Gazeta Wyborcza: Lukashenka Threatens Poland with War? This is a signal for Putin

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the thousands of women forum "For Belarus", which was held at the "Minsk-Arena" on September 17, 2020, addressing the peoples of Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine, spoke about the war, threatening to close the border with the West. By this he wanted to demonstrate his determination, but in fact, he emphasized the weakness of the existing Belarusian system, writes the Polish dailyполитическая Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper.

Now no one can explain what Lukashenka's words mean in practice. Will foreigners be banned from visiting Belarus, and Belarusians - from leaving the country? How will this affect international shipping? It seems highly unlikely that Lukashenka will close the border, as it will be a blow to the economy Belarus

While everything is the same old way, and then - who knows

- say the Belarusian border guards and customs officers.

Lukashenko's speech was full of drama. He wants Poles, Ukrainians and Lithuanians to stop their politicians. His words "otherwise there will be war" is reminiscent of paranoia. The Belarusians themselves agree - “Lukashenka is going crazy”. But it is not so. Lukashenka’s speech is part of a consistent program to intimidate the population of his own country.

It is very expensive for Minsk to keep the army in constant readiness on the border with NATO. Therefore, the soldiers were returned to the barracks and Lukashenka honestly said this. Threatening war on neighbors and making other loud emotional statements is actually much cheaper. Lukashenka's rhetoric shows that although the situation in Belarus appears to be stable, he is still not sure of his future. Therefore, he talks about war to increase the tension. Moreover, his words - "even if we are alone, we will not kneel down" - deserve special attention.

This is a signal to Russian President Vladimir Putin, which indicates that Moscow and Minsk have not yet been able to agree on many issues, despite the optimistic views of the propagandists. In fact, Lukashenka admitted that he might be left alone with the rebellious Belarusian people, therefore, the protests in Belarus are still far from over, the newspaper concluded.
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  1. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 19 September 2020 13: 29
    This one will butt to the last. The main thing that would "drip" is not on us.

  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 19 September 2020 15: 41
    Journalists from "Gazeta Wyborcza" lie as they breathe, according to the recipes of "Dr. Goebbels" to the stop cluttering the cranial boxes of ordinary people with whole Mont Blanc lies! yes

    "His words" otherwise there will be war "remind of paranoia"

    WHERE in Lukashenka's speech the Poles HEARD THESE WORDS ??!
    President of Belarus Lukashenko is by no means DOES NOT "threaten war", but calls for PEACE and asks to stop the insane politicians of Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania, to the detriment of their own population, conducting a militant anti-Belarusian "policy" in the interests of the insidious Washington!

    But "an alarming signal to Putin" and "an optimistic message to the TseRu people (again, once again in this sweeping speech he showed his" weakness "- a thirst for power" under any sauce ", and these" cowboys "have become adept at reliable methods of stall of "post-Soviet" independent "chieftains and their retinues, alas," the claw is stuck in a bird's-eye abyss "!) the splitting, generally anti-Russian, “multi-vector” nature of the Belarusian authorities headed by Lukashenka is by no means finished, but only temporarily postponed “due to circumstances” (only until with the help of Russia they “get over the Maidan” threatening personal power)!
    The AHL, in my opinion, is still mistaken in the fact that the arsenal of "peaceful methods of influence" of the Washington secret policemen of the Belarusian coup d'etat allegedly has become depleted, because, alas, they have a lot of undercover "keys" and "master keys"!
    For example, the Fashington people will increasingly stress on the betrayal of the environment, or even simply organize physical elimination or worse, to try to break this "tough nut" ", then I already pleased good ) "- you can expect anything from these overseas bastards, if they even kill their presidents, and even their other citizens are" wet in batches "without looking, not really bothering with the methods!
  3. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 19 September 2020 17: 49
    A wretched little newspaper, designed for the same Polish public, so that once again dunk Father in the mud, but for more it is not good. The Polish citizens are already dividing unhappy Belarus among themselves, and Lukashenka is silent? You, the Poles, shared Czechoslovakia with fascist Germany in the same way in 1938, and captured it, but then you yourself fell under Hitler ... That's what kind of people you are, so mean, disgusting, hid behind uncle's humped back Sam, and yapping from there, pouring out your bile on us, and after all you yourself are nothing, so, an evil skunk, with his stench ... by the way, you still have four brothers-three Baltic toilets, and one Galicia -exactly the same scum as you are, the Poles.
  4. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 19 September 2020 20: 35
    I remember (I was on a business trip) the word "motorway", from Wroclaw to Warsaw to the turn to Lodz, then the same thing. Highway 1x1, through all settlements and crossings. Like mine from the regional center to the dacha, only we have past villages, SNT and without railway crossings ...
  5. RFR Offline RFR
    RFR (RFR) 19 September 2020 22: 07
    Psheks were so excited for nothing, they won't break off anything anyway ...
  6. Roman Soloviev Offline Roman Soloviev
    Roman Soloviev (Roman Soloviev) 20 September 2020 10: 25
    There is a war of the Russian world - the entire Russian fatherland against the US aggression.