Train with 18 Warheads: Nuclear Barguzin Will Be the Best Answer to New US Weapons

The United States has promised Russia and China to demonstrate the full power of their "nuclear modernization" by 2030. Washington has announced the development of a new Minuteman IV ICBM, Columbia-class nuclear submarines, B-21 Raider strategic bomber, Trident E-6 SLBM and other weapons. Therefore, Russia should not sit idly by, writes military expert Vladimir Tuchkov in a Russian weekly newspaper. "Military Industrial Courier".

According to the author, one of the most effective responses to the initiative of the Americans, who launched a new arms race, would be the creation of the Barguzin combat railroad missile system, the development of which was discontinued in 2017. He recalled that in the USSR, and then in the Russian Federation, the BZHRK Molodets was operated. This BZHRK was removed from service not because of poor performance characteristics, but at the request of the United States, which signed START-2, i.e. he worried Washington very much.

At the same time, the expert admitted that “Molodets” had several unmasking signs that violated the secrecy of the complex. The train was practically the same as a regular freight train. It consisted of three "compartment", fourteen "refrigerator" cars (three of which had launchers) and a tank with fuels and lubricants. But each car with PU weighed 200 tons, so the train was dragged by three diesel locomotives. Each RT-23UTTKh (15Zh61) ICBM weighed 105 tons (it contained 10 warheads with a capacity of 550 kT each) without a transport and launch container, which was an outrageous load for standard wheelsets. Therefore, the designers retrofitted the chassis and distributed the load between adjacent cars.

The new "Barguzin" was devoid of these shortcomings, and even specialists would now find it difficult to distinguish the train from an ordinary technical train. There were ordinary-looking wagons, the loads of which did not exceed 65 tons. The train was pulled by one diesel locomotive. The BZHRK was to be armed with three new ICBMs RS-24 "Yars", which were half the size of the previous ones. Each such ICBM was supposed to contain six maneuvering warheads with a capacity of 150 kT each.

The author is confident that a nuclear Barguzin with 18 warheads would be Moscow's best response to Washington's new weapons.
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  1. Digital error Offline Digital error
    Digital error (Eugene) 17 September 2020 19: 30
    (in three of which there were launchers) and tanks with fuels and lubricants. But each car with PU weighed 200 tons, so the train was dragged by three diesel locomotives.

    - well, either the launchers in 30 years should have become lighter, or diesel locomotives more powerful, or one launcher is enough, the rocket of which should overcome the missile defense. Any of these events took place for a third of a century, so the Americans really should "press the flaps" and tick, preferably in the direction of Great Britain, so that the response would not cover them lol
  2. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 17 September 2020 19: 46
    The train is good.
    It’s bad that experts have been sucking it every week for 20 years.
    This means that there are not enough real cases for discussion by experts, except for non-existent trains.
  3. monman Offline monman
    monman (Garik Mokin) 17 September 2020 22: 49
    The author of the article has problems with mathematics. If we imagine that the United States launched 1,500 nuclear warheads at the same time towards Russia, and Russia in response with 2,500 nuclear warheads, then what role will 18 of the freight train play?
  4. Sarmat must be introduced, then we will cover with doodles across the South Pole!
    1. Peter Tverdokhlebov 19 September 2020 13: 44
      What is the advantage of launching through the South Pole?
      1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
        Sapsan136 (Alexander) 19 September 2020 15: 02
        The US missile defense system was built on the basis of intercepting missiles going through the Northern Pole and from the east. The emergence of missiles from the Russian Federation that can attack the United States from any direction of the world significantly complicates the life of the US air defense.
  5. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Alexander) 19 September 2020 15: 03
    It is high time to put Barguzin on alert. It will perfectly complement the Russian nuclear submarine.
    1. Konstantin Stepanovich 20 September 2020 11: 46
      Well done !!!! We must have yesterday !!!