"Poisoners from the NKVD": how the Soviet special services used combat poisons

Another absurd accusation of “the use of chemical warfare agents against political opponents of the authorities ”, put forward to Russia by the West, forced some of those who wanted to“ promote ”this topic to the maximum, to turn to precedents not even from the immediate past, but from the most distant days and years. The goal here is simple and straightforward - to prove that "everyone in this country has always been persecuted." The usual, you know, business. Everyday, one might say ...

The fact that not even half, but perhaps the absolute majority of examples are either frankly far-fetched or based on extremely shaky "evidence" and "evidence" (which fully equates them to the first category), nobody cares. “These are Russians! Under Stalin, they fed poison with spoons to anyone. And then KGB (KGB) wielded poisoned umbrellas in Europe ... Everyone knows that! " Such delusional fabrications from the filing of overseas liars are indeed known to many. But how was it really?

Knights of the Poisonous Cloak and the Poisoned Dagger

As a rule, everyone who begins to talk about the "terrible traditions of Kremlin poisoning" is trying to present the matter as if it was our country that had the primacy in the use of toxic substances to deal with its opponents. No matter how it is - the tradition of sending into another world with the help of poison not only conspirators or "superfluous" pretenders to the throne, but also unwanted philosophers, dates back to the times of ancient Greece and Rome, which, as you know, are the forerunners and basis the entire civilization of the West. It is also difficult to talk about which of the world's intelligence services was the first to start persecuting their opponents in vain - due to the fact that liquidations with the help of poisonous substances carried out "in the name of state interests" were captured in history much earlier than the formation and official establishment of intelligence services (at least European).

Nevertheless, the absence of such in medieval France did not in the least interfere with the fact that arsenic was called there "powder of succession". Master Rene - the staff perfumer of the famous Marie de Medici, did not have any titles, nevertheless, it was with the help of his products that this queen-poisoner drove to the other world so many who interfered with her plans. At the courts of most European monarchs, it was dangerous not only to eat and drink, but even to take something in hand. Clothes, furniture, books could be soaked in poison ... Anything! Especially great heights in their business reached the poisoners of Italy, who raised this vile craft almost to the level of high art. In Russia, which is typical, such "deep traditions" did not exist.

Yes, the prince of Novgorod, Alexander Nevsky, most likely, really died of "delayed action" poison. But they honored them with one of the greatest warriors and rulers of our land in the Golden Horde, where he, shortly before his death, visited with a forced "courtesy visit." To this day, there are many questions regarding the true circumstances of the departure of Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich the Terrible and some members of his family to another world. The content of mercury in their remains, identified by modern researchers, is completely abnormal. Deadly, in truth ... Poisoned? But who and why? A great many versions can be built, but most of all this ruler was hated by the West - the Commonwealth and England, which leads to rather specific suspicions. By the way, the threads of the conspiracy that cost the life of Grigory Rasputin, whom they certainly tried to poison with potassium cyanide, were drawn to the Foggy Albion. Those sirs ...

However, many deaths of famous historical personalities - not only in our Fatherland, but also around the world, could well have been the result not of targeted poisoning, but of various diseases that today are considered trifling, but then were incurable. The underdevelopment of medicine has brought many greats to the grave, and not only by the lack of treatment, but often just by attempts to carry it out by completely wild, from the point of view of the present time, means and methods. As for the use of poisons in overt and covert wars ... Isn't it time, having thrown away attempts to pass off black as white, frankly admit: everyone did this everywhere. This is a special operations business - extremely cruel and thoroughly cynical. And there is no point trying to mold "the most insidious poisoners in the world" either from the Russians or from the Bolsheviks who specifically ruled our country and its special services. Yes, research in the field of creating poisonous substances and their use in combat was really carried out in the USSR. But the situation with this issue was somewhat different from what Western "historians" and their followers from among domestic liberals are trying to present.

Alexander Bach and "Special Cabinet"

Before proceeding with a detailed story about the use of poisons by Soviet special services, I want to make a reservation: when dealing with this issue, you have to literally wade through the jungle of real fable - hasty hypotheses, completely unconfirmed assumptions and simply outright inventions. Well, what can you do if to this day there are those who are convinced that after 1917 (and especially in Stalin's times) the process of murder with the use of poisons was put in the Land of the Soviets almost on an assembly line. "Everyone was poisoned!" And Lenin, and his wife Nadezhda Krupskaya, and the poet Alexander Blok, and the writer Maxim Gorky, and Kuibyshev with Menzhinsky, and even the military commissar Mikhail Frunze. The "arguments" put forward at the same time sometimes make one think not even about the riot of fantasy, but about the degree of adequacy of their authors. "The Petrel of the Revolution" is ranked among the poisoned, since he was allegedly treated with poisoned sweets by either Genrikh Yagoda, or even Stalin himself.

