MDR: Why does Russia remain calm about Nord Stream 2?

The construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline has not yet caused such fierce disputes in Germany as it has recently. Why Russia remains calm about the implementation of this project, the German public television and radio company MDR found out.

The federal government continues to support Nord Stream 2 so far, despite criticism. But the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is beginning to spark a rethink in Berlin and could turn the nearly finished pipeline to rubble.

Opponents of the project demand to impose sanctions on Russia, but Chancellor Angela Merkel has not yet linked the incident with the Russian and Nord Stream 2. Moreover, the famous German political Gregor Gizi, a politician who has criticized Western policies for decades, suspects that opponents of the pipeline are behind Navalny's poisoning.

From a legal point of view, freezing construction is seriously difficult. The project is being implemented not in accordance with an intergovernmental agreement, but in accordance with the agreements of companies from different countries. But the right decision can be made by referring to the "security interests of the FRG" or the fulfillment of EU requirements.

In December 2019, the United States imposed sanctions on companies participating in the project. Since then, the construction of the gas pipeline has not advanced a single meter. It is not known whether Russia will be able to complete it on its own.

The pipeline has long been dead, it was buried due to US sanctions and a new transit agreement between Russia and Ukraine

- said Russian expert Mikhail Krutikhin.

The completion of the gas pipeline will increase Moscow's prestige in the international arena. It will demonstrate to the whole world that Washington's sanctions mean nothing. Gazprom has assembled a small fleet of Russian vessels in the Baltic, which are not afraid of American restrictions. But it is unclear if they have the technical capabilities to complete the construction.

The Kremlin and Gazprom do not comment on the state of construction, and experts do not consider the issue of time to be particularly important. The current situation does not require an increase in gas supplies, and the Russians want to complete the construction of the pipeline with minimal risks for all participants. The bottom line is that neither the cessation of the construction of Nord Stream 2, nor its completion will change anything in the existing export of Russian gas to Europe. Therefore, a cool-headed calm remains in Moscow.
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  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 12 September 2020 13: 22
    MDR: Why does Russia remain calm about Nord Stream 2?

    - Why ??? - Yes, because the current situation with Nord Stream 2 ... is a kind of "magic wand" for the Kremlin ...
    - On the one hand ... - "They do not allow to complete the construction ..." accursed "... - all the time they climb with their sanctions and" their various obstacles "... - Otherwise we would have long ago ..." .. etc ... - What can you do ... - since even the "mistress of the seas and oceans" ... - land Switzerland ... - and she did not allow her "waterfowl to adapt" for laying pipes ... - And how are we without Switzerland ... - but just in any way ... - so we can't ... - It's not funny ourselves ... - it seems ... all adults and fathers of families ... - and such pitiful baby talk ???

    - On the other hand ... - Well, now this Russian gas would go through the SP-2 pipes ... - so it would have to be supplied at a price lower than the cost (any dumping just nervously smokes on the sidelines) .... - Here So...
    - But it is also a no brainer that ... that ... that such a situation cannot continue for so long ... - And then all the "European courts" ... - all these courts will at once present Gazprom (Moscow) with all kinds of legal costs and all kinds of lawsuits ... - allegedly for the failure by Gazprom of the conditions specified in the contracts ... and for the non-delivery of the agreed products (Russian gas) ... and for violation of the environment during the construction of SP-2, etc. and so on ... - And Germany will very easily and simply get away from this, withdraw on its own, stay on the sidelines and leave Gazprom alone (as always) with all this European court ... - Today Germany and Gazprom seem to be in "one boat" ... like the hares of grandfather Mazai; and tomorrow ... - this Germany itself will become Mazai's grandfather ... - Well, who will remain a "bunny ... - it is clear and so ...
    - But it will all be tomorrow ... although "early tomorrow morning" ... - but, nevertheless ... - not today ...
    - That is why today "Russia remains calm about Nord Stream 2" ...
  2. Indifferent Offline Indifferent
    Indifferent 12 September 2020 13: 30
    Stop squandering Russian mineral resources! Leave them for your grandchildren and great-grandchildren! The pipe should be preserved and the way will lie until better times. Leave the Germans with the States. Let them buy either their gas or Colorado firewood. It's expensive to transport means good! Over time, the Germans will understand who are their friends and who are not, and we will save the gas for posterity. You don't have to gobble up everything at once!
    1. Morgan Offline Morgan
      Morgan (Miron) 13 September 2020 00: 08
      Leave the Germans with the States

      In addition to the States, there are enough people who want to - Qatar, Norway, Nigeria, etc.
    2. rotkiv04 Offline rotkiv04
      rotkiv04 (Victor) 14 September 2020 08: 02
      + 100500% I support and speak about it for a long time
  3. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 12 September 2020 20: 17
    First, the completion of construction will further lower gas prices in Europe. And the existing volumes can be easily pumped with what is.
    Secondly, only Gazprom is the founder of Nord Streav 2. But half of the costs for the maritime and European land part (which is about 4,75 billion euros) are borne by Engie, OMV, Shell, Uniper and Wintershall. For example, the latter is the largest oil and gas company in Germany. And if in the Bundestag (in addition to the usual chatter), suddenly someone is seriously going to legally slow down JV 2, then the big uncle from Wintershall will come to the Bundestag and explain to the stupidest that the five above-mentioned companies are claiming losses from the Federal Republic of Germany in court. And the total amount may turn out to be significantly higher than 4,75 billion euros (taking into account lost profits and much more). Well, Gazprom will join another 4,75 billion. So, in this case, Gazprom has someone to put a tank ahead of itself.
    1. Dear sofa expert. 12 September 2020 23: 11
      Wintershall will come to the Bundestag and explain to the stupidest that the five above-mentioned companies are claiming losses from the Federal Republic of Germany in court. And the total amount could be significantly higher than 4,75 billion euros (taking into account lost profits and much more)

      Naturally, more than 4,75 billion), because Wintershall is a subsidiary of the world's largest concern BASF, and this concern is in second place in the DAX list, and DAX is the 30 main budget-forming enterprises of Germany.
      BASF shares fell, and continue to decline .. If the SP-2 project is closed, they will collapse. No one will simply allow this.

      No conceivable and unthinkable force (including the United States) can prevent the completion of the project.
  4. Cucumbers Offline Cucumbers
    Cucumbers (Cucumbers) 13 September 2020 08: 26
    I think someone wants to squeeze out Gazprom. With Rusal it turned out. American (that is, Russian) gas will be completed and will be supplied and everyone will be happy. And we? Well, we have everything gasified ?! Why do we need ......
  5. Anatoly Melnikov (Anatoly Melnikov) 13 September 2020 12: 02
    They, damn it, will finish badly ... We will then start exporting black migrants in scuba gear to Europe through this pipe. The pipe, however, will have to be renamed from Nord Stream 2 to Black Stream 1.
  6. assault 2019 Offline assault 2019
    assault 2019 (assault 2019) 13 September 2020 12: 35
    While the equipment is idle, it is necessary to build a branch to Kaliningrad, so as not to depend on "intermediaries" in the Baltic States and Poland ...
  7. Vladimir Povarov (Vladimir Povarov) 13 September 2020 14: 17
    There is little point in completing the building, other than prestige. Opal under the Gas Directive will be loaded the same as now. That is, it will not be possible to pump more, and the operating costs will increase.
  8. AlexisCrow Offline AlexisCrow
    AlexisCrow 14 September 2020 11: 17
    Refusal from the pipe will allow Russia to increase the price of gas. And the refusal to transit energy resources through the outskirts will put the EU in line to bow to the Kremlin.