American F-15 tried to repeat the world famous stunt of the Russian Su-30

In December 2017, the two-seat multipurpose Su-30SM of the Russian Aerospace Forces "looked" into the IL-76 cargo hold in the skies over Syria. The video quickly spread around the world, gaining tens of millions of views on social networks and on YouTube. The leading mass media of the planet wrote about the skill of Russian pilots. After that, pilots from other countries tried to repeat this trick.

It should be noted that on that day, the Russians carried out a planned flight to deliver humanitarian supplies to remote areas of the war-torn country. The transporter and escort took off from the Khmeimim airbase. It was then that the supersonic Su-30SM flew up and "hovered" near the subsonic transporter, maintaining the minimum distance.

In August 2019, the Ukrainian pilot Yuriy Bulavka decided to repeat this on the Su-27 of the Ukrainian Air Force. For this, even a special photo session was held, which attracted the attention of local Russophobes and pro-American activists.

I would very much like the next one-on-one video to be from the F-22 (which would have been in service with Ukraine)

- commented VV Doctor.

Now the Americans decided to try to repeat the trick of the Russians. They also arranged a photo shoot, but made the task more difficult by fitting four combat aircraft to the cargo compartment of their transport aircraft (two F-15 fighters, one Panavia Tornado fighter-bomber and one Eurofighter Typhoon fighter) to arrange even more window dressing. The Americans tried to line up a group of supersonic fighters in a straight line, maintaining a short distance from the subsonic "truck" and among themselves. But for them, this task turned out to be difficult.

All this indicates that the stunt of the Russian crew touched colleagues from other countries. Therefore, there is a high probability that other similar videos will appear.
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  1. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 26 September 2020 10: 44
    Obviously, they did not succeed. The mace could not fix itself in the center; And when I tried to get closer, I could not keep the plane in place, talk about its beginning and he went to the side.
    The Americans were simply afraid to come close.
    Well, repetition is just repetition (especially bad). Let them come up with something of their own, memorable.
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 26 September 2020 10: 58
      There is no need to stipulate everything, the Americans flew up and lined up in the top five, this is already more difficult, because we are in one row and back to back. Created deliberately and deliberately for photography and advertising. That. that ours were the first to find such an approach with improvisation, that's the priority ...
      1. boriz Offline boriz
        boriz (boriz) 26 September 2020 11: 48
        The fact that ours were the first to find such an approach with improvisation is the priority ..

        What am I talking about? Read the last two sentences of the comment.
        And the amers in the column, just, did not work. Both in height and horizontally. And chatted constantly.
      2. serge Offline serge
        serge 26 September 2020 15: 07
        Yes, there is nothing particularly difficult there, all the beauty of ours, how he left. And this they did not even try to repeat, which says a lot.
      3. The comment was deleted.
      4. nikiongur Offline nikiongur
        nikiongur (Irina ***) 27 September 2020 07: 55
        In fact of the matter. Ours carried out a specific and important task - the delivery of humanitarian cargo and the stunt was performed not for the show, but in such a way, so casually that it becomes clear that this is nothing special for our pilots. And these poor fellows put in so much effort, they puffed up their frenzied taxpayers' money. And for what? It's funny to look at this.
        1. Igor Gul Offline Igor Gul
          Igor Gul (Igor Gul) 27 September 2020 21: 30
          In fact of the matter. Ours flew up to make sure that all the cargo was thrown away, if anything was "jammed". And flew away to report)
      5. The comment was deleted.
      6. Sergey smerdin Offline Sergey smerdin
        Sergey smerdin (Sergey smerdin) 27 September 2020 16: 04
        Where in the video did they fly up like ours? Your stupidity touches. The Americans followed the plane, lined up in a row and then we shoot a video, you can't see the gluing? We came from the bottom and went down.
    2. Original cat Offline Original cat
      Original cat (Novel) 26 September 2020 16: 43
      Ours also did not succeed right away ... At first it flew lower, then climbed higher
      And he was chatting too. Not so much as a Ukrainian
      1. bubasa Offline bubasa
        bubasa (Konstantin) 26 September 2020 18: 13
        what did you fly as co-pilot? laughing
    3. Ibuprofen Offline Ibuprofen
      Ibuprofen (Novel) 27 September 2020 15: 31
      Quote: boriz
      I could not fix myself in the center, I walked with an offset to the right. And when I tried to get closer, I could not keep the plane in place, talk about its beginning and he went to the side.

