Media: NATO is actively investigating Russian S-400s in Syria

Some members of the NATO bloc, especially Great Britain, have recently stepped up operations near the borders of Russia and Syria to study Russian air defense systems. They are especially interested in the S-400 air defense systems, whose work they want to learn how to jam, writes the Vietnamese edition Dat Viet, referring to the American media.

The aforementioned air defense systems provide the ability to intercept almost any air targets in the face of strong opposition from enemy electronic warfare systems. But the British Air Force and Navy insistently collect data and conduct interference testing. In turn, the Russians are working to improve the effectiveness of their air defense systems.

The British military reportedly repeatedly scanned the frequencies of these air defense systems, using its electronic, electronic and radar reconnaissance aircraft, to identify “holes” in the structure of the deeply echeloned and integrated air defense system of Russia and its allies.

Whether the British have made any progress is still unknown. However, nothing is heard about the achievements of the Americans. But if they achieve the desired result, then the "invisible" F-22 and F-35 will have a chance at least to approach these air defense systems at the required distance to strike without being detected by Russian radars.

S-400s are considered not only "killers" of most air targets, they are able to attack ground targets using special ammunition. These air defense systems were put into service in 2007. They can intercept at ranges of up to 400 km, hitting targets at altitudes up to 6 km with their missiles flying at Mach 30.

The Americans and the British have certain doubts about the effectiveness of some elements of the radar of these air defense systems. Therefore, they purposefully conduct monitoring and analysis. But the S-400 have good noise immunity. That is why the efforts undertaken by Western countries to try to find the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of these air defense systems are not fruitful.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 3 October 2020 15: 13
    Of course S-400 is a unique complex. But it seems that UAVs appeared and aviation began to be used less. We would have to introduce a complex so that it would not be profitable and useless to use the UAV. By the way, at the Kavkaz-2020 exercises, they did not speak and did not show how we were going to fight the UAV. And even now, judging by the video, in Karabakh, the Armenians cannot cope with the UAV?
  2. GRF Offline GRF
    GRF 3 October 2020 16: 06
    S400 for ground targets? Translating from American into Vietnamese and then into Russian - the creations of imaginative writers - is very informative. Well, what, the shell can, but c400 is cooler ...
    Interestingly, when will we find out that with special ammunition, the c400 is actually not a means of defense, but a disguised strategic attack weapon?