"The situation has changed": Lavrov spoke about the future of the Union State

Russia and Belarus are currently analyzing and assessing the relevance of the articles of the Union Treaty, concluded more than two decades ago. This was stated by the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Lavrov when answering the question about the possible transformation of this structure.

According to the Russian minister, the process will proceed by agreement of both sides. This work is under way, and it is based on the agreement concluded in 1999. Quite a long time has passed since then, so the governments of Russia and Belarus are defining steps to promote the integration of the two states into modern history.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that the situation has changed, and it is necessary to conduct discussions about integration processes from a modern perspective. The situation in the Republic of Belarus will soon return to normal, and our joint work will continue

- stressed the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Sergei Lavrov also noted that the articles of the Union Treaty are now being carefully analyzed, and the authorities of Russia and Belarus come to a mutual position on the relevance of certain provisions of the agreement or on making the necessary adjustments. The disposition to continue the reform of the union structure is confirmed by the recent telephone conversation between Putin and Lukashenko, as well as by the meeting of the leaders of states in Sochi.

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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 18 September 2020 11: 00
    It seems that the cohabitation of Belarus with Russia will be on the German principle. It is like a separate land, for example. Bavaria is part of the FRG, and Belarus will become part of Russia. And then other republics will follow in a similar way.
    1. Besedin Sergey Offline Besedin Sergey
      Besedin Sergey (Sergey Bushkov) 18 September 2020 22: 38
      Consider the consequences of such a "cohabitation".
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 18 September 2020 12: 24
    The stump is clear.
    When the cheaters are caught by the hand, they immediately try to hide behind authority.
  3. Kuramori Reika Offline Kuramori Reika
    Kuramori Reika (Kuramori Reika) 18 September 2020 13: 37
    I don't want Belarus to become part of Russia. This old ideology of "brothers" does not cause anything but gagging. Let it be better to live on their own, there is enough customs union, but it should not be equivalent for both parties. Russia should have more benefits from such an agreement, because the times "in an amicable way" have long passed along with the previous generation. Now let them unfasten so as not to turn into a second wretched Ukraine with bandits, racketeering, explosions, fires and hunger.
    1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex 18 September 2020 20: 00
      Reika-shtapik, but what do you care about our SG? You are not asked here. You can by yourself, and we (everyone else) are by ourselves. It doesn't matter where you live.
  4. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 18 September 2020 14: 44
    We cannot remake Western Belarusians in our own image and likeness, they, like the Ukrainian Galicians, have Polish-Lithuanian blood flowing with five hundred years of hatred for the Russian Empire, the USSR and the Russian Federation, so we shouldn't even try to pull their sack on ourselves , but the rest of the territories will not make claims to unification into a single state, they perfectly remember this Europe since the Second World War ..... But Father, again, something darkens about the reunification, and again pulls another chair under him.
  5. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 18 September 2020 18: 16
    After the elections, the old president is legitimate for two months, and during these two months it is necessary to have time to sign the main agreements Russia-Belarus, otherwise the West signed later will challenge their legitimacy ... (The election of G. Lukoshenko is not recognized). We need agreements on uncontested allied relations for 25 (or more) years ...
    1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex 18 September 2020 20: 04
      One question - who cares about the recognition of our co-founder SG? Us? No, we don't care. And what will they dispute there, on the side too. All actions and decisions are important, first of all, for our peoples, and all recognition-non-recognition of someone else's - down the drain.
      1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 20 September 2020 15: 39
        You are wrong, because there is no need to give the enemy reasons for attacks at the political level ... And that to live according to your laws and desires, in this you are right ...
        1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
          A.Lex 21 September 2020 07: 55
          Interesting! But if you follow your reasoning, then life is not worth living because your prosperity and well-being may not be liked by some of your neighbors - just out of personal envy!
          1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 21 September 2020 12: 34
            Someone will always dislike your well-being and always need to defend it .. And to make it easier to defend, not to give reason and not to create weak points ... I hope it became clear ...
