Unmanned shipping will appear in Russia

On October XNUMX, an experiment on launching unmanned vessels will start in Russia. If all goes according to plan, then next year any shipping company, whose ships sail under the Russian flag, will be able to equip their floating craft with autonomous navigation systems.

Work on a project to introduce unmanned navigation in Russia has been underway since 2019. Several of the largest domestic enterprises are involved in the process. In addition, already this fall, it is planned to work out the regulatory framework governing the use of the new Technology.

Obviously, the project is being implemented at an accelerated pace, and there are good reasons for this. The point is that not only Russia is working on unmanned shipping. China, Britain, Japan, the United States and other leading countries have their own experience.

A sufficient number of concepts have already been created, but no one has a full-fledged drone yet. At the same time, there is no doubt that the first country to achieve success in this industry will receive an undeniable economic advantage.

Russia, as usual, went its own way. Instead of creating expensive drones from scratch, the Kronshtadt company has developed a universal automated control system that can be installed on an already finished ship. The latter allows you to control any floating craft from the command console on the shore.

Specialized electronics and cameras installed on the ship collect all the necessary information from the ship's instruments, recognize surrounding objects and warn of possible navigational obstacles. At the same time, in the event of a dangerous situation, the system provides the captain with the best maneuver option or offers to take control of the vessel.

All this is already very close to full autonomy, which is good news. However, the question arises: what will become of people when drones appear?

The thing is that the domestic shipping companies today have an acute shortage of qualified personnel, and autonomous ships could solve this problem. At the same time, people will not suffer in any way, since the automation of navigation presupposes the presence of operators on the shore who will work in comfortable, and most importantly, safe conditions.

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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 1 October 2020 14: 18
    What if a driftwood in the form of a tree appears on the way of such a ship? What if there is a fire? What if pirates attack?
    1. 123 Offline 123
      123 (123) 1 October 2020 23: 51
      What if a driftwood in the form of a tree appears on the way of such a ship? What if there is a fire? What if pirates attack?

      Apparently there will still be some kind of team on board, just for such cases. And the pirates will probably be unmanned too soon. laughing
      Although these electronic monsters have already begun to creep around the world, fortunately they cannot completely do without a person. Pay attention to the person with the "analog poker" hi

      1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
        Sapsan136 (Alexander) 2 October 2020 11: 40
        The radar simply does not see either the driftwood or the nuts (fragments of icebergs), and the keen-sighted person can not always notice, here it is more based on intuition and personal experience. So all this nonsense is unimaginable, for the sake of some sons of big bosses working in this industry and their personal ego, and not reason.
        1. 123 Offline 123
          123 (123) 2 October 2020 13: 21
          The radar simply does not see either the driftwood or the nuts (fragments of icebergs), and the keen-sighted person can not always notice, here it is more based on intuition and personal experience. So all this nonsense is unimaginable, for the sake of some sons of big bosses working in this industry and their personal ego, and not reason.

          Snag of course yes yes on a boat (especially at night) you bulge all your eyes almost like a chameleon so that the snag does not fly in. Only for large ships this is not relevant. Icebergs, yes, apparently they will somehow get out, video cameras, for example, and Yakutia is not yet Somalia, with pirates it seems to be calmer.
          In any case, whether we like it or not, drones are the future, and not only at sea, it's stupid because it's cheaper. Railroad - the example above, recently tested an unmanned train on the road. Combines and tractors have long been driven across the fields. In the Far East, they were going to make quarries with drones. I think it's not worth reminding about Yandex.
          In the air ... yes, in principle, this is it ...

