More than a thousand tanks pulled: Turkey and Greece are ready to start a war

The natural resources of the Eastern Mediterranean may cause war within the NATO bloc. Turkey, Greece and Cyprus are once again ready to clash with each other, this time to control the hydrocarbon-rich offshore. The outcome will largely depend on the position of Brussels.

Ankara has been pursuing an overtly revisionist external policies... It effectively annexed northern Syria. Turkish troops entered Libya, where President Erdogan redrawn the map of the sea shelf in his favor. This did not please not only its neighbors in the region, but also distant France, one of the leading countries in the North Atlantic Alliance. At the same time, Turkey demonstrates that it is again ready to fight over the resources of the continental shelf with Greece, which is also a NATO member. The Turkish Ministry of Defense said:

We are determined. The strength of the Turkish naval forces and the prayer of 83 million people are with us. We conduct scientific and technical research in the areas of maritime jurisdiction of our country.

The problem is that Ankara considers the territories officially recognized by the UN for Greece and Cyprus as "its". Al Jazeera TV channel, owned by Turkey's allied Qatar, concludes that President Erdogan is ready for a "full-scale military confrontation." Greece and Turkey, despite the fact that they are "allies" in NATO, have already fought among themselves in 1974 after the military coup in Cyprus. Ankara sent an army and a navy to the island and actually annexed part of its territory, creating the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which was not recognized by anyone but her. That does not prevent the TRNC from existing all these years.

The readiness of the Turks to use force against the Greeks is evidenced by the fact that their fleet is now in the Eastern Mediterranean, and dozens of tanks, armored personnel carriers and military trucks are sent to the land border. Athens, from its side of the border, drove over a thousand tanks. The outcome of a possible collision is not entirely a foregone conclusion. If at sea the Turkish Navy is much stronger than the Greek one, then in relation to the army everything is not so simple.

Ankara and Athens have weapons of approximately comparable quality. The Turks have a numerical superiority, but it should be remembered that their field armies are divided into four large parts, guarding, respectively, the European part and the straits, the border with Syria and Iraq, the border with Georgia and Armenia, as well as the Aegean Sea and the unrecognized republic of northern Cyprus. Unlike the Greeks, the Turks received real combat experience and are well trained. Both sides of a possible conflict are highly motivated, thanks to a long historical memory. Ankara's military budget is several times larger than the Greek one, which could have affected in a protracted conflict, but Athens this time is unlikely to be left alone with Turkey.

The EU and NATO really do not like the extraordinary expansionist activity of President Erdogan and the revanchist sentiments in Turkish society. The European Union has already warned Ankara that it runs the risk of facing sanctions that will target both specific individuals and complicate the development of energy resources on the sea shelf. Considering that Erdogan, after discovering 320 billion cubic meters of gas in the Black Sea, is clearly not opposed to gaining a foothold in the energy market of southern Europe, such restrictions should somewhat cool his hot head.

If this does not help, most likely, NATO will support Greece in the event of a "full-scale military confrontation", since the EU clearly does not need the revival of the "Ottoman Empire-2" in the neighborhood.
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  1. bubasa Offline bubasa
    bubasa (Konstantin) 7 September 2020 23: 37
    Good luck. laughing It would be nice to drag the Americans there, let them crush each other, and we will finish the winner. laughing
  2. Marciz Offline Marciz
    Marciz (Stas) 8 September 2020 04: 02
    Turkey has territorial disputes with all its neighbors. At one moment it will cease to exist and Byzantium will be a Christian state !!! And the Turks - the Seljuks will go down in history!
    1. fork posix Offline fork posix
      fork posix (fork posix) 8 September 2020 20: 16
      These are the Ottomans, not the Seljuks.
  3. Alex russia Offline Alex russia
    Alex russia (Georges Miloslavsky) 8 September 2020 13: 43
    First of all, Russia should be guided by what will give the Turks a victory in this conflict with Greece, and how will all this ultimately result in Russia ?? The victory of Turkey will clearly overestimate the already inflated superego of Sultan Erdogan to exorbitant values, even now he does not really take into account the opinion of Russia, and just openly goes into conflicts with us in Syria, and in Libya, in the Caucasus, insolently does anti-Russian statements about Crimea, and a bunch of other dirty tricks ... and now imagine what awaits us in case of his victory. I think then Russia will not get off with just handouts such as gas pipelines and nuclear power plants to appease the Sultan, and given the long history of our "good" relations with Turkey, nothing good should be expected! So the choice of side must be made now, and not ironic about the impending conflict like some!
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 8 September 2020 15: 06
      Alex R. You misplaced the accents and consequences in the conclusions. In the event of a victory for Turkey in a small conflict over Greece, Turkey chops off several islands with an economic zone and no more. Further, the tension in the NATO countries will go off scale and a showdown will begin and Turkey will be forced to return to its original positions, which will not happen ... As a result, we will get a long-term conflict in the NATO camp, which is very useful for the Russian Federation ... Therefore, it is necessary to support Turkey as a situational ally. .. As for the Great Turan and Russian Turkomans, when Turkey gets bogged down in the Middle East division of hydrocarbons and problems, Great Turan will recede into the background, and Russia will have to reckon with its ally in a difficult time for Turkey ...
  4. Hayer31 Offline Hayer31
    Hayer31 (Kashchei) 8 September 2020 14: 06
    Turkey's historical interest is the empire up to the Chinese Uyguria through Azerbaijan, Tatarstan and Central Asia. Now the question is - if this does not hinder Russia, then Turkey is a friend. If Russia also has an interest in these regions, then it is an enemy. And there is no conflict with Greece, and if you take NATO membership, then Slovakia and, say, Iceland are also "enemies".
  5. kostas Offline kostas
    kostas 8 September 2020 18: 49
    Turkey has no clear superiority in any of the branches of the armed forces, except in the number of military personnel. The country is not ready for war. Turkey has almost no air defense and this is despite the fact that Russia sold them the S-400, they are very bad sailors, well, just nothing. The level of our aviation and Turkish aviation is just heaven and earth, I am not exaggerating, look at the NATO aviation exercises in Albafeta Spain, Greek pilots are always in the first places, there are no Turks there. Someone talks about the combat experience and training of the Turkish military, where you observed this, maybe in Kurdistan against partisans or in Syria, where a dozen Turkish tanks were destroyed overnight, including Leo-2, stood right in an open field without digging in, without setting up outposts. Turkey is not attracted to a super regional power and will definitely not have time to become one, and this is good. For the time being, they are supported by major players, dragged into conflicts, and then torn apart. Long live free Kurdistan!
    1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
      gorenina91 (Irina) 8 September 2020 21: 43
      Turkey is not a super regional power