The fact that by the time of his death Alexei Maksimovich, who had suffered from tuberculosis for most of his life, had a complete lung failure, is, of course, not true. The doctors lied everything - a whole council. With Frunze, about the same story - a hundred times the fact of his death was analyzed in detail and it was established that the cause of it was a medical error. Still - to roll in a person not just double anesthesia, but a hellish mixture of ether with chloroform! Yes, here no heart would have stood ... But no - they continue to talk about: "Poisoned by Stalin's order!" This is despite the fact that it was precisely for Iosif Vissarionovich that the death of Frunze, who was mortally hostile to Trotsky, was in no way beneficial. But Stalin, he, you know, is like that ... He is Ilyich too ... That ... Did you not guess? He poisoned, poisoned the monster, and before that he tested the cyanide of potassium intended for Lenin on the tame rabbits of Vassenka's son. As you wish, gentlemen, but this is a clinic of the purest water. So, there were no poison specialists in the NKVD? How they were!

If you believe the domestic liberal public, they appeared when the organization called upon to fight the enemies of Soviet power was also called the VChK-OGPU and under no one under Stalin, but at the suggestion of the kindest grandfather Lenin. Indeed, it was at that time that the Central Chemical Laboratory (later - the L.Ya. Karpov Physicochemical Institute) and the Biochemical Institute of the People's Commissariat for Health with a medical bias were created, which were headed by an outstanding scientist, "the father of Soviet biochemistry" Alexei Bakh. In the opinion of the liberoids, these institutions could not be engaged in anything other than "the development of poisons and psychotropic drugs for the secret operations of the Cheka, OGPU, NKVD" (this is a literal quote). Moreover, Bach in his youth was a very active member of the "People's Will" organization. Terrorist, definitely! What else can he create if not poison?

Well-known facts, such as the fact that Alexei Bach retired from the revolutionary struggle (precisely because of the rejection of terror as its method) back in 1885, after which he left Russia and until 1917 was in emigration, being engaged exclusively in science, are not taken into account ... Poisoner - period! Allegedly, either at the Central Chemistry Laboratory, or in the bowels of the Biochemical Institute, there was a certain "Special Cabinet" involved exclusively in the production and improvement of poisons. The "irrefutable proof" of this theory is that it was from the walls of the Biochemical Institute that the one who is called "the main poisoner of the NKVD" - Grigory Mairanovsky, who really was in charge since 1937 in the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs of a certain special structure (either a laboratory, or a whole Department) dealing with toxicology and bacteriology. This person deserves a separate discussion.

Grigory Mayranovsky and Laboratory X

The name given above is by no means an official designation, but just one of the many options circulating among the "investigators of the crimes of the bloody gebni", and invented by them. No worse and no better than others ... Yes, there is at least one really reliable evidence regarding this unit, and we will turn to it a little later. Moreover, I personally have no doubt that a scientific group engaged in the study of the effects of various poisons and psychotropics on the human body simply could not but exist in such a serious structure as the NKVD of the time of Beria. Well, think for yourself - what kind of special service is it if it does not pay attention to such things ?! Some kind of misunderstanding, a kindergarten with pants on the straps, not a special service! I will cite just one reason: the USSR was preparing itself in the most active way to repel enemy aggression.

They remembered perfectly well that during the previous First World War, the opposing sides with might and main used chemical weapons against each other, as well as the horrific consequences of this use. There was more than reliable information that imperial Japan, sharpening its teeth against our country, was preparing to conduct hostilities with the help of toxic substances and viruses. That these types of weapons could well be used to carry out sabotage and terrorist acts in the Soviet Union ... So, it was not necessary to study all this rubbish in the most detailed way ?! By the way, the same Mairanovsky just before the Great Patriotic War defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic "The biological effect of products in the interaction of mustard gas with the skin." This, in general, fully confirms my conclusions about the main focus of his laboratory. Mustard gas was just about the most used on the fronts of the First World War.

Liquidation poisons? But of course, there were ... In any case, this is confirmed in his memoirs by a trustworthy source, which I mentioned above - Lieutenant General Pavel Sudoplatov. The one who was more than deservedly called "Stalin's main saboteur." Why do I believe him? If only due to the fact that this person, at least, was extremely familiar with the subject of our conversation. And also - because Sudoplatov, in spite of everything, did not join the vile chorus of "accusers" of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Perhaps he did not tell the whole truth, but he was silent and “corrected” the facts unambiguously to a minimum. Pavel Anatolyevich really confirms the conduct of a number of special operations, during which especially dangerous enemies of our country were eliminated with the help of poisons. But they weren't writers or, say, politicians. White Guard generals who found themselves in exile, but did not lay down their arms and not only dreamed of revenge, but actively prepared it. Overplayed "double" and "triple" agents, traitors and defectors who sold both the Motherland and yesterday's comrades-in-arms.

