End of Operation Novichok: six reasons why Navalny's case will fall apart

Epigraph: "B policy what people believe is more important than what is true ”(Charles Maurice de Talleyrand).

The phrase in the epigraph was said 250 years ago by the famous politician and diplomat Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord (fr. Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Prigord, 1754-1838), who sat in the rank of foreign minister of two emperors and three regimes, starting from the Directory to the government of Louis Philippe. It is significant that nothing has changed over the past 250 years. Until now, it is not what happened that is important, but how it was shown on TV or told in the media.

The media shape public consciousness. We all have not yet forgotten how the operations “Downed by Putin’s separatists Malaysian Boeing-777”, “Kremlin's interference in the presidential elections in the United States”, “Substitution of analyzes of Russian athletes in RUSADA with the cancellation of the results of the Olympic Games and the defeat of the rights of Russian sports”, “ The use of chemical weapons against civilians by the criminal regime of Bashar al-Assad in the SAR "," The poisoning by the GRU agents of the military OV "Novichok", which poses no danger to the Kremlin, the British intelligence officer Skripal and his daughter. At the same time, the murder and dismemberment of the body of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi right in the building of the SA consulate in Istanbul, committed by agents of Crown Prince Mohammed ibn Salman, documented and recorded on tape by the Turkish special services, goes down on the brakes. And for the unproven "attempt" on the Skripals, where only the murder of his Siberian cat by MI5 staff is documented, sanctions are imposed on the Russian Federation, and Russian diplomats are expelled from 17 EU countries, the USA, Australia, Canada and Ukraine (surprisingly that in the country of zhovto-blakit benches, given the status of our relations, they still existed).

And here again we are "sewn" the use of a chemical warfare agent "Novichok". As the unforgettable Viktor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin said:

It never happened when I was born, and here it is again!

This time, the last hope of the decaying West, an unyielding critic of the Kremlin, a foreign agent Leshenka Navalny, who is officially sucked by the State Department, has become another victim of the "bloody hebny". And no one cares anymore that for Putin it was the most convenient lightning rod, with minimal support in society, with a trust rating that does not rise above the fat content of kefir, and minimal chances of getting somewhere, from which no dust has just been blown off using it. like a whistle to release accumulated steam (dissatisfaction). And Putin then poison him with "Novichok"? What for? And why exactly “Novichok”, when we have nowhere to put stocks of rat poison ?! In my opinion, our enemies do not respect us at all! How many wolf-Merkel do not feed, but she keeps looking into the forest.

And why, in fact, such a cry? Is it normal to dismember a Saudi journalist right in the building of the SA consulate in Istanbul, and is the poisoning of Leshenka Navalny with a rat analogue of Novichok a crime against humanity? I just want to ask - why ?! Most importantly, where is your proof? Although for the Skripals case, no proof was required, except for the famous "high-ly-like". But, apparently, something is imperceptibly changing in this world. What was possible 2 years ago is no longer canal. And I'm not talking about “Lukashenka’s tapes” at all now, we’ll talk about them below, I’m “for the bazaar”, for which you have to answer. And this is exactly what the FRG state apparatus compares favorably with the government of Her Majesty, and Frau Merkel from Mrs. Theresa May. Why is it pleasant to deal with the Germans, because the Germans are accustomed to answering "for the market" in life? And you will have to answer a number of uncomfortable questions.

And I will make a reservation right away, I am not discussing the question, why did Putin need this? Ok, let it be in your opinion, Putin did not sleep at night, dreaming of getting rid of the most terrible threat to his power - from the network hamster Leshenka Navalny, and with the help of a horse dose of Novichok. Such a KGB handwriting, so that the rest of the hamsters would immediately understand everything and continue to be discouraged - to leave at the crime scene a KGB officer's ID and a shot cartridge case from the award-winning Stechkin. But any preschooler in the West knows that Novichok is the signature style of the bloody FSB-GRU-KGB. I even have a question creeping in - do they think we are all morons? Or is it not us, but the rest of the world? But since Ms. Merkel claims that it was exactly Novichok, then there will be questions about Novichok.

