..." "My GUARD" in 1989 in Turkestan with machine guns "saiga" while your liberalism plundered the country. And for a shkirman? ... Try. How not to manage by stretching out the little hands. I tried perfume too. It will be necessary - we will also fight. These are you-enuresists, rush for the cordon or for women’s skirts, as the Belarusian "opposition", you will hide. You can only fight with women and children. Yes, they also torture the prisoners and hammer them down like sharovarniki.
        2. isofat Offline isofat
          isofat (isofat) 4 October 2020 18: 38
          Cudgel, teach us how to use Novichok weapons of mass destruction to injure only one person?

          I would like to listen to your performance, Sunday after all. smile

          PS... With an atomic bomb it is not difficult, to drop it exactly on the head without a nuclear charge and the whole short-lived. Everybody does it.
          1. Cudgel Offline Cudgel
            Cudgel (Dubina) 4 October 2020 23: 32
            Sergei, why are you like our glorious propagandists. There was no talk about Novichek, the laboratories confirmed that the substance was from organofluorophosphorus, to which Novichek belongs. They started that the bulk was poisoned by Novichek, our propagandists, so that later they would nod with a sage look, if there was Novichek, then why did the whole plane not die? Dichlorvos and Novichek belong to organofluorophosphorus compounds, Navalny was poisoned with what lies between them.
            If the 1st channel claims something, then Truth is opposite to this statement.
            You are talking about Novice, the owners of expensive Italian real estate and UK passports say, real Russian Patriots!
            1. Alexander Ch Offline Alexander Ch
              Alexander Ch (Alexander Chingaev) 5 October 2020 23: 10
              Dubina, Russian is that, you know? What other "Newbie"? Already in Europe, it has long been clear to adequate people that Russia is not involved in the "poisoning" of Navalny and that this is a provocation against Russia. But, apparently, Russophobia in you, Dubina, has settled deeply
              1. Cudgel Offline Cudgel
                Cudgel (Dubina) 6 October 2020 11: 00
                Naryshkin and Madame Zakharova spoke about "Novice". These putinoids are all deaf.

                ... Already in Europe for adequate people ...