      They took a small propeller plane of some kind, like an Elki, only a cargo plane. Its speed is too low, and accordingly, the Su-27 could not keep such a low speed and remain stable. It is heard that he played with the speed of the motors constantly, more or less. Add - starts to catch up, subtract - starts chatting.
  2. Tamara Smirnova Offline Tamara Smirnova
    Tamara Smirnova (Tamara Smirnova) 26 September 2020 10: 50
    The Ukrainian talks like ... about in the hole. Don't try to compare with the Russians. Well, and mattress ones don't even match a skipping rope. GLORY TO RUSSIA!
  3. Vyacheslav34 Offline Vyacheslav34
    Vyacheslav34 26 September 2020 11: 48
    No, this is not so, the Americans just joined the plane and kept the line, the Ukrainian did not calculate which plane to join. If the workers in the IL-76 wanted, they would hold on to the antenna, and everything else is just a sketch here, a dude with a soul made the plane almost crawled into the cabin of the 76th
  4. GRF Offline GRF
    GRF 26 September 2020 12: 41
    Hollywood is not the same ...
  5. Rum rum Offline Rum rum
    Rum rum (Rum rum) 26 September 2020 13: 00
    I summarize:
    1. In both cases, this is a specially prepared operation, and not a spontaneous "pampering" of the combat pilot. (with all safety precautions, training, etc.)
    2. Filming was conducted from the edge of the ramp, and not from the depths of the transporter, so that it seemed that the fighter came closer. (but the American never came closer).
    3. Okraintsa really chatted harder. And yes, why did the Okrainets do everything above the airfield and so low?
    4. The American formation is certainly cool, but at a relatively safe distance (in fact, normal for their refueling system) in a relatively safe formation.
  6. Yuri Shalnov Offline Yuri Shalnov
    Yuri Shalnov (Yuri Shalnov) 26 September 2020 15: 18
    Amerikosov and salo-eaters have little guts, and they lack skill ...
  7. John Silver_2 Offline John Silver_2
    John Silver_2 (John Silver) 26 September 2020 15: 23
    Is the pin flying behind the maize?
  8. Strag Offline Strag
    Strag (Alexander) 26 September 2020 15: 42
    well, SU, he is SU)), although he is old and not Ukrainian, he is only a pilot of Ukraine who was brought up in the school of the USSR, starting with the SU27 the machines became very maneuverable and perform aerobatics that other aircraft cannot. but in this video he was not flying after a transport plane and this is another difference, there is no turbulence. and F were far away. and this is the trick they repeat in the Russians in combat mode they covered the plane from missiles.
    1. Sergey smerdin Offline Sergey smerdin
      Sergey smerdin (Sergey smerdin) 27 September 2020 16: 24
      I agree that SU is SU, that even those SU and MIGIs built in the USSR are higher in terms of combat than F 16, but put it on the Americans behind the wheel of the SU and? No, our planes and our pilots will plant them. They know this and therefore they do it, divide and vlastvuy.A to be honest with each other sremsya BUT God forbid if they ogrebut Che from everyone.
  9. Che-bu Offline Che-bu
    Che-bu (Che-bu) 26 September 2020 16: 02
    Not even close with ours
  10. Original cat Offline Original cat
    Original cat (Novel) 26 September 2020 16: 40
    Well ... there is nothing like that if the pilot is not a sucker
    But if he flew on the move and landed on the plane and then took off and flew further, it would be cooler))
  11. Original cat Offline Original cat
    Original cat (Novel) 26 September 2020 16: 51
    Quote: Vladimir Tuzakov
    The fact that ours were the first to find such an approach with improvisation is the priority ...

    Columbus, after his epic voyage, enters a pub to pull a beer.
    He hears, next to discuss his feat:
    - Ha, Columbus, think, America discovered
    - And we could, easily
    Columbus takes a mug, sits down at their table:
    - Gentlemen, here's a boiled chicken egg. You can put it on the blunt end so that it stands by itself and the sharp end looks at the ceiling.
    We tried, tried, nothing came of it.
    Columbus takes the egg, hits the table with the blunt end, the blunt end cracks, the egg rises with the sharp end up.
    - Ha, well, we can do that! Easy!
    - I do not argue, you can ... But ... after me!
  12. monman Offline monman
    monman (Garik Mokin) 26 September 2020 17: 55
    I taught myself (due to the large number of noodles on the internet) to check dates / facts. Can anyone answer when the video was made with Su and when with the F-15? I can't ask the editorial office - they did everything possible to satisfy the readers' request by dipping amers into ....
    Therefore, the question to the forum is when the amerskoe video was made. It is clear that refueling aircraft in the air was invented and carried out in the USSR 10 years earlier than in the USA. By the way, the amersky photographer uses gestures, not "Russian radio" - they just don't know about him !!!
    1. isofat Online isofat
      isofat (isofat) 27 September 2020 22: 46
      Quote: cmonman
      I can't ask the editorial office - they did everything possible to satisfy the readers' request by dipping amers into ....