Six questions

Question # 1: Any preschooler in the West knows that Novichok is a chemical warfare agent with a high degree of toxicity. So high that the horses around him die, the birds fall dead on the fly, the flies stack in a row. My question is - where are the bodies, dear Chancellor?

Just for memory, I will remind you that when in August 1995 the unforgettable Ivan Kharlampievich Kivelidi, chairman of the board of Rosbusinessbank, was poisoned by Novichok by putting poison on his landline phone, not only his personal secretary died from him, who was just dusting his office. and a pathologist at the Center for Forensic Medical Examination under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, who performed the autopsy of the deceased. Another pathologist miraculously survived, refusing to open the body of the late secretary. And that's not counting a few more police officers who had to be hospitalized after the investigative actions they carried out in the office of Rosbusinessbank. At the same time, the symptoms of all the dead and sick were the same.

In the case of Navalny, we had to have an S7 airline plane, which our hero flew from Tomsk, full of corpses, not counting the deceased ambulance doctors, which urgently delivered him to the Omsk emergency hospital No.1, not counting the corpses in the emergency hospital No.1 in Omsk ... All "suicide bombers" worked without chemical protection suits! Video available. About his late press secretary Kira Yarmysh, who personally accompanied him on the flight and on delivery to the hospital, I am already silent. She was the first to bend! But no, she's alive, thank God. How so, I can't put my mind to it ?! The "newbie" got caught up with some kind of selective - here it acts, here it "wraps up the fish".

By the way, in Germany itself, which urgently allocated for the delivery of the "personal guest of the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany" a personal ambulance plane Bombardier Challenger 604 of the German charter airline, which delivered it to a military airfield near Berlin, and from there to the Charite clinic, accompanied by a reinforced convoy of Bundeswehr armored vehicles, should also be sea ​​of ​​corpses. Not? Strange! The Germans are not dying? And the future widow of the deceased, personally accompanying him on the flight? Also no? Some weak "Novice" got caught. In Britain, the Skripals were more fun. There, even a month later, all sorts of homeless people, walking in the suburbs of Salisbury, continued to die, picking up bottles of Novichok scattered here and there by the GRU agents.

Question # 2: Why did Putin give the go-ahead for the export of the body of the innocent but miraculously survived Navalny to Germany, if traces of the poison used to eliminate him could be found in it? Wouldn't it be easier to keep the body? No body, no poison! Try it, prove it! After all, Putin is still a spy, although he is a former (and, as you know, there are no ex-spies!), But they do not like to throw things at their enemies. docks that can expose them in the removal of unwanted. Well, you can't just keep Putin for a moron ?! And in masochism, he had not been seen before.

Question # 3: Why hasn't a criminal case been opened in Germany on the fact of poisoning a nerve-paralytic group of a prominent Russian opposition figure, founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, Alexei Navalny, with a chemical warfare agent? If everything is already clear and the toxicological studies carried out by the Bundeswehr laboratory found "unequivocal evidence" of the presence of poison from the "Novice" group in the samples, where is the criminal case? Also not clear! Disorder!

Question # 4: Should we expect new corpses of Navalny's associates? Maybe they should be taken into custody in advance to avoid relapses? After all, if Putin got down to business, then he will not bring out all their rat nest, will not calm down ?! He has enough "Newbies" for everyone. Or is Navalny alone enough?

Question # 5: At the Charite clinic. If my memory serves me, this is the same “Charite” that was able to prove the poisoning of Yushchenko, which was not, and to raise the “practically paralyzed” Yulia Tymoshenko after her imaginary illness, but could not prevent her own nurse Irene Becker from killing her patients ( the murder of five has been officially proven, more than a hundred were written off due to the lack of evidence of guilt). In this regard, I have reasons to worry about the life of our hero. No matter how they helped him to go into another world, writing off everything to the villain-Putin.

Question # 6: The promised question about “Lukashenka's tapes”. There are three possible versions.

