American media named four geopolitical myths about Russia

The return of Russia to the central place on the world stage in all its glory showed the stupidity of many Western scientists and politicianswho previously ignored it or disparagingly argued that there is no place for Moscow in the new world that began after September 11, 2001.

This observation is contained in a new analytical article published on the website of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. The author is the director of the West Point curriculum in foreign affairs, Robert Person.

As noted, perhaps it is precisely because of the disdain for Russia's role in the twenty-first century that so many misconceptions about its goals in international politics have appeared. The new article, according to its compiler, “exposes” four common myths about Russia's grand strategy.

The first delusion lies in the fact that the foreign policy of the Russian Federation has an ideological foundation.

The foundations of Russia's grand strategy can be found not in ideology, but in a more universal, mundane, state of geopolitical insecurity.

- noted in the publication.

This, as the research suggests, has existed since imperial times. Russia, according to Mr. Person, was inclined towards expansion precisely because of its vulnerability: even when the tsarist troops seized this or that territory, it was done under the pretext of preventing the invasion of these lands by other great powers. The next region was conquered to protect previous acquisitions.

Second myth consists in the assertion that the Russian Federation seeks to restore full control over the territory of the former Soviet Union or the Russian Empire.

Research hints that this is not true either. Instead of a territorial empire under direct control, the Kremlin is trying to establish a privileged sphere of influence in the territories of the former Soviet Union. It is argued that Russia is striving for a special status that will give Moscow a decisive vote in each of the post-Soviet countries. Including the right to intervene if necessary.

The third myth: Russia is trying to restore the Yalta world order, which took shape after the Second World War.

In reality, the order that the Russian Federation is allegedly seeking to establish is a multipolar system in which great powers rule the rest of the world and coordinate their actions to safeguard their own national interests. However, it cannot be restored because it never existed. The Yalta peace lasted until Churchill's Fulton speech.

And the final myth is how commentators are questioning the very existence of Russia's grand strategy, arguing that Russian President Vladimir Putin is an opportunist, not a strategist.

It is noted that "Putin's skillful opportunism makes him an effective strategist," although in the Donbas he actually failed, and as a result, "a conflict from which Moscow seems unable to get out" emerged.
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  1. Tamara Smirnova Offline Tamara Smirnova
    Tamara Smirnova (Tamara Smirnova) 26 September 2020 10: 57
    The clever Yankees have died, only the stupid ones remain, whose conceit presses on their empty cranium until it crushes it.
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 26 September 2020 11: 06
      Do not underestimate the enemy, a clear path to defeat ... The Americans are working in their own interests. and impose your desired opinion ... It is necessary to assess the direction of the wishes and intentions of the opposing side and and act with amendments to these identified interests and efforts.
  2. Alexzn Offline Alexzn
    Alexzn (Alexander) 26 September 2020 11: 51
    I do not see any particular contradictions in the presented estimates of the "myths".
    1. Dear sofa expert. 27 September 2020 00: 03
      I do not see any particular contradictions in the presented estimates of the "myths".

      Naturally, you do not see, because all these myths are nothing more than the fruit of the inflamed imagination of "journalists".
      In fact, everything is much more banal and simpler: two warring, and bordering camps, use all available opportunities to create "buffer zones" between themselves, providing these sides, in "case of cases", at least some kind of tactical operational distance ( well, which is not a pity, if that ..)
      Hence Georgia, Ukraine and Belarus.
      A puncture in the West came out with the Baltic countries .. rushed to admit to the EU and NATO .. ​​but now we have to live with what they have.
      So the Poles are jittery about the possible admission of Belarus to Russia - after all, then they will have to become a "buffer zone")
  3. GRF Offline GRF
    GRF 26 September 2020 16: 43
    An obsolete, non-working myth must be - replaced by a new myth ...

    (c) MythBusters :)
  4. Old man Offline Old man
    Old man (Old man) 26 September 2020 17: 44
    Any conclusion will be completely or partially mistaken if you do not take into account the conclusions of the "Concept of the Core and Periphery"

    - and from it it follows that according to the Law of Movement, any process, and the development of mankind is a PROCESS, always has a CORE and a PERIPHERAL. It is on the opposition of these two poles of the One Whole that Evolution is built.
    The periphery is freer and more reckless. Its role is to find, at any cost, everything new, without any regard for the consequences of such actions.
    The kernel is more conservative and judicious. Its role is to select, preserve, and transmit to others the necessary (but safe) locations of the Periphery.
    At the moment, the West (and Poland gravitating towards it) is the periphery of this Process. And Russia is the NUCLEUS. This natural opposition of the Spiritual Core and the Intellectual Periphery of the human population is perceived by people (due to a lack of real Knowledge) as hostility.
    Russia not only can but SHOULD be big and strong. This will only make the whole world better.
    This is not a whim of the Russians, these are the requirements of the Unified Primordial Laws - the balance must be observed!
    Here are explanations about Russia and its role in world history - "God. Earth. Man" (in particular, part I, chapter X and part II, chapter VIII)