The promising Russian airliner Il-114-300 is being prepared for the first flight

The flight prototype of the promising Russian Il-114-300 airliner began to be prepared for the first flight. On the eve, specialists checked the fuel system and started the engine in idle mode.

Let us recall that the Il-114-300 is a deeply modernized version of the Il-114, which has been in operation since 2001. The updated liner will receive two low-noise turboprop TV7-117ST units, an auxiliary power unit, as well as the latest digital flight and navigation complex.

According to the developer, the changes made will increase the range of the passenger aircraft. In this case, the costs of its operation, on the contrary, will decrease.

As for the TV7-117ST turboprop engine, it was developed by UEC-Klimov for the Il-112V transport aircraft and the promising Il-114-300. Today this unit is one of the most economical in its class. Its power at maximum takeoff mode is 3000 liters. from. At the same time, with a dry weight of not more than 500 kg, it has a specific fuel consumption of less than 200 g per 1 liter. from. in hour.

At the moment, all the necessary systems and equipment have already been installed on the first flight model of the Il-114-300. In addition, the Ilyushin Design Bureau began to create a second prototype based on serial slip-less technology.
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  1. orange Offline orange
    orange (ororpore) 3 October 2020 10: 03
    Has Russia really abandoned green stuff in the cockpit? According to the Soviet collective farm tradition, the cockpit was painted green, which supposedly should have a beneficial effect on the psyche of the pilots. But obviously not entirely favorable, since the dashboard and interior are painted in a pleasant gray color. The rule of painting the cockpit acid green was especially true for military aircraft. Gradually, the tone was lightened, in the Tu-204 cockpits the dashboard coloring was already almost salad. Now they have completely refused, well, what looks very intelligent! Nice innovations for the standards of the Russian aviation industry. In the West, the interior of the cockpit was never painted green.
    1. akarfoxhound Offline akarfoxhound
      akarfoxhound 4 October 2020 19: 20
      The fact that you personally do not like the emerald color is a "story about nothing" because it is deeply subjective. There is something to say about the plane, or you have nothing to do with aviation, but are you purely an "artist"? wink
  2. amateur Offline amateur
    amateur (Victor) 18 October 2020 12: 49
    By the end of 1989, the first prototype aircraft was assembled. In March 1990, the Gromov Flight Research Institute held a methodological council of the MAP on the readiness of the aircraft for the first flight. On March 29, 1990, the Il-114 USSR-54000 taxied to the runway. ... IL-114 is made according to the scheme of a cantilever monoplane with a low-lying wing and tail of a normal scheme. The wing is equipped with two TV7-117S turboprop engines, developed at the Leningrad experimental design bureau "Plant named after V.Ya. Klimov" (general designer A. Sarkisov). The takeoff power of each engine is 2500 hp.
    The engines are equipped with low-noise six-bladed propellers SV-34 developed by the Aerosila design bureau (chief designer Yu. Sukhorosov). The propeller diameter is 3,6 m. The propellers are equipped with an automatic system for feathering the blades in flight.

    Thirty years (30,0) have passed. This is probably why it is 114-300. And every year more and more promising and promising. Just like in a song:

    I will not part with the Komsomol, I will be forever young.