Lukashenka set up Moscow, claiming to intercept the conversation between Berlin and Warsaw

A significant part of Russian experts, journalists and political scientists were skeptical about the words of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko regarding the interception of the telephone conversation by the Belarusian military concerning the poisoning of the opposition policy from Russia Alexei Navalny.

The conversation between a German from Berlin and a Pole from Warsaw is more reminiscent of a pretentious episode from a Soviet film about the secret services of the United States and the West than a real dialogue. Earlier, the audio recording appeared on the Web and caused a resonance in social networks.

It should be noted that the Belarusian leader informed about the interception of the conversation very timely, right during his conversation with Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin in Minsk. According to Lukashenko, the West deliberately falsified the poisoning of Navalny in order to force the Russian leader Vladimir Putin to distract himself from what is happening in Belarus, where opposition protests have not abated for the fourth week.

Note that the doubts of the Russian public about the credibility of the recording are understandable. “Just the words about“ die hard Lukashenka ”are worth something!” - users are outraged. In turn, RT journalist Konstantin Pridybailo directly indicated in his Telegram channel that the conversation is very similar to prank.

Vovan from Warsaw and Lexus from Berlin are in dialogue from the movie "Resident's Mistake" and Putin should listen to this?

- Dmitry Smirnov, the journalist of Komsomolskaya Pravda, agreed with him.

First, Vovan and Lexus played a trick on Lukashenko. Now Lukashenka himself has become a pranker

- specified the expert of the commission on mass media of the Public Chamber of Russia Vadim Manukyan

Old Man, of course, famously substitutes Moscow with his collective farm PR. Now I understand why Mishustin listened to him with such a suffering face. He immediately understood what kind of product this merchant was pushing.

- says the journalist "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Roman Golovanov.

It reminds me of the game of the special services. But I personally do not believe in this conversation. Who is talking to whom? Yes, many just say so

- Russian political strategist Vladislav Rogimov is sure.

Vintage conversation turned out. Like from Soviet films about the CIA. True, the conversation actually took place, only with other characters. And this is for symmetry, out of respect for partners

- explained the Belarusian political scientist Aleksey Dzermant, who is very close to the Belarusian Foreign Ministry.
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  1. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 5 September 2020 11: 33
    What is this nonsense (sorry, censorship, there is no other expression). negative
    Lukashenka transmits the recording, it is checked by the Russian special services and ... published by some sniffy red and white blogger. winked
    It is not surprising that under this text, in another way this set of letters describing rumors, is difficult to name, there is no author's signature. laughing
    Shy mister anOnim. lol
    1. Hayer31 Offline Hayer31
      Hayer31 (Kashchei) 5 September 2020 13: 37
      Lukashenka protesters in Minsk, he said, drug addicts and alcoholics are protesting under a dose, we'll see. When is no longer president, where will he be? Rostov is not rubber.
      1. 123 Offline 123
        123 (123) 5 September 2020 13: 46
        Lukashenka protesters in Minsk said drug addicts and alcoholics under a dose of protest. Let's see, when there is no more president, where will it be? Rostov is not rubber.

        And in Berlin, everyone who is unhappy with the fight against coronavirus is a far-right radical. winked
        What about the woman that 4 police officers have been mutuzin? They say the German "Floyd" has died .. Ali bastards lie? smile
        You tell Frau Merkel there, we don't need her in Rostov either, they gave her Lelik's carcass intact, and this insidious poisoner poisoned his cowards.
  2. begemot20091 Offline begemot20091
    begemot20091 (begemot20091) 5 September 2020 11: 40
    Those. what Merkel says is true, but what Lukashenka said is a lie. Truly the liberal reaction. They poisoned, if so, already in Germany - definitely. The Germans are "honest" people in our country: half of Europe was drowned in blood, and here we are ... Navalny ... What can stop them? Never mind. Who needs this waste material? Nobody. So they got hurt.
  3. molotkov60mkpu Offline molotkov60mkpu
    molotkov60mkpu (Yuri) 5 September 2020 14: 35
    What accusation is, so is exposure. What to steam? Are the Germans convincing with their "newbie"?
  4. Short Offline Short
    Short (Brief) 5 September 2020 16: 33
    Got a splash, let the high-likes now justify.
  5. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 5 September 2020 18: 56
    And Lukashenko is great! He did what Putin should have done several times already. Let the West justify itself now!
  6. lytboris Offline lytboris
    lytboris (Boris Lytkin) 5 September 2020 20: 13
    He did not set anyone up. Even if this is a fake, then you must act in the same ways as they do. And then they got used to pickle. Psheki for some reason do not comment on this. Perhaps they themselves leaked. They really do not like the granny.