      - Turkey is quite "pulling" on a regional power ... - And it is unlikely that NATO countries will start military operations against Turkey ... - They cannot "really rally" against Iran either ... all some funny alliances a'la "Israel-UAE" create ...
      - And for Turkey (whatever one may say), the United States is a mountain ... - Who in general, except Turkey, is something in the Middle. East ??? - Israel ??? - Yes, and he has not touched Turkey for a long time ... - And the rest ... - who ???
      - Cowardly Egypt ??? Yes, he will never dare to conflict with Turkey ... - even if influential states support him ... - Weak Greece, "subsidized" by the EU ??? - These "warriors" against Turkey are absolutely nothing ...
      - And Erdogan today can easily break through to the extraction of hydrocarbons ... - And Israel will help him in this ...
      - In addition, the United States and Israel are nurturing the cherished dream of playing Turkey against Iran ...
      - For some reason, nobody is surprised by the fact that no one "touches" Turkey ... - So ... - they just threaten with a finger; but to touch ... - do not touch ... And Erdogan, these finger manipulations ... - absolutely drum-purple ...
      - How is it with I.A. Krylov:

      And Vaska listens and eats ...
  6. Jan Raketchik Offline Jan Raketchik
    Jan Raketchik (Elena Davydova) 9 September 2020 03: 26
    What's the point of these tanks if they can all be hit with missiles from a safe distance? Or do they really think to arrange tank battles there, as in Soviet times or in the computer game of the same name? It's funny. Purely window dressing.
  7. Alex russia Offline Alex russia
    Alex russia (Georges Miloslavsky) 9 September 2020 11: 31
    Quote: Vladimir Tuzakov
    Alex R. You are wrong in your conclusions ......... it is necessary to support Turkey as a situational ally ... As for the Great Turan and Russian Turkomans, when Turkey gets bogged down in the Middle East division of hydrocarbons and problems ...

    Well, this is how else to look, Vladimir. Maybe we will not reinvent the wheel and take a look at history, when Russia found itself in a similar situation already? Remember at least when the German spy Lenin practically saved Turkey at the beginning of the century from the complete defeat of Greece and its allies (by giving it tons of gold, food, military equipment, military advisers, and this at a time when Russia was starving), well, what Turkey paid off then - just threw the USSR, and staged a massacre of Christian nations later, or what happened during World War II? While Greece heroically fought with parts of the Wehrmacht, thereby delaying Germany's attack on the USSR for months, which subsequently played a huge role, since if the Germans attacked in the spring, Moscow would have surrendered for sure! And what were the grateful Turks doing at that time, declared fake neutrality, at the same time actively helped the Germans, moreover, they kept the army on the border with the USSR, and waited only for a convenient moment for the invasion, for free, as they say, with little blood, they waited only when Hitler gets to the Caucasus and settles there, as a result, the USSR was forced to keep military forces there, waiting at any moment for a sneak strike.
    Such mistakes cannot be repeated, Turkey must be strangled while the opportunity presents itself, then it will be too late!
  8. Petr Vladimirovich (Peter) 9 September 2020 20: 12
    I don't understand why our ambassador was without protection, and the bomber was unaccompanied ...
  9. nbv Offline nbv
    nbv 15 September 2020 11: 35
    Do not wait! There will be no war. NATO itself is the guarantor of peace. For this reason, everyone wants to join NATO.