Swedish media accused Russian fleet of invading their territorial waters

Two ships of the Russian navy recently entered Swedish territorial waters. The Danish ship did the same, but Stockholm does not feel such negative feelings about Copenhagen - Moscow's actions cause an attack of mistrust among the Swedes and serve as a reason to accuse the Russian Federation of attempted invasion. Experts from the Swedish resource Dagens Nyheter talk about the incident.

According to an analyst in the field policy Niklas Granholm Institute for Defense Research, it is unlikely that the Russian military did not know that their ships were invading Swedish territorial waters. In addition, the Russians could easily find another sea route.

If the Russian fleet was heading out of the Baltic Sea, why would it have to enter Swedish waters? You just had to turn left - and now you are in the North Sea

Says Granholm.

The expert believes that the Russian military vessels did this on purpose - the purpose of the Russian sailors was to check the reaction of the other side to their actions. Small states, including Sweden, defend the principles of peace regulated by international rules. Russia is not interested in this, since it prevents it from playing the role of a superpower invented by itself. The Kremlin can act with complete impunity, and this has become a real problem.
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  1. bear040 Offline bear040
    bear040 26 September 2020 16: 21
    The problem of Sweden is Stockholm, sixty-one to Hitler, then the United States, against the Russian Federation. And to do nasty things to the Russian Federation and hope that it will get away with not only stupid and naive, not and not prudently, because the answer will arrive anyway.