            1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
              A.Lex 24 September 2020 23: 04
              Of course it's understandable! Nonsense, she is - everyone and always understands that she is nonsense. fool wassat
              1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 25 September 2020 10: 05
                They showed their essence of a troll, then please do not worry about replies to my comments
                1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
                  A.Lex 29 September 2020 10: 06
                  Thank you for falling behind with your delirium!
  6. King3214 Offline King3214
    King3214 (Sergius) 18 September 2020 21: 03
    Maybe it's time to start reducing subsidies, preferences and subsidies that are not justified "in new conditions"?
  7. Michael I Offline Michael I
    Michael I (Michael I) 18 September 2020 23: 47
    Or maybe they will first hold a referendum, in Belarus, on accession?
    1. sludge Offline sludge
      sludge (Rianna Kem) 19 September 2020 12: 28
      Let them first hold such a referendum in the Russian Federation
  8. alex-sherbakov48 19 September 2020 07: 18
    Wanga also said that after the collapse of the USSR, the union will revive in a truncated form, but this union will not last long, and will collapse completely. But Belarus now desperately needs an alliance with Russia, otherwise the West and the United States will simply turn it into a second Ukraine and place their military bases against Russia on its territory.
  9. Samodelkin Offline Samodelkin
    Samodelkin (Samodelkin) 19 September 2020 08: 26
    After the union with Belarus, we will shout - we are together! .... but in which one?))
  10. Sergey Novitsky Offline Sergey Novitsky
    Sergey Novitsky (Sergey Novitsky) 19 September 2020 08: 50
    Belarus most of all suffered in the war with Europe under the leadership of a psycho with a mustache is not on the way with the West. it can survive as a state only together with Russia!
  11. nbv Offline nbv
    nbv 19 September 2020 09: 55
    Each state must decide for itself what is best for its future. Not politicians, but citizens. Maybe Russia doesn't like it, but Belarus chose Europe and the European future as between, however, and all these are Russians who live so much everywhere in Europe.
    Soon every second man here will be married to Russians.
    1. Anatoly Melnikov (Anatoly Melnikov) 19 September 2020 12: 15
      Right. And this means that every second child born in you will henceforth be half Russian. And then they grow up ........ and she will become completely Russian !!!!!
      1. nbv Offline nbv
        nbv 20 September 2020 12: 18
        When they grow up in a normal environment, they will become completely normal people and will never want to have something in common with the Russian world. From the times of the USSR, we have a large Russian female diaspora and children from this seed do not want to live in Russia. How many Bulgarians know to be married in Russia?
        1. Sidor sidorini Offline Sidor sidorini
          Sidor sidorini (Sidor) 20 September 2020 17: 15
          This is your world a garbage dump of buggers. And take your hands off the Russian world! Everything is insincere and false with you.
    2. IgorA Offline IgorA
      IgorA (Igor) 20 September 2020 14: 58
      False. For every second to marry a Russian - where is so many Russian women in Europe to find? Or are there no longer any European men who get married?
    3. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex 21 September 2020 08: 11
      Why are you lying, nbv? What makes you think that Belarus has chosen your part of the territory, where even you YOURSELF cannot choose who (according to you) should govern the state WITHOUT Brussels' PERMISSION (and Washington points out to Brussels - this is a known fact. And if the United States does not like the winner in the elections, HIS WILL NOT BE ACCESSED TO THE POWER). Most of those who "protest" have either a "Pole's card", or a "green card", or passports of the neighboring countries of the West. They are ALREADY not Belarusians in the world view! They have already SOLD their homeland! I understand that they want a better life, but let them leave where they were given a new passport - NOBODY forbids, but to do what at all times was equated with a STATE CRIME (and actions aimed at overthrowing the government or overthrowing the existing system - there is a CRIME).
      I have a question for you: Would you like your compatriots living in the Russian Federation (and there are such people here since the times of the USSR), began to carry out actions aimed at overthrowing the power of YOU in Bulgaria ???