      Dear, how else can you interpret the latest events in the United States? smile
  13. Sergey Umansky Offline Sergey Umansky
    Sergey Umansky (Sergey Umansky) 26 September 2020 18: 02
    As a pilot, I can say one thing, well, they do not have enough ,, courage ,, What kind of retreat from ukrov, so came up and rolled away, more screams behind the scenes. And yet this is not IL 76 for you, a satellite trail, be healthy, it is present. In general, respect to our pilots, a huge one, came up so casually, looked / everything at you, there, worked the discharge. And just as effectively walked away, the eagle, fucking
  14. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 26 September 2020 18: 08
    Ours was definitely cooler, especially since everything was natural and not pretentious. That was great! Well, the Americans lined up a bunch of more planes behind. No. Our video was cooler and the guys inside our transport good Separate respect. good
  15. bubasa Offline bubasa
    bubasa (Konstantin) 26 September 2020 18: 08
    Our beautifully and naturally flew up, looked, flew away ... Svidomo hangs like shit in an ice hole ... and the Omerigan is like a dusty bag scared from around the corner ... in fact, they are similar in behavior laughing
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. cpez-lin Offline cpez-lin
    cpez-lin (Michael Anokhin) 26 September 2020 18: 24
    Is this necessary? 1 What happiness!
  18. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 26 September 2020 18: 33
    Wow, there were blind imitators at the maneuver of the Russian pilots (sure, that they, others, were hurt)! wink
    But they did not invent anything of their own, they just copied it sadly! request
    Even then, at the beginning of 2018, having seen the video for the first time, I drew attention to the excellent aerodynamic stability of the Russian Su-30SM at a speed of ~ 0,5M directly in the behind-fuselage "shadow" of the flowing air, at the origins of the Il-76 turbulent wake jet (even at the design and development stage of this airborne transport "truck", a huge work was carried out to "lick" the aerodynamics - in order to reduce the turbulence of the air flows around the fuselage precisely at the time of the landing of people and equipment, with the cargo ramp and side landing doors open - the safe landing of dummies and the discharge of cargo into the testing process did not work out the first time, the designers had to come up with and make constructive changes!)!
    This, without thinking about the skill of the pilot, was largely achieved due to the improved aerodynamics of the Su-30SM and control algorithms for the steering surfaces (the first video clearly shows the continuous filigree operation of the tail horizontal rudders and the angles of the front "wings" at the root of the center section)!
    Such aerodynamic luxury does not have the old (inherited by the banderlog from our USSR!) Su-27 "Ukrainian zbroynykh sily", which is much more difficult to maintain its place in space, even taking into account the smaller hours of flight and the level of training of the tillers (one of the same "experienced "fat men who participated in the bombing of Donbass, wanting to impress with their" masterful aerobatics "their" new friend ", the American commander in charge of the Air Force, only arrogantly," masterfully "ditched him and himself, driving the" twin "Su-27 into the ground, so the Poles still they got off easily, otherwise they would have yelled at all with joy, tumbling towards the "meeting with the ground" .. winked )!
    For the sake of objectivity, I must say that due to a clear desire to save money and do everything "quickly", the American-Polish film crew filmed Pin's "aerobatics" at a fairly low altitude on a hot sunny day, over the border between the vast water surface and the steppe warmed by the sun surface where upward and downward air currents have a strong influence on the vertical stability of a slow-flying aircraft.
    Yes, and a small, smaller than the Su-27, twin-engine screw "truck" An-28 of Polish production (not from a separate detachment of aircraft providing CIA special operations?), Flying in dense layers of air, immediately "turbulizes" the wake stream behind it, without giving such a stable "shadow" as the giant Il-76 flying at high altitude, flawlessly "aerodynamically licked"!
    About the American and European flying motloh, also striving, with its inept "group sex", to "surpass" the unsurpassed aerobatics of the Russian Su-30SM pilot, I don't even want to write, so everything turned out so badly for them, or rather, it did not work! negative
    I don't impose my personal IMHO on anyone!
    1. aalleekkss2015 Offline aalleekkss2015