The first is that all this is bullshit, all this conversation of a certain person in Poland with a certain person in the FRG is a fake, concocted by the special services of the Republic of Belarus to please the Russian Federation and Putin personally. I admit it. Why not? But voicing such fakes is not the level of the president, for this there is BelTA, there are press officers of the KGB of the Republic of Belarus, there is, at worst, the secretary of the Security Council of the Republic of Belarus, and they should voice such trolling, designed more for an internal audience. The President of the Republic of Belarus cannot and will not get dirty about this. Therefore, we reject the first version.

The second version - all this is pure truth, a real conversation, intercepted by the Belarusian special services. But purely linguistically, for a conversation between two friends (and its tone is obvious), too much useful information is squeezed into a fairly short period of time - “Lukashenka’s tough nut to crack”, “to discourage Putin from poking his nose into the affairs of Belarus”, “in war all methods are good ". Agree, there are no conversations between friends, they would smear porridge on a plate. Therefore, this version is also not working.

The third version, an intermediate version, is the planned drain of a part of the information from its large array by the Russian special services through their Belarusian colleagues, announced by the President of the Republic of Belarus. Competent people in the West will immediately understand what this is about, and what information can still emerge if the entire array is announced. And now, by the reaction of the West, it will be possible to judge whether this information reached them or not, and what conclusions they made.

And that is why we are now seeing the collapse of the Navalny case and his departure from the editorials News... Leshenka Navalny himself will appear soon, hopefully safe and sound.

PS While the material was being written. As he looked into the water. Judging by the fact that Merkel took a pause for a couple of days in her accusations against the Russian Federation about Novichk, after which she preferred to take our hero out of a drug-induced coma, and to the harsh statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry in the person of its head Lavrov to “show evidence” or not fool around, I did not find anything better than to offer to communicate with her through the OPCW, this infa did not reach the right ears and the games with "Novichok" will continue. But the fact that a miracle happened on September 10, and the victim of the bloody gebny Leshenka Navalny came out of a coma and spoke, already inspires some optimism. We will not be haunted by yet another victim of Novichok, although before our very eyes Navalny is transforming from the silent protagonist of the horror film Victim of the Regime into a talking scenery for the remake of the thriller Total Recall. But this is the lot of all extras. He won't see Oscar.
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  1. Ivancarafuto Offline Ivancarafuto
    Ivancarafuto (Ivan) 18 September 2020 08: 37
    They, "comrades-in-arms" of Navalny, brought a bottle from under the "novice" from Siberia. Most importantly, no one was hurt ....
    1. brought on the plane?
      1. Ivancarafuto Offline Ivancarafuto
        Ivancarafuto (Ivan) 18 September 2020 14: 01
        They don't ride trains
  2. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 18 September 2020 14: 41
    Most likely, no one will pay attention to everything that is written here. The article is complete bullshit. Merkel has nowhere to retreat, she said about Novichok's poisoning and this will be supported by all Euro-Atlanticists. In fact, she admitted out loud that she was an agent of US influence and nothing more. Another agent, Ursula von, spoke in solidarity with her ...
    1. nov_tech.vrn Offline nov_tech.vrn
      nov_tech.vrn (Michael) 19 September 2020 13: 39
      They say in Berlin, they saw a Latinos who walked and looked for an ice ax, so it was not for nothing that Lesha, who was not poisoned, was going home.
  3. Oyo Sarkazmi Offline Oyo Sarkazmi
    Oyo Sarkazmi (Oyo Sarkazmi) 18 September 2020 18: 21
    Navalny's case will not fall apart, because in the West there is a growing tendency to bring charges and condemn for "the possibility of a crime." How was Yaroshenko imprisoned? They called and asked to transport the cargo from Colombia to Panama. He said "ok", and after 10 minutes he was charged with drug trafficking. Despite the fact that at that moment he was in Africa, and could not transport cocaine in any way.
    Here too. Navalny was really poisoned with a rare drug. Confident that the Russian doctors will not cope, and Navalny will give an oak tree, to the cheers of the Kirovles workers. But our doctors turned out to be sensible, and after the removal of the body there was a problem - to write off the corpse for an unknown "poison", or to pump out an overdose? We decided to pump it out.
    But now it remains only to decide who to appoint guilty. Then two dozen posts from Facebook to Ali-express: I poisoned Navalny with a Novice - on behalf of the chosen culprit - and that's it, the evidence is iron, from the Internet !!!
  4. Cudgel Offline Cudgel
    Cudgel (Dubina) 18 September 2020 20: 59
    Everything is as usual, juggling, lies and turned on the "fool".