                - I know these people from Europe, they are either citizens of some European country or have a residence permit, did you mean them? Soloviev, Brilev, Klishas, ​​the Peskovs couple and their children, Shuvalov and many other comrades.
                Russia is not involved in the poisoning, someone who lives in Russia is involved. I suspect that he poisoned the one about whom Navalny filmed his report. The aforementioned comrades appeared in Navalny's reports; it was beneficial for them to poison him. Alexander, let's think together with you which of the above-mentioned poisoned Lesha. Write your full name, who you think about.
    2. Peter Rusin Offline Peter Rusin
      Peter Rusin (Peter Rusin) 4 October 2020 21: 02
      There is a song with the words: Do not rush to bury us laughing What, life has stopped? Are the winters gone? Do cars and other equipment consume more gasoline and other fuel? California, due to green energy, is systematically without electricity, with rolling blackouts! So, don't bustle-MULE,
    3. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
      Pishenkov (Alexey) 5 October 2020 12: 53
      1- if to clarify slightly, the USSR won in Europe with the help of the Americans, and in Asia the USA with the help of the USSR. A million-strong Japanese army on Chinese territory for the Americans, without the use of nuclear weapons in general, would hardly be tough, at least without such losses in personnel, to which the United States was hardly ready to go. The Americans simply did not have a land army of a commensurate scale. Prior to that, they fought isolated Japanese garrisons scattered across the islands in a method of attack with a force often tens of times superior to the defenders. And even then it was not easy for them.
      but the USSR had everything for a land war, which, in fact, was proved ...
      2. The Chinese think in categories for at least decades and beyond. And they see what happens to income in the long term in the West, and what in the East. In China itself, not so long ago, the average salary did not reach these 17000 rubles, and now it is the largest middle class in the world. So there is no need to measure it in categories - invested money, hit the margin, merged. It is already ending inexorably, even in Russia.
      3. Everything is correct, based on your own logic - if everything fails and Europe itself closes down, reducing the turnover and consumption of our exports, then China will replace it with it. So that's it. winked
      4. If anyone poisoned the clown Navalny, which I strongly doubt, it's his own sidekicks. Maybe with his participation, or maybe without. To play again on the British order the already well-known rotten play Newbie, chemical weapons, indignation of the civilized world, sanctions, etc. according to the scenario
      5. here I agree, they are definitely not going to fight with us. and sanctions, etc., would not have been introduced if it depended on them. But the EU - wink forced people ...
      6. Do not eat - choke. And besides, he needs us, at least, again, in the foreseeable historical perspective, alive and healthy. hi
      1. gurza2007 Offline gurza2007
        gurza2007 (Sergei) 9 October 2020 16: 35
        There are a lot of questions for Russia, including with China, not everything is so simple. Read the article, and please note that it is 2-3 years old:
        1. Pishenkov Offline Pishenkov
          Pishenkov (Alexey) 9 October 2020 17: 00
          I agree, but ... How many people, so many opinions ... sometimes even more. We are conducting a discussion here, expressing our opinion, without pretending to be a common truth. I, at least ... hi
  3. oracul Offline oracul
    oracul (leonid) 4 October 2020 08: 45
    Alas! The naivety (lack of experience) on which gullibility is based is slowly leaving the sphere of relations with the sharks of capitalism (the EU, the United States and Britain), but the resourcefulness (a trait of the mentality of the Russian people) of Russia is still diligently used by them in their interests.
  4. kot711 Offline kot711
    kot711 (vov) 4 October 2020 13: 18
    Russia is preparing to reconsider its relations with Germany, the EU countries and other states of the planet,
    Have you really moved your mansions with companies and families with children to Russia? Or Lavrov's daughter, has already left OMERICA or has the clichés sold his mansion in Switzerland? What is going on?
    1. Cudgel Offline Cudgel
      Cudgel (Dubina) 4 October 2020 13: 48
      Comrade, be careful! You've just revealed our military secret! Our elites in the West do not just like that, they are needed in order to hit the vile West from the inside and destroy it at X hour. Lavrov's daughter is organizing a partisan detachment in the vicinity of Fashington, and Klishas's children will derail trains in Germany.
      The grandson of the main Oligophrenus in London will capture the English princes and take them to Moscow.
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. Yuri Bryanskiy Offline Yuri Bryanskiy
    Yuri Bryanskiy (Yuri Bryansky) 4 October 2020 18: 59
    Comossa "German Card". Germany in 1949 for 150 years was given into slavery by the USA, which controls the media, political parties and gold. The new chancellor signs a chancellor-act that will fulfill these requirements.
  7. Venaliy Smirnov Offline Venaliy Smirnov
    Venaliy Smirnov (Venaliy Smirnov) 5 October 2020 03: 15
    It is time to end the policy of impotent "deep concern" and begin the policy of evaluating "good and bad."
  8. begemot20091 Offline begemot20091
    begemot20091 (begemot20091) 5 October 2020 12: 14
    Lavrov's daughter organizes a partisan detachment in the vicinity of Fashington

    Look, otherwise they will be held accountable for slander. And barked under the bench.

    Today Ekaterina is a citizen of the Russian Federation, permanently lives and works in Moscow. Despite her privileged social position, Catherine tries never to use it, prefers not to resort to the help of her father or husband.
    For ten years Lavrova worked for a large world company "Cristies", which is engaged in public trading; in it, she was able to achieve the post of director, but soon left this position when the opportunity arose to open her own business in the field of promoting and developing art. Ekaterina's firm is engaged in intermediary activities between artists and collectors.
    1. Cudgel Offline Cudgel
      Cudgel (Dubina) 5 October 2020 13: 38
      I know what Lavrov's daughter is doing now. When it became completely indecent for the children of patriots to live in the West, they moved here. Did your Generalissimo's granddaughter also come from England to study at Moscow State University? Or don't you want to comment on the hacienda Klishas, ​​whether he sold it or copied it to his wife?