Bandera and other leaders of various "forest brothers". Yes, there was one among the latter who wore a cassock, a Uniate. This example would have shocked me if I had not been familiar with the original documents about the role of such a “clergy” in the bloody Bandera “underground” and had not seen what such “holy fathers” did on the Kiev “Maidan” in 2014. Sudoplatov calls the actions (in most of which, as he himself admits, he personally participated) "the execution of death sentences." Sorry, but in some countries, lethal injection is still being executed. And in general - what is the difference between the end of the "OUN conductor" Konovalets, smashed into molecules by a box of chocolates handed over to him, and Bandera, bent from a cyanide jet fired into his face? And he and the other were thus deprived of the opportunity to commit new atrocities - well, and, of course, they got exactly what they deserved.

In the bad times of Khrushchev, charges were brought against Grigory Mairanovsky and Pavel Sudoplatov of testing certain toxic substances on "prisoners sentenced to death." They were subsequently removed due to the complete lack of evidence. There can be no faith in them, like all the anti-Stalinist lies of that period. But even if ... You can accuse me of being super-cynical, but it was not the children who were caught on the street ?! And what, it would be better if the consequences of the use of combat weapons by military medics in the case of their use by the Wehrmacht, the Red Army medics had to study in 1941 on our soldiers? Say - is it too much? That in "civilized" countries they do not do this, and nothing of the kind can happen in principle? Believe me, you are very deeply mistaken - and I will prove it, next time telling about the "exploits" of poisoners from the special services of the most "civilized" and "democratic" states.
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  1. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 5 September 2020 09: 55
    And how?
    The topic of the title is not revealed in any way. Water.

    According to some "ultra-patriots", Stalin was also poisoned ....
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 5 September 2020 21: 48
      On charges of poisoning Navalny by the authorities of the Russian Federation and personally by V. Putin, all accusers in the media who made such unsubstantiated allegations were accused of unsubstantiated libel and sue for consideration. In the absence of evidence, the defendants are sentenced for blatant libel ... There is no need to talk about provocateurs ...
  2. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 5 September 2020 10: 59
    hi Dear Alexander Neukropny, if you are interested in additional information about the poisonous and explosive (literally) methods of Western special services, look in the Soviet newspaper "Zarabogo" in 82-84, translated into Russian, for interviews - revelations of one of the developers of these methods!
    I then built my political information on this article.
    There, and about how Western intelligence services use "in the dark" the staff of hotels and restaurants to deliver poisoned food or an explosive device to those who are planned to be destroyed. By the way, it also admits that the signal to detonate is given immediately upon delivery, without waiting for the departure of the recruited servant, so as not to leave a witness to "dirty methods"!
    From the same interesting article, I was amazed - two things were remembered - a silencer for a pistol, easily transforming into a harmless bracelet, and a method of elimination, when simply passing through the cabin of an aircraft, past a person sitting in a chair, "accidentally" drips onto his shoulder, right onto his jacket , a tiny drop of poison, and after three days this person will probably die from a reliable heart attack, when no traces of poison can be found either on the body or on the clothes.
    Well, and you will learn a lot more on the topic touched upon (I hope that you will write about this in your future Article ?! winked)!
    Or maybe you will "dig up" in the files of this most interesting newspaper and tell us all ?! wink
    By the way, at the same time - in the early 1980s, it was from the filing of the newspaper "Abroad" that I learned for the first time that our T-34 was tested at the Aberdeen test site in the United States during the Great Patriotic War - translated excerpts from the American report were published listing the merits and shortcomings (we did not spread very much about the shortcomings of our tanks and "thirty-four" then, they tried to keep silent, so I, as a tanker, were interested in the details, through the eyes of former allies).
    Regarding the "poisoning of Navalny" and even such a "rookie" who was already in Salisbury "is guaranteed to be non-lethal," a novice (and in fact, in fact, poisoning with even a fraction of a gram of a chemical warfare agent, a "newbie" leaves no chance of survival!) - this is just some kind of mockery of all the laws of logic and common sense, a surreal "by the talk of the town" - is it really that Merkel and the "world community" are really that stupid (our satirist writer Mikhail Zadornov involuntarily recalls good) that this 100% idiocy "rolls with a bang" ??! fool
  3. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 5 September 2020 12: 10
    Ivan the Terrible was sorted out then. He had a physician Bromley (as they said then - Bromley). Although Dutch, he studied at Cambridge from a young age. He told the then Chekists everything, after which they released blood from him, planted still alive on a spit and fried. So that others were discouraged.
  4. Nikolay Malyugin (Nikolai Malyugin) 5 September 2020 16: 43
    Some kind of dense horror. I do not believe in Sudoplatov in everything. Sometimes a person meets the needs of modern society. It's not a sin to lie here. And now Leonov is talking about angels in space. I do not blame him. People ask - he says what they want to hear. And the denseness lies in the fact that I heard all this back in the 60s on foreign radio stations.