      1. nbv Offline nbv
        nbv 22 September 2020 11: 25
        You live in some parallel universe where your assumptions become reality.
        1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
          A.Lex 24 September 2020 23: 09
          It is you who live in reality turned inside out. You are still an occupied country. And if the USSR somehow supported your economy (as well as its other satellites), then the West (whose satellite you immediately became, as soon as the Union left) ruined your economy almost immediately - it does not need competitors under any guise. Therefore, as you did not have sovereignty, you still do not (under the USSR, AT LEAST there was visibility, but today there is NO even that, from the word AT ALL). You ALWAYS lie under someone - this is your most common policy of your leaders under ANY system in your country. It was not for nothing that they said about you - "The chicken is not a bird, and Bulgaria is not abroad"! Your whole story is as comfortable as possible to lie under someone.
          1. nbv Offline nbv
            nbv 25 September 2020 06: 38
            Chicken is not a bird, and Bulgaria is not abroad!

            Haha ... We have always lived better than in the USSR and all the Russians who were sitting here were surprised and looked at everything like children in a candy store. We were like the West for you. And what about the Rurikovichs, the German rulers, the Metropolitanates from Bulgaria and Greece, the Moskal ulus and Jewish drivers of Vosr, are they Russian?
            1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
              A.Lex 29 September 2020 10: 05
              laughing laughing laughing How familiar it all is! Have you "always" lived better than in the USSR? And what then did you go to the Union to earn money? Your construction teams have been to more than one city. And you PAYED (even more than your own builders), paid as "girls with reduced social responsibility", ONLY HAVE YOU GOT TO EARN (this is your "wealth" - to sell yourself to those who pay more). You lived ON THE CONTENT OF THE SOVIET UNION. Remind you how YOU ASKED TO BE IN THE USSR ??? And it was from there (these are the words of Brezhnev) that this proverb about the chicken-Bulgaria started ... This is your true self. And what you took for "admiration" - so we had traitors and we do not refuse it. The main ones were the hunchback and Yeltsinishka - pygmies from politics. One thing can be credited to them - they did everything to shake off such freeloaders like you from Russia ...
              It is a pity, of course, for ordinary Bulgarians, BUT - pray that the Yankees do not try to start a war ... YOU ARE THE FIRST ON SIGHT (along with the Ameri). Three times traitors ...
              1. nbv Offline nbv
                nbv 29 September 2020 17: 35
                wink Sure. Ours were there because they worked with Bulgarian technologies, which beat "traps" for you and earned more money there than our builders, and we and you, because they paid in "free" rubles (?!?). For this reason, and to this day they call you "Bulgarian". laughing And ours brought you jeans, perfumes, CDs, records with "western" music and sporty shoes, all the normal things that you can buy from here everywhere and you have luxury and therefore they sold you very dearly. hi And about the war: No one is going to fight with you for one simple reason - you sell all your resources cheaper. It costs less than a war for them. War is your fixation and your complex.
                1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
                  A.Lex 3 October 2020 10: 00
                  laughing laughing laughing So you confessed that you are not able to earn money in your country - you are beggars. In the days of the USSR, you traveled to the Union, and now you serve the Western Europe. This is your destiny - to serve, you have NEVER been independent. E. Satanovsky said correctly about you - you are Turks with the mentality of a servant (as the Ottomans made slaves out of you, so you stayed with them - this was already deposited at the level of genes). All that you have listed is clothes that we (perhaps) did not make in MASS quantities. You are looking in the wrong direction. Clothes have NEVER been a measure of the success of the state. The main thing for us is that we are an INDEPENDENT state. You are an OBJECT of influence from neighboring states. You are not a POLICY SUBJECT. You are in eternal submission. And rags are junk that does not affect the policy and independence of the state. You are rags and brag about it ??? Well, then you can only regret it.
