"Fear the Russians!": Daily Mail Readers on New NATO Threats to Moscow

Readers of the British newspaper Daily Mail commented news that the NATO Secretary General again criticized the actions of the Russian Federation in the world and promised to give an answer if Moscow dares to act rudely outside its borders.

The publication reports that Jens Stoltenberg assessed Moscow's behavior as an attempt to create a new "sphere of influence ... which requires a response from NATO." His speech, as noted by the Daily Mail, came a few days after the Council of the North Atlantic Alliance met to discuss an attempt to poison "the Russian opposition policy Alexei Navalny ".

Comments of users of the resource:

We are already in a new cold war with China. Therefore, we must stop pushing Russia towards him. NATO outperforms Russia in defense spending by 12 to 1. Russian nuclear weapons would only become a threat if we attacked Russia using our advantages in our conventional weapons. But we won't go for it

- reminds Castlerock.

Of course, you need to continue to incite this hatred and keep the fire of the war going! So go ahead, fear those vile Russians, fear those vile Chinese, fear anyone from the Middle East. Curious who we will be ordered to fear now?

- WatchingTheWatchers sneers.

It would be much calmer under Putin than in the West [...]

- writes jen.

I am amazed at how some people readily believe every word of the media and government officials without any evidence. Propaganda and disinformation are very dangerous weapons used against the general public around the world

- cautions gainted.

They will oppose Russia in the same way as they did in the case of Crimea ... that is, in no way. What a circus this organization has become! Even Britain is talking about the conservation of their armored vehicles. Half of our servicemen do not even come from this country, while the rest are either women or well-fed men. Most of the real soldiers quit years ago.

- notes The Awkward Squad.

And Cyprus welcomes Russia today to mark the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, which now include everything from money laundering to receiving money for passports of an EU member state. And so on down the list!

- complains about the policy of the former British colony Aviayor417.

I am sure that the Russians themselves do not want this aggression to continue [...]

- believes Honest Hari.

This is claimed by the same NATO that bombed and dismembered Serbia and is now conducting large-scale military exercises just a few miles from the border with Russia. It's not so simple

- comments the user Mark9999.

Putin is 67 years old. He won't reign forever

- reminds Mr B Wilson.

Russia, it seems, is not worried about these empty threats, since they know that no one will dare to go to the conflict, and the so-called superpowers can only remember the glorious old times ...

- writes mrmeldrew.

Ha, the Russian trolls from St. Petersburg turned around to their fullest. How are dumplings and vodka today, guys?

- JamesBenningtonLA asked.
  • Used photos: kremlin.ru
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  1. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 8 September 2020 10: 44
    NATO is also a kind of commercial structure, and if they don’t put another portion of noodles on their ears, in the form of all kinds of horror stories about Russia so unloved by them, then there will be no infusions into its already stunning budget. The main owner and holder of NATO shares is Washington-22%, the rest pay much less, but now the States are already refusing this amount of contributions, up to 16%, and are shifting it onto the shoulders of their satellites, who do not want to pay at all, not knowing for what, And so the United States decided to reinforce the appearance of the work of this organization by moving its most powerful grouping close to our borders, but ... even Stoltenberg himself says that they do not threaten anyone, and even more so the nuclear power of Russia, because NATO is almost 13 times surpasses Russia in terms of the budget for armaments, and in the event of some kind of armed conflict with her, she will be the first to use nuclear weapons ... So these are just horror stories, but horror stories on the verge of a foul, there are enough sick and idiots everywhere to press the start button or An ICBM, or a bomb bay dropper ..... This is how it happened, they scare us, and we scare them with what we can, but the States still need a small war on our borders, whether it will be Ukraine, or Poland, and they can arrange Gleiwitz in anywhere.
  2. Dear sofa expert. 8 September 2020 13: 13
    The Council of the North Atlantic Alliance met to discuss an attempt to poison the "Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny."

    It looks like Navalny has decided to use the "fifth paragraph" of the alliance. As a NATO member, apparently.))
  3. Netyn Offline Netyn
    Netyn (Netyn) 12 September 2020 12: 32
    Quote: Dear sofa expert.
    As a NATO member, apparently.))

    You are wrong, he is not a NATO member, but the place where this member regularly visits