          1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
            Sapsan136 (Alexander) 2 October 2020 20: 24
            There can be no future for drones, since the slightest glitch will lead to what we saw in the Terminator movie, to one degree or another. All these machines should be controlled by a person and not by an operator sitting somewhere in the office, but by a specialist on board. I can responsibly tell you, as a person in the subject, that there is not yet a single sufficiently reliable way to control some kind of equipment remotely. Such control takes place either by GPS or by radio channel, and both very often fail, any program will be buggy. It may not be bad with pirates in Yakutia, but the failure of the program, the failure of remote control, or its failure, the failure of the program, or its failure, but just any technical breakdown, a hole will finally lead to the death of the ship and huge damage ( oil spill, etc.). The disaster of the railway transport can also be such that it will not seem a little.
            1. 123 Offline 123
              123 (123) 2 October 2020 22: 57
              The reasoning is correct, I agree with many things yes But the fact is that the future belongs to drones, this is my conclusion, I believe this will happen, and regardless of your or my desire.
              1) It is at least economically profitable, which is an important factor.
              2) Control failures due to signal loss are partially solved by the presence of inertial navigation. The ships may have a crew, but a smaller number (emergency party).
              3) Disasters happen not only because of technical problems.

              The statistics of the largest plane crashes in the world for 1974-2020 show that the main cause of tragedies in the air is the human factor (crew or dispatcher error).


              Follow these links to see about the influence of the human factor on the accident rate on railway transport.



              more than 80 percent of all road traffic accidents occur due to the fault of the drivers themselves, as a result of which the “human factor” is considered as a key area ”

              Follow the link Arkhangelsk experience of studying the problem:

              about ¾ of all accidents registered on the pilot road are caused by humans.

              Нhttps: //ador.ru/data/files/static/audit_09.pdf

              At sea, it looks like this:

              As before, one of the significant causes of accidents is the human factor, incompetence and non-observance of regulatory and technical requirements, neglect of meteorological forecasts, gross violations of COLREGs-72, unsatisfactory organization of the navigational watch in conditions of limited visibility, improper use
              navigation equipment, insufficient knowledge of navigators of the maneuvering characteristics of the vessel.


              Well, for example, in 2018, the human factor is the main cause of accidents at industrial enterprises, 67%.
              1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
                Sapsan136 (Alexander) 3 October 2020 10: 22
                What is profitable for hucksters is far from always safe for others, so ... The human factor is most often an attempt to keep silent about technical problems that have arisen through the fault of the owner, or the command, who disregard and did not observe the intervals of mandatory intermediate repairs of equipment, or an unauthorized change the structure of the ship, in order to increase its cargo capacity, by eliminating bulkheads and other systems that ensure the survivability of the ship in emergency situations. On drones, this mess will not disappear, it will only worsen.
  2. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Alexander) 2 October 2020 11: 35
    Why is this necessary ?! How will an unmanned ship defend against pirates ?! The recent collision of the IPC of the Russian Navy with a foreign merchant ship suggests that even manned shipping, organized at a safe level, is still the ultimate dream. The technique is still crude and only very distant people, driven by their own ambitions, and not reason, can completely trust it to manage anything.
  3. Nikolay Malyugin (Nikolai Malyugin) 5 October 2020 15: 54
    As you watch it on TV - yo-mine. And you go out into the street - everything is the same.

  4. Jacques sekavar Offline Jacques sekavar
    Jacques sekavar (Jacques Sekavar) 3 November 2020 13: 35
    Those sitting at the control panels - who are they? Operators, and what are the functions of operators - control and management.
    Unmanned vehicles can only be vehicles running on permanent routes with the minimum possible influence of external factors - the route, interference on the route, weather conditions, currents and other changes, because all the so-called. unmanned vehicles work according to a given algorithm of actions, which in essence is automation, which differs from artificial intelligence in that it must have the ability to self-learn and be able to find optimal solutions to problems that have no rules, such as in mathematics, and therefore algorithm of actions.
    Therefore, the widespread use of unmanned vehicles and various other smart creatures is still very far away, but for now everything is limited to experiments or the substitution of concepts, but they are working on artificial intelligence and someday they will create something and then the conversation will be substantive.