      ... in 1989 in Turkestan with machine guns "saiga" while your p ... liberal plundered the country ...

      With whom, you comrade, did you fight in the Turkestan Military District in 89, there was no war there (it was beyond the river)? Or is it again, add some show-off. With women, but schoolchildren, you are at war on all sorts of Swamp, and for a glass thrown at you, run to court.
      I would have looked at you when it is necessary to disperse a rally in Makhachkala or a landing on the Day of the Airborne Forces ...
      1. begemot20091 Offline begemot20091
        begemot20091 (begemot20091) 5 October 2020 15: 17
        Quote: Cudgel
        I would have looked at you when it is necessary to disperse a rally in Makhachkala or a landing on the Day of the Airborne Forces ...

        - and why would I drove-bros dispersed. let them walk. they won back their .. have the right to poke around. but I look at you when hiding behind a woman's skirts. and the spirits were hiding from us ...
        1. Cudgel Offline Cudgel
          Cudgel (Dubina) 5 October 2020 18: 26
          So you are not the landing party, but the landing party is driving you, the Chaldeans!
          In Belarus, women went out separately and no one was hiding behind them. Your brother, hiding behind the criminal code is that you can't even spit on your boot - an article. As long as there is something to lose, the Criminal Code protects you pampered. And when everything is serious, you and the oligarchs are against the people, then they will knock on your kumpols and lick your shoes. It’s only you who will disperse the schoolchildren, and even then you all have unbearably burning pain from the urn thrown in your direction, you are our pampered!
          Yes, all the same, against whom did you fight the hero with the machine gun in the Turkestan Military District in 89? Or the usual Chaldean cheap chatter: "I defended my Swamp Motherland from American special forces with a machine gun!"
          1. begemot20091 Offline begemot20091
            begemot20091 (begemot20091) 6 October 2020 12: 14
            Learn history, child. Sometimes Google helps. (The contribution of TurkVO to the combat activities of the OKSVA
            In terms of combat leadership, all types of supplies, ensuring the rotation of conscripts, as well as other administrative and economic issues, the 40th Combined Arms Army introduced to Afghanistan was entirely subordinate to the headquarters of the TurkVO.
            Since 1982, training formations and military units have been formed on the territory of TurkVO, in which conscripts are purposefully trained for further service in the 40th Combined Arms Army in Afghanistan.

            Google help. Maybe about more events in Kuvasay, Margelan, Tashlak, or maybe you will find something about Osh. In the 90th I already put the harness in the closet.

            And on the swamp buggers to drive - I saw on TV how jerks crawled on the asphalt - pretended that they were beaten by cops. All of you cowards are couch geisperts. And behind the Belarusian skirts in every video "maydanutye" look out. They will spit the riot policeman in the back and under the skirt - they say I'm a political one. And when he is dragged out of there by the scruff, the woman's panties are grabbed by the snot to the navel. Gondon is not a one-time contraceptive - a constant character trait of the maydanutyh - for life
            1. Cudgel Offline Cudgel
              Cudgel (Dubina) 6 October 2020 12: 36
              Yeah, that means I didn't run around TurkVO with a machine gun, but hung around in the food warehouse, providing food for the 40th Army. You personally provided the rotation, or at that time you took out the stew from the warehouse through a hole in the fence, and here you tell us that they were shooting from a machine gun when the looters wanted to rob the warehouse.
              Yap, the usual army yap.
              The fact that the units were formed there is understandable. As well as the fact that you now want to cling to the 40th army. Sami, what river did you not go?
              Here is your quote:

              "My GUARD" in 1989 across Turkestan with machine guns "saiga

              - Can you give an example of a couple of battles or combat operations, since by the word "saiga" I mean a combat operation, not poaching on saigas?
              So, our glorious hero, there are two questions for you, although I know the answer to them.
              1. Why did you hang out in the rear of TurkVO and did not go beyond the river?
              2. A couple of examples, military operations in TurkVO?
              1. begemot20091 Offline begemot20091
                begemot20091 (begemot20091) 7 October 2020 22: 12
                I repeat. cudgel - it is a cudgel in Africa, learn to read. either you told everyone here that I drove the swamp, then I drove you to the rallies. already hung all the merit. now warehouses with stew. so say all the bedwetters who have turned away from the service. only for women's skirts, but better .... 40 army was part of the turkvo. and the artillery school does not imply the issuance of stew. in the warehouses of the ensign, or rather, they sat. in my 70s I have been retired for five years. and not for you ...... to tell about combat operations.
                1. Cudgel Offline Cudgel
                  Cudgel (Dubina) 7 October 2020 22: 22
                  I'm not saying that you dispersed the marsh, like you dispersed, and then fell into a swoon from the abandoned trash can, but for "swamp merits" Putin begged for apartments. Putin nevertheless gave some apartments, it was not for nothing that the Chaldeans shed their blood on the Swamp, it was necessary to encourage them, and did not give out their own.
                  Hero of the Turkestan steppes, there were many things included in TurkVO, the very fact that they did not go beyond the river with the 40th army, did they not take it because of enuresis or were they chickened out?
                  So enlighten about your pearls:

                  My GUARD "in 1989 across Turkestan with" saiga "submachine guns?
                  1. The comment was deleted.
                    1. The comment was deleted.
                      1. The comment was deleted.
                2. gurza2007 Offline gurza2007
                  gurza2007 (Sergei) 9 October 2020 16: 05
                  He apparently made a mistake, or deliberately misinforms everyone, since he is his nickname "club", he wrote it incorrectly .... it was necessary with the letter T! Then everything would immediately become clear as day!)))
        2. gurza2007 Offline gurza2007
          gurza2007 (Sergei) 9 October 2020 16: 23
          They studied from Yeltsin's textbooks, and which is written what was before - sucks ... !!! Until they themselves become imbued with the desire to study their history not from Western textbooks, so everything will be! It is a pity that our youth, deceived by the West, do not realize this !!! ... But we ourselves are to blame for allowing the collapse of the USSR, and for allowing our youth to be taught from their textbooks !!! And while, unfortunately, things are still there !!! (((Information war. Now everything is back to "normal", it will hardly work, since our youth interprets all the lessons of history as our (older generation) desire) whitewash "in front of the future generation !!! (((They cannot understand that no one needs them with their snot, and that any interpretations of their aspirations for power, etc.) do not carry the same values ​​that were once us, and who must defend themselves "man to man - friend, comrade and brother!", and those according to which "man to man is a wolf !!!" They do not understand that they have to change themselves a little in that to go for the better sometimes even through the dirt, but for the better, and not for their perverted perception of reality !!! (((They must understand that we, like them, strive for the best only for their sake, that we went through all these perturbations, also for their sake, so how could we no longer do all this for that !!! The West with its manipulations is trying to knock off our generations with their heads in order to prevent us from uniting, so thatalready together to go to their goal - to strengthen Russia !!! It is a pity that they do not understand this !!! (((But I think that they will understand this, sooner or later ... only it may be too late !!! (((
  9. gurza2007 Offline gurza2007
    gurza2007 (Sergei) 9 October 2020 16: 01
    Russia needs to be filed with a European court, on the fact of the actions of both the OPCW and the leadership of Germany, and on Navalny himself, in order to prove their interest in the absence of results - in Russophobia, and force them all to contact, and an objective investigation !!!
    Correctly Lavrov said that in fact there is Russophobia, since even this type of fact (which is not a fact, but a fact) is a continuation with these soap operas - "newcomers", and this is all the dirt, WHICH THEY HAVE THEMSELVES, the people of our country, casts a shadow !!! Down with Russophobia !!! Lavrov is a GOOD MAN !!!