S-300PT versus S-300PMU-2: Azerbaijan has an advantage in air defense over Armenia

The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh may be the first time when the S-300 air defense system will be used in hostilities by both sides, writes Military Watch.

Over four decades, the S-300 have evolved significantly, so assessing their capabilities, as well as comparing characteristics, can give an idea of ​​which side will gain an advantage in the event of further escalation.

Yerevan has 5 divisions of still Soviet S-300PTs with 12 launchers in each. It is a reliable air defense system, incoming in the top five weapons systems of Armenia, which should be feared by the Azerbaijani Air Force, because they consist of 29 outdated MiG-15s of the same era. Armenian S-300PTs are equipped with 5V55KD missiles with a range of 90 km. They have a semi-active radar homing mode, a speed of Mach 3,35 and a warhead weighing 133 kg. The S-300PT complex can work simultaneously on 6-12 targets.

In turn, Baku is armed with 2 S-300PMU-2 "Favorite" divisions with 8 launchers in each. These air defense systems are 15 years younger than their Armenian "brothers" and technological the gap between them is very noticeable. S-300PMU-2 can hit targets at a distance of up to 250 km with their 48N6U2 / SA-10E missiles, of which Azerbaijan has at least 112 units. These missiles can intercept targets at Mach 5,9, have a warhead weighing 180 kg and are better at countering electronic warfare. One S-300PMU-2 complex can simultaneously hit up to 32 targets.

Thus, the Azerbaijani S-300PMU-2 are significantly superior to the Armenian S-300PT. In this air defense segment, Azerbaijan's advantage is undeniable. However, each country has other remedies besides the above.

Armenia will no doubt rely on its Su-30SM fighters and their missiles. In addition, Yerevan has a number of Buk-M2 and Tor-M2KM air defense systems. At the same time, Azerbaijan has upgraded by Belarus 54 S-125-2TM "Pechora-TM" launchers, 4 S-200 launchers, 18 "Buk-M1-2" / "Buk-MB" launchers, 8 "Tor-M2E" launchers, 2 batteries of the Ukrainian-Belarusian Т38 "Stilet". Baku also has 1 division (9 launchers) "Barak-8" and an unknown number of Spyder air defense systems (both made in Israel). In this regard, the Azerbaijani air defense system looks more impressive than the Armenian one.
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  1. amateur Offline amateur
    amateur (Victor) 1 October 2020 13: 58
    Armenia has ~ 17 aircraft, incl. 4 new and ~ 21 helicopters. Azerbaijan has ~ 31 aircraft (all old) and ~ 71 helicopters. So there will be enough missiles to reset the air forces of both sides.
    1. Atilla10933 Offline Atilla10933
      Atilla10933 (Atilla_az) 1 October 2020 17: 34
      Quote: layman
      Azerbaijan has ~ 31 aircraft (all old)

      The name of your profile suits you) Dilettante and dilettante in Africa. Why would Azerbaijan use MIGs when there are Sushki25 and, moreover, modernized ones, and why does Azerbaijan need Sushki when there are drones that have smashed the Armenian air defense system to smithereens, including this SP300PU? Even if the Azerbaijani Air Force is zeroed out, taking into account the money reserve, we will quickly update our Air Force fleet.
      By the way, besides the old stuff you are talking about, Azerbaijan also has Italian cars. But I repeat, why do we need planes when there are drones that do an excellent job, they ideally destroyed already a huge amount of air defense in Armenia. Military Watch seems to be sleeping again.

      And about Sushki, you yourself know perfectly well that Su30 is not for the mountains of Karabakh, and even if you take that, Karabakh is a plain, Azerbaijan has a multi-level air defense system and the sky of Azerbaijan is covered with the latest air defense systems.

      I wish you grow from an amateur to an expert.
  2. amateur Offline amateur
    amateur (Victor) 1 October 2020 17: 56
    Quote: Atilla10933
    Why does Azerbaijan need Sushki when there are drones that have smashed the Armenian air defense system, including this SS300PU, to smithereens? Even if the Azerbaijani Air Force is zeroed out, taking into account the money reserve, we will quickly update our Air Force fleet.

    I'm not a strongman for nothing, seven at one blow ...

    Brother Grimm
  3. Dmitry S. Offline Dmitry S.
    Dmitry S. (Dmitry Sanin) 2 October 2020 17: 48
    To look is not to be, but to be on paper is not what is in reality.