"Fascinating Force": Massive Precision Missile Launch at Kavkaz-2020 Exercise Shown

As part of the Kavkaz-2020 exercises, a massive launch of high-precision missiles at the targets of a mock enemy took place, the footage of which was published by the Russian Ministry of Defense on its YouTube channel.

In the foreground are shown 4 Smerch MLRS, 3 Iskander-M missile systems, which launch 9M723 quasi-ballistic missiles. In the background there are 2 more Iskander-M missiles, but they are launching P-500 (9M728) cruise missiles into the sky.

The description of the video says that the coalition group of forces, consisting of military units from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, China, Myanmar (Burma) and Pakistan, completed the exercises by defeating a mock enemy.

Netizens commented on the video:

Just like the Third World War, so many missiles, and everything in the sky. But let all the launches be training! Military fellows!

- wrote Vadim Pudovochkin.

If it had not been conditional (the enemy - ed.), After being hit, it would have immediately become conditional

Simiral Entertainment pointedly remarked.

Congratulations to Russia on the Caucasus-2020 exercise! Russia, not a step back!

- stated Peter Ombudsman.

It looks cool! I think this is done so that our "partners" do not rub off the coast

- noticed Maxim Lozhkin.

Power and mesmerizing strength!

- Serik Sabaev noted enthusiastically.

Not the missiles wins, but the infantry. And there is less and less of it ...

- pointed out Eldar Davıdov.

Delight, but with a hint of fear

- appreciated by Bianca Naturally.

Horrible power. But these are just a few Iskander missiles. We are able to hit with several tens at once. More than three dozen launchers have been deployed in Kaliningrad alone

- writes Ivan Tolstoy.
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  1. Afinogen Offline Afinogen
    Afinogen (Afinogen) 27 September 2020 11: 16
    Just clouds of dust after launch, but when the Americans took off and landed on the moon, not a speck of dust laughing And this despite the fact that the surface of the moon is dust.
    1. Valentine Offline Valentine
      Valentine (Valentin) 27 September 2020 19: 44
      And the MN-17 was shot down from the BUK without a dust storm and a contrail, and in such silence that the witness heard a "rossiysku-mov" from the crew of the air defense missile system.
  2. 123 Online 123
    123 (123) 27 September 2020 11: 31
    In the video, small human figures are visible in the lower left corner. This is a view from a different angle.

  3. AICO Offline AICO
    AICO (Vyacheslav) 27 September 2020 12: 10
    did not rub off the coast

    - They lost them a long time ago - they need a "pilot" with a nuclear filling !!!
  4. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 27 September 2020 13: 34
    I enjoy watching footage of the exercise on YouTube. But I did not find drills to destroy the UAV. But this is necessary now. I hope that our military is not ready for this, as in Syria, the Syrians and the Hawtorians? And the footage is really impressive.
  5. Cudgel Offline Cudgel
    Cudgel (Dubina) 27 September 2020 13: 40
    These are the powers! Tremble the enemy! As many as 7 missiles were launched. But with what fanfare they announced. I remember the Americans firing 100 tomahawks at Syrian targets and the result, well, so-so. But of course they are not tomahawks of Putin's missiles, they will grind everything into powder. In my youth, the following anecdote was popular:

    The Chinese General Staff is planning a ground operation with the support of the Air Force. The commander-in-chief reports - here, "the artillery was fired, bombers flew, then they went ahead, tanks, tanks, tanks, followed by the infantry .."
    Here he is cut off by the main tanker. - "Nothing will come of it with tanks, the driver's mechanic is sick."
    “The pilot is also ill,” the Air Marshal interjected.

    It looks like we have switched roles with that China. Soon the passage of two tanks will be presented as an intergalactic event.
    The partners got shit with fear, seeing this super power!
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 28 September 2020 17: 02
      Another similar anecdote: Estonia holds a military parade and asks Latvians to borrow a tank for the parade, to which the Latvians answer - how many tanks to send, one or both ... Regarding the exercises, it looks like under the emperor on the Champ de Mars, in a line and window dressing (example: then they taught to shoot at stationary meshes, and in combat conditions the target was shown for seconds, they did not know how to shoot like that, because they did not teach) ... positions, and no ostentatious rulers and other things ...
      1. Cudgel Offline Cudgel
        Cudgel (Dubina) 28 September 2020 17: 22
        Just an article about this on "VO":


        Huge, what to say.