Disputes in Chinese society: Russia stabbed in the back with the sale of the S-400 to India

Recently, accusations against Russia have been growing on social networks for its support of India in the latter's border conflict with China. On July 2, Moscow signed an agreement with New Delhi for the sale of new fighters and agreed to accelerate the delivery of S-400 anti-aircraft systems. Some Chinese publications even talk about a Russian "stab in the back" of China. The local newspaper Global Times writes about it.

Russia is associated with India by long-standing tradeeconomic and cultural ties, and the Russians have long been selling weapons systems to the Indians - recent deals have nothing to do with the Sino-Indian confrontation. While India has been buying weapons from the United States in the past few years, most of its ammunition is of Russian origin.

Russia actually acts as a mediator between the two warring countries. So, last week in the Russian capital a meeting of the heads of the military departments of India and the PRC took place. Outside of China, there is no discussion of the Indian line of Russian foreign policy - the source of such views is mostly from publications in Chinese taken from social networks in China and Taiwan.

The Russian Federation and China are partner countries, but not allies, and there is no need to demand from Russia to take the Chinese side in this border conflict. The countries must resolve their foreign policy contradictions themselves, while the Kremlin remains neutral and plays a mediating role - this does not cause any misunderstanding in the international arena.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 18 September 2020 10: 43
    The S-400 is a weapon of defense, not attack. Therefore, it can be sold to everyone! If China is going to attack India, then only in that case it can attend to this sale.
    1. Bitter Offline Bitter
      Bitter 18 September 2020 14: 18
      .... a weapon of defense, not attack.

      This is all very relative, weapons are weapons.
      Sometimes, before you start defending yourself with your fists, you can "slap on the cheeks" with something and somehow, not much but insulting. You can, of course, as in the famous case, immediately hit the head with a chair. The chair was also a weapon of "protection" from the offender.
  2. Kuramori Reika Offline Kuramori Reika
    Kuramori Reika (Kuramori Reika) 18 September 2020 13: 33
    When the Chinese are ready to buy 50 times more S-400s, then we can talk about an exclusive contract for this system. It is completely inadequate if they think that we will give up a few lard just like that.
  3. _AMUHb_ Offline _AMUHb_
    _AMUHb_ (_AMUHb_) 18 September 2020 15: 33
    ... a stab in the back ... "ha ha, don't make my horseshoes laugh". stabs in our back from the "yellow-throated" ones can be learned, however, with regard to c400 then "GIVE (sell of course) C400 to EVERY INTERESTED PARTY" but if "denyushek" no adjust to a stronger one, no show off
    1. Bitter Offline Bitter
      Bitter 20 September 2020 14: 57
      ... and if there are no "money" ...

      Consider the "options" and give them a loan from our own bank, and for sweets we will stretch some kind of pipe and buy "tomatoes".