The Russians appreciated the T-90 tank accidentally knocked out of the ATGM during the exercises in the Russian Federation

Photos of the T-90A tank, accidentally knocked out of the Konkurs ATGM installed on the BMP-2, during an exercise at one of the training grounds in the Astrakhan region, appeared on the Web. There was no penetration of the tank's armor, there is no information about the casualties, but the external "body kit" of the combat vehicle suffered significant damage.

According to some sources, the damaged tank belongs to a separate tank battalion of the 1st Guards Motorized Rifle Regiment of the 2nd Guards Taman Motorized Rifle Division of the Western Military District (military unit 23626). On social networks, they are discussing that a box with spare tools and accessories saved from breaking through the side projection of the T-90A.

The Russians appreciated the T-90 tank accidentally knocked out of the ATGM during the exercises in the Russian Federation

There were no comments from the RF Ministry of Defense, so it is not known when exactly this incident occurred. But on September 13, 2020, the Day of the Tankman was celebrated in Russia, so the exercises could be timed to coincide with this event, because this is one of the most revered holidays among the troops.

Readers of the specialized Internet publication Voennoye Obozreniye shared their views on this matter.

Targets are illuminated at night with a red light, so it is absolutely forbidden to smoke at the shooting range at night - no one knows where the gunner will turn the tower. Boxes with spare parts (spare parts, tools and accessories) are not hung just for fun, they partially save the tank from the enemy or from bungling. The armor held out, well, it got smoked a little. For a beaten two unbeaten crews are given. This is the experience of both tankmen and anti-tankers.

- the user seregatara1969 wrote in detail.

It turns out that the "Competition" (T-90A) does not break through! But the 9M113M has armor penetration at an angle of 90 °, with a probability of 0,5 - 750-800 mm! It turns out that the T-90A is not a sick car at all!

- noticed venik.

I'm inclined to think it's more of a luck here. As the commentators said above, the armor is practically not affected at all, which means that the "body kit" has dispersed the cumulative jet. Well, the ATGM, most likely, accidentally flew into this tank, that is, the operator did not target any vulnerable zones there. Thank God if the crew is alive and well. Here they wrote about burns ...

- judged alexmach.

In combat conditions, shooting at friendly (friendly fire), unfortunately, is a common occurrence. In my time during exercises, one T-62 hit another T-62 with a blank, in the rear of the tower. I did not break through the armor, but a blower that came off broke the loader's arm

- a certain Bad_gr told about the incident from his experience.

Recently, they laughed at the Americans, who hit a tank with a shell during an exercise, so a response from higher forces flew in. You can not laugh at the mistakes of others and even at the enemy

- hinted the MUD user.

Do you really think that a missile with a warhead was used during the exercises and at the same time did not "burn" a single millimeter of armor? They were shooting a training one, either the mechanic drove into the line of fire, or the operator decided to aim at the "live" tank and accidentally fired. I see a burn from the remnants of the mixture of the main engine and no more. Perhaps something else caught fire on the armor

- Kosty threw in an interesting thought.

Judging by the traces, SHTORA (“Shtora-1” - a complex of electro-optical active protection - ed.) Did not work or was not activated. And now, having slightly modified the spare parts box, you can use it instead of active armor. Double benefit!

- says the user with the nickname Mimino.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 17 September 2020 10: 21
    Yeah, nothing is known - therefore, in the role of experts there are already grandpa-commentators. Credit
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 17 September 2020 10: 57
    There would be no happiness, but misfortune helped.

    A lot of information for our specialists and engineers to improve the tank. The main thing is no casualties!
  3. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 17 September 2020 12: 11
    It can be seen from the traces on the tank and from the burning fuel on the ground that the fire was not weak (have you forgotten how much diesel fuel ~ 93 liters or so can fit in one fender tank?).
    From the highly elongated shadows and the color of the sky, it is clear that the photographing was carried out in the morning, after a night fire.
    At night firing such incidents have happened before, especially since the time when they began to shoot with the help of a two-plane stabilizer of a tank gun, staring intently into the sight and at the same time groping the targeting speeds with the "Cheburashka" remote control.
    A stabilizer in the night can make a gunner turn his head in a moving tank. winked
    Confused with targets because of the parking lights on armored vehicles, which shine back with a red light.
    Why, and "on the tower" - all the way to the rear, it happened, flew "to the light". request
    I was told about this or a similar case with a "blank" in the T-62 turret.
    We had a village behind the target field, a little to the side, and there, on the outskirts, collective farm harvesters were "lined up" - once at night they "flew" from a neophyte tank gunner, it's good that it was a "blank", not shrapnel - high-explosive.
    So I understand that the rocket had an inert warhead, otherwise the trail on the tower from the cumulative jet would have remained anyway.
    The box with the spare parts and accessories was demolished and the fencing tank was smashed and set on fire by ricocheted parts and exploded remnants of the rocket's solid fuel ?!
    If the tower hatches were tightly closed, then light concussion and fright for the commander and gunner (to a lesser extent) are possible, and if they did not close their hatches properly, then there could be more serious injuries.
    The car, I see, was rescued, they did not let it burn, even the rubber tires on the rollers were hardly burnt ?! what
    1. Rinat Farkhitov Offline Rinat Farkhitov
      Rinat Farkhitov (Rinat Farkhitov) 18 September 2020 12: 47
      To us, too, once at night firing a bullet flew into the tower, I did not even understand anything, sparks flew around inside, it was good to no one, only the commander's neck was scratched