      aalleekkss2015 (Aleks LLL) 26 September 2020 21: 51
      Good. Everything is on the case.
    2. Sergey smerdin Offline Sergey smerdin
      Sergey smerdin (Sergey smerdin) 27 September 2020 16: 08
      Impose and rightly, otherwise their skill is enough, we are the best.
  19. Binder Offline Binder
    Binder (Miron) 26 September 2020 20: 08
    I hasten to inform you that neither the Panavia Tornado nor the Eurofighter Typhoon are used by the US Air Force. So tell the fables about American inept pilots to someone else. bully
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. The comment was deleted.
    2. aalleekkss2015 Offline aalleekkss2015
      aalleekkss2015 (Aleks LLL) 26 September 2020 21: 47
      Who doesn’t give you? Hurry on.
    3. Herman 4223 Offline Herman 4223
      Herman 4223 (Alexander) 27 September 2020 10: 32
      They use the air forces of their colonies along with all these planes, if they wanted, then the Ukrainian car also flew there. And the F15 is definitely in service with the US Air Force.
    4. Sergey smerdin Offline Sergey smerdin
      Sergey smerdin (Sergey smerdin) 27 September 2020 16: 10
      Well, some bindyuzhniki in NATO.
      1. Binder Offline Binder
        Binder (Miron) 27 September 2020 16: 59
        But the Russian Federation is not lucky - not a single binduzhnik ...
  20. The comment was deleted.
  21. aalleekkss2015 Offline aalleekkss2015
    aalleekkss2015 (Aleks LLL) 26 September 2020 21: 43
  22. Sergey K-n. Offline Sergey K-n.
    Sergey K-n. (Sergey Kiyatkin) 26 September 2020 23: 40
    Shame! It is a Chinese fake, although the Chinese have better fakes. It would be better if they hadn't posted their video, we would have thought that the Slavs and brothers also have pilots with steel eggs. And so, just disgraced. This is not nearly a repetition.
  23. Danila46 Offline Danila46
    Danila46 (Daniel) 27 September 2020 00: 42
    I will not vyvryat anyone else. For me everything is so good! None of them crashed, mind you ...
    The main thing here is that they measure their skill, and not who will overwhelm whom. I am FOR such wars !!!
  24. The comment was deleted.
  25. Evgeny Moskov Offline Evgeny Moskov
    Evgeny Moskov (Evgeny Moskov) 27 September 2020 07: 36
    There can be no two opinions here. What ukroamery and mattress mattresses did is a weak semblance of our trick, which was done without any preparation. Ours did everything clearly and beautifully, especially leaving aside is incomparable. What - what, and our aviation is on top, since the days of the "Papanin".
  26. 62413627 Offline 62413627
    62413627 (Tom) 27 September 2020 08: 34
    could not repeat exactly, this is a fact and it is one thing to fly after a heavy transport, and another to follow his plywood parodies, the Americans could only depict the approach of the five and then outside the zone of turbulence, bravo Russian pilot!
  27. Vladimir Offline Vladimir
    Vladimir (Vladimir Nikolayevich) 27 September 2020 09: 58
    Laughter, and nothing more. They can only repeat ... and even then not professionally.
  28. Herman 4223 Offline Herman 4223
    Herman 4223 (Alexander) 27 September 2020 10: 18
    Well, maybe next time they will do something, let them not worry.
  29. Ivan Sergeev Offline Ivan Sergeev
    Ivan Sergeev (Ivan) 27 September 2020 12: 44
    Some kind of garbage! Neither jackals from the louse's burrow nor their lackeys from the stale can do a damn thing.
  30. Sorgut Offline Sorgut
    Sorgut (Alexey) 27 September 2020 15: 44
    What is there to discuss? Ours, without preparation from the escort, simply "looked", checked, unloaded everything, didn’t they stash anything? And these were prepared SPECIALLY for a PHOTOSESSION. :)
  31. Sergey smerdin Offline Sergey smerdin
    Sergey smerdin (Sergey smerdin) 27 September 2020 16: 29
    Video with our SHIKARNO. Well, Ukraine is finally finally ka, from the video of Ukraine you can see how much work in avionics has dropped. The plinth is higher, however everywhere it is, the sea land scribe was stolen independently.
  32. Terenin Offline Terenin
    Terenin (Gennady) 27 September 2020 22: 56
    We could not repeat that. Weakling negative
  33. Cyril Offline Cyril
    Cyril (Kirill) 28 September 2020 06: 27
    This news brings up 2 questions:

    1. Who measured the exact distance from the Su-30 to the cargo compartment of the Russian transport aircraft and, accordingly, the same parameter for the Ukrainian and American fighters?

    2. Where does the infa come from that the Ukrainian and the Americans tried to repeat the "fantastic trick of the Russian pilot", and not just carried out ordinary aerial surveys (in the case of the Ukrainian) or performed an ordinary task (in the case of the American)?