    How the operations "Downed by Putin's separatists Malaysian Boeing-777" ended

    - has not ended with anything yet. The trial is not over yet. But it is clear that the plane was shot down by "vacationers", as Strelkov said indirectly and rather delicately. The patriots will, of course, turn on the "fool", like the author of the opus that dispatcher Carlos shot down the plane, he often appears among the patriots when they scream about who shot down the ill-fated Boeing. So, dear author - by.

    "The use of chemical weapons against civilians by the criminal regime of Bashar al-Assad in the SAR."

    - In Vienna, there were consultations on this topic between ours and diplomats of the vile West. The parties came to the conclusion that the use of chemical. There were weapons, but forces not entirely under the control of Assad, many armed formations are fighting for Assad, some of them are a kind of Gulyai-field. That is, we quietly admitted that chem. the weapons were used by forces loyal to Assad. Of course, they did not talk about this on Channel 1.

    ... the last hope of the decaying West, an unyielding critic of the Kremlin, a foreign agent Leshenka Navalny, who is officially under the control of the State Department.

    - You would still choose the words and give the facts, who is "on the sucker". The state fool, trying to gloss over any opposition movement, adopted a law on foreign agents. According to them, dear author, if any foreign person or organization transfers at least $ 5 to the account of your organization, then your organization will be considered an Inoagent. Navalny needlessly take money from the West, he has more than powerful support inside and he receives enough Donatov from blogging activities and just money transfers. You can, if you wish, see who and how much have sent bulk money from abroad. This is a very insignificant amount from some incomprehensible person. Most likely, someone from the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, while vacationing in Spain, transferred money to Navalny's account through his Spanish friend, after which he became an Inoagent. I am not saying that Navalny is not connected with the West, it is more than likely that he is. But we do not see anything wrong with the fact that we will have a presidential candidate in Belarus, a friend or, if you like, a protege of the Kremlin, or that such a person will be in Moldova. And this will only benefit Belarus or Moldova. I also think so, that we need our own people.
    Navalny's support is simply enormous, Putin still has more, but he is the second person after Putin. But the entire propaganda machine works for Putin, 24/7/265. In the elections to the Moscow mayor's office, he scored 26%, the second result, the rest of the candidates are far behind. As usual, the manipulations of the election commissions prevented Navalny from entering the second round, where he could well knock out our Tiler. So, you are in a patriotic frenzy, be careful with "minimal support ..."

    Any preschooler in the West knows that Novichok is a chemical warfare agent with a high degree of toxicity.

    - You see, there are different types of sausages, chocolate and types of poisons and agents. And they are all different in taste and in the degree of toxicity and danger. You deliberately draw your attention to Novichok, that this is a military warfare agent and if Navalny were poisoned with it, then all the passengers of the plane would be poisoned too. The Germans, and after them two more independent laboratories, confirmed that Navalny was poisoned with a poison from the group of organophosphorus compounds, to which, in addition to dichlorvos, the "novice" belongs. That is, they were poisoned with a poison from a group with less toxicity, maybe even with the same Dichlorvos, and not just "Novichok". There is not a word about the fact that there was a "Novice".

    A thousand apologies, dear members of the forum, they recently gave me two kittens to live with me, while the couple that gave them on vacation. We must go feed them and hug them a little! Seals, in fact, are two cats 2 months old, well, very cute.
    I will continue my megaopus after ... Yes, whoever does not like my opus, you can not enter into controversy and pass by.
  5. Oleg Rambover Offline Oleg Rambover
    Oleg Rambover (Oleg Pitersky) 18 September 2020 22: 26
    This time, the last hope of the decaying West, an unyielding critic of the Kremlin, a foreign agent Leshenka Navalny, who is officially sucked by the State Department, has become another victim of the "bloody hebny".