                  1. nbv Offline nbv
                    nbv 3 October 2020 13: 40
                    It's funny. Argument1 as from the Political Instructor's Guide. And you just envy everything normal and free people to flow in your own home. I know my ancestors closer than 300 years ago, and no one beat a slave like your serfs. They had their own land and houses. And now it is a fact that Russians want to live here in "gayrope" and buy real estate and not in Russia. And Russian girls marry Bulgarians and live here and in the EU and not Bulgarians for Russian alcoholics and who wants to live with you ?! Look, dear real life and not propaganda videos on Ren and RT.
                    1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
                      A.Lex 7 October 2020 22: 12
                      Girls with reduced social responsibility

                      - enough everywhere. But we don't need them - you can keep them for yourself. For me - a free person in my country, it is enough that I know - WITHOUT RUSSIA YOU WOULD BE SLAVES OF THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE FOR THIS TIME. And the fact that you remember your relatives is fine. We also remember. Even before the time of Peter I, my ancestors first moved near Kursk (at the end of the 9th - beginning of the XNUMXth centuries), and only then (under Tsarina Catherine the Great) - to the South Urals, and other relatives even further went to develop Siberia and the Far East. Our migration of peoples was in such an extent that a lot of people do not always remember the real origins of their origin. I was lucky, family traditions have survived. But not everyone was given this - the territories are huge, the mixture of peoples is colossal, the peoples are free (where they wanted, they settled there). You, as the slaves of the Ottoman Port, were kept in a limited area, therefore it is not surprising that you all got married there and remember your ancestry up to the XNUMXth generation ... It's different for us - we, COSSACKS, are free people, wherever we want - there we go! Even the tsars and emperors of Russia SIGNED A SEPARATE AGREEMENT WITH THE COSSACKS on the protection of the borders (first the Kingdom, and then the Empire).
                      And therefore, it is not for the descendant of the slaves of the Ottoman Empire to tell the hereditary Cossack what he has and how. Say thanks to the Russian Empire. that she freed you, otherwise they would have been slaves of the Ottomans ...
                      Well, how much do you have to be a grunting patch of snout in order to piss off a normal person? YOUNG MAN - you did it! The Lord God knows - he did not want to stoop to the baseness of humiliation of a person, but you are not appeased, and therefore - get it and sign it.
                      1. nbv Offline nbv
                        nbv 11 October 2020 03: 55
                        There is no sense in reading the propaganda of the suggestion of the beating serf. This is a reality and it is from the Russian media. Be healthy. When you come and call, you can still find some kind of work for a "free citizen", knowing your ancestors to the serfs of the slaves of Peter I.
                        Read Free Liberator. It is written in Cyrillic-alphabet, which was given to you to fill up the documents about the arrival in Europe.

                      2. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
                        A.Lex 13 October 2020 11: 43
                        laughing It's not enough to write in Cyrillic - you have to write correctly. Stop raping yourself and calm down. We have never been serfs, for we are COSSACKS, and Cossacks and serfs are different classes .... If you do not know who was who in Russia, then do not disgrace yourself and do not show your illiteracy. And you know how serfs differ from slaves? You should at least be interested in history sometimes before writing nonsense! You, before your release from slavery, were SLAVES of the Ottomans. You were the THING that could JUST BE KILLED and the Ottoman for this WAS NOTHING!
                      3. nbv Offline nbv
                        nbv 19 October 2020 11: 56
                      4. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
                        A.Lex 19 October 2020 19: 44
                        When arguments end, links start ...

                        You can prove anything to yourself there. Fact one - Bulgaria THREE, THREE times has betrayed Russia. Because with you as traitors! am .............. don't blame me, you yourself asked for it ............
                      5. nbv Offline nbv
                        nbv 22 October 2020 04: 35
                        Show links to European media with similar advertisements. Who wants to get Russian citizenship ?! This paradigm of betrayal has nothing to do with either historical truth or reality. It exists only in the mirror light of the parallel universe of Russian self-perception.
