The arrival of eight long-range bombers of the Aerospace Forces in Belarus was a response to US provocations

Washington practically does not hide that it is preparing for an armed confrontation with Moscow, especially if we consider this issue in the context of the flight in early September of the American B-52H Stratofortress bombers in the skies of Ukraine. At the same time, the Americans did not even begin to keep secret the fact of practicing massive attacks on Sevastopol, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar and Sochi.

This rather insolent attack by the Americans was later parried by Russian long-range aviation. Strategic missile carriers Tu-160 twice passed over the borders of Belarus, and six Tu-22M3 demonstrated large-scale bombing during the exercises "Slavic Brotherhood-2020".

Russian missile carriers flew over potential theaters of possible military confrontation between the United States and the Russian Federation. The combat aircraft of Russia participating in the operation are capable of carrying about 40 tons of high-precision missiles on board. At the same time, Russian bombers could keep at gunpoint the NATO contingents stationed in the Baltic states, American missile defense facilities in Romania and Poland, as well as NATO headquarters in Mons (Belgium).

This signal, sent by Moscow to Washington, clearly indicates that the potential of Russian strategic aviation is quite sufficient to promptly stop the threat in the event of a conflict in the European theater of operations.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 28 September 2020 16: 27
    When people from Russia and the United States quickly reach their countries, then we should expect a war. In the meantime, the States are rehearsing a provocation against Russia by the time of the election of its president. If something goes wrong at home, eg. If the Civil War will begin, then in order to distract their people from it, the Americans will try to commit an armed provocation against Russia and then accuse it of escalation, when in response to this provocation Russia will retaliate. Only subsequent strikes can be nuclear from both sides, and the American Civil War will recede into the background. And in this case, South America and Australia, as the most remote territories, will win.
    1. ustal51 Offline ustal51
      ustal51 (Alexander) 30 September 2020 08: 59
      I don’t know about South America, but Australia is probably on the list of our targets for nuclear strikes. And they serve them right, they will not be hostile ...
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  3. Dust Offline Dust
    Dust (Sergei) 29 September 2020 12: 15
    The arrival of eight long-range bombers of the Aerospace Forces in Belarus was a response to US provocations

    I don’t understand why the author is happy? I would understand his banter if bombers flew to the US borders in the area of ​​New York or Florida ... and not just flew in, but put combat aircraft on constant duty in this area ... Any military specialist will tell you that in case of war, theater of operations will begin in Europe! Moreover, the United States will do everything in order to stay away! As for the flight of American bombers over the territory of Ukraine. First of all, this is the strongest blow to the image of Putin in our country! After all, Putin was warned in 2014 to close this project 404 Ukraine! But, the interests of the oligarchs and large trading and resource companies were above all! Now Putin's partners are imitating strikes against Russia through the territory of Ukraine! it remains to wait when missiles with nuclear warheads will be installed on the border with Russia! Sadly, everything goes to this ...
  4. Alexander. Offline Alexander.
    Alexander. 30 September 2020 01: 20
    More often, with such visits of our TU-22MZ, all NATO countries should be reminded so that they learn how to wipe their residents "snot" first in their countries! If you do not want to live peacefully, if necessary, if necessary, will you be friends with cruise missiles of Russia? !!!