    The author is lying in my opinion, when was Navalny recognized as a foreign agent? When did he officially sit down to suck the State Department?

    And no one cares anymore that for Putin it was the most convenient lightning rod, with minimal support in society, with a trust rating that does not rise above the fat content of kefir, and minimal chances of getting somewhere, from which no dust has just been blown off using it. like a whistle to release the accumulated steam (dissatisfaction).

    In general, there are only two politicians in Russia, one of them is Navalny. Judging by the election of the mayor of Moscow, he is a fairly popular politician.
    1. Cudgel Offline Cudgel
      Cudgel (Dubina) 19 September 2020 16: 33
      Recognized in October 2019

      As stated on the website of the Ministry of Justice, the foreign sources of financing for FBK were Roberto Fabio Monda Cardenas from Spain and Star-Doors.com from the USA. Star-Doors.com is a wardrobe door store in Florida.


      Yes, the politician is serious. Not ours, but serious. Platoshnik and Grudinin are also real politicians, not an empty shell formed by the media. They would still have the support of the media and nothing will remain from the rating of the Great Geopolitician of the past and the future.
      Yes, those who wish can see how much material is devoted to Navalny in ViKi and how much to his opponent.
  6. Ivan the Bessmertny (Ivan) 19 September 2020 07: 28
    Why is our Foreign Ministry and our government playing giveaway ?! Why did the FSB oversleep the action of the "poisoning" of Podvalny ?! Do we really have no worthy answer to the burgens, Albions, frogs and other evil spirits?
  7. Marina Mylnikova (Marina Mylnikova) 19 September 2020 21: 21
    The simple Russian people do not like lies. Simulators of this level even more so. Even in the story with the Skripals, everyone was surprised that the "Novichok" did not help, that is, it turned out to be ineffective. But let us note that, according to Merkel's idea, apparently for the European public, the "use" of "Novichok" is like a visiting card of Russia, like bears roaming the streets and a balalaika. But for the Russians, the use of the "Novichok" AGAIN, and AGAIN which turned out to be ineffective, looks like a visiting card of propagandists from Europe. The difference between Russians and Europeans is in their insight, while any stupid lie occupies the brain for Europeans. By our standards, Merkel put Germany to shame by creating an entire simulator at the Charite clinic. And there, apparently, by the standards of Europe, they will swallow everything.
    And in general, for such actions Navalny can be killed. Joke.
  8. Alexander Ok. Offline Alexander Ok.
    Alexander Ok. (Alexander Okropiridze) 22 September 2020 23: 06

    Peonies bloomed in London
    Mist floated over the Thames River,
    Spies writhed on a bench,
    Etched by the enemy hand.

    Clowns in spacesuits on their knees
    Crawled around ... And with a cry "quack"
    Litvinenko was hovering over the water ...
    His spirit, more precisely.

    The sure trail was found a mile away.
    Large animal footprints
    We went to the estate of the Baskerville family
    And lost right by the water.

    Two blondes gave the show:
    The night before from the swamps
    To the sound of loud "Kalinka"
    Someone's submarine fleet quietly surfaced.

    Local cop, Lestrade, from Scotland Yard
    Digging in the mud in the morning,
    Found three loaves of poison
    Two nesting dolls, quilted jacket and caviar.

    By untwisting the events of these tape
    In proportion to the senses and the mind,
    Got it by British agents
    Who, whom, why and why.

    May Teresa spattered saliva
    A song of lies about Our Eagle,
    And iron sounded in his voice,
    Or rather, a chainsaw.

    There was a lot of horror in the song
    About the agents of the vile Kremlin,
    Which were headed personally by Putin
    In the matter of eliminating Skripal.

    Like, filled with vengeful cynicism,
    A kind of sneaked maniac,
    "Leader of World Terrorism"
    Poisoned the bench with a "newbie".

    No matter what the villainous sang there,
    Remember our sincere command:
    No trust in London benches -
    It is more appropriate to sit somewhere with us,

    The trends in this world have changed
    Truth in other phenomena -
    Better peep in Siberia
    Than on the benches to "squint" at them.