                      6. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
                        A.Lex 22 October 2020 22: 18
                        Has nothing to do with historical truth? Well then, point by point:
                        1. World War I - with whom was Bulgaria in an alliance and against whom was this alliance? Answer: Bulgaria was in alliance with Germany and Austria-Hungary. Germany was at war with the Russian Empire. What's wrong?
                        2. World War II - whose ally was Bulgaria? Answer: ALLY OF HITLER GERMANY! Am I wrong again?
                        3. Since 2004 Bulgaria is a full member of NATO. Against whom are ALL NATO actions in Europe directed? Answer: against Russia and its "expansion" (America can carry out expansion, but Russia cannot ... Is that correct?)
                        Here are three stages of the betrayal of Bulgaria in modern times. And this is not counting the fact that Bulgaria CONSTANTLY put itself AGAINST Russia from the MOMENT OF ITS INDEPENDENCE, which RUSSIA GIVEN to her, Without Russia you would have been slaves of the Ottoman Port. Tell me WHO freed YOU from the Turks?
                      7. nbv Offline nbv
                        nbv 24 October 2020 06: 39
                        You are trying to deviate from the initial discussion about the fact that people can and should make their civilizational choices on the side they live in, and you want to put me in a mode of explanation regarding the historical elections in Bulgaria. Good ... Obviously, there are people in Belarus who want to live in a democratic and free country, where the elections will be fair and transparent. This, of course, is nonsense for the Russian world, where manipulation of elections and falsifications are normal.
                        In this context, the elections of Bulgaria to the PSV and ESP. We were in a coalition that sided with us in an attempt to resolve the national question - the unification of territories with the Bulgarian population, annexed by Greece, Serbia and Romania after the Balkan wars. We fought on the territory of Bulgaria and defeated the Anglo-French-Russian-Serbian-Romanian-Greek troops on both fronts. The defeat of the Russian troops in Dobrudja led to the withdrawal of Russia from the PSV and the signing of the Brest-Litovsk peace treaty.
                        A similar situation was in the Second World War. Until September 5, Bulgaria did not declare war on the USSR, and although Bulgaria had already declared war on Germany at 5 o'clock, on that day the USSR unilaterally declared war on Bulgaria and on September 8 without a single shot from our side (because we were already allies against Germany) the USSR occupied Bulgaria. As a result, the Russian troops brought their communist lackeys to power and the most misanthropic period in the history of Bulgaria begins.
                        Bulgaria withdrew from the Ottoman Empire as a result of the next Russian-Turkish war of 1876-77, but remained politically dependent on the Ottoman Empire until 1908, when it declared independence against the will of Russia. Why Russia did not liberate Bulgaria in 1829, when the troops of General Diebitsch reached Edirne and signed the Edirne Peace Treaty, you can explain to me.
                      8. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
                        A.Lex 24 October 2020 20: 50
                        ......................... probably should have left you with the Turks ....... maybe then they would have been smarter ...
                      9. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
                        A.Lex 25 October 2020 11: 20
                        It is interesting with your PRESIDENT the Balts did - they were deprived of freedom! Shame!
                      10. nbv Offline nbv
                        nbv 27 October 2020 07: 01
                        Obviously, you are among those who consider verbosity an argument. Do you want the last word to be yours, and you think that makes you a winner in an argument? Good. Be healthy and may God, by His great mercy, save us all!
  • Vladimir Telnov Offline Vladimir Telnov
    Vladimir Telnov (Vladimir Telnov) 27 September 2020 11: 23
    According to S. Lavrov's stated logic on promoting integration within the framework of the Belarus-Russia Union, the next step should be a joint Statement on the establishment of a Constitutional Assembly from public organizations, state (legal) structures, scientists, cultural figures and other both countries to develop the Basic Provisions for the creation of the Union with detailing financial, economic and political structures, general management bodies and the powers delegated to them, and much more. I think the people who are now taking to the streets against A. Lukashenko will join this process, and as for the pro-Western "opposition", "they were not here!" Let them stay in Poland and the Baltic states.