National Interest: Why are Russians changing the purpose of the MiG-29 again

The American analytical publication The National Interest has become interested in the question why the Russians are once again changing the mission of their MiG-29 fighters?

During the operation of the MiG-29, however, like other Russian aircraft, many different modifications of the fighter appeared. The MiG-29 was originally conceived as a response to the American F-16 fighter jet needed to achieve air superiority. Over four decades, the MiG-29 has evolved into a multipurpose aircraft armed with air-to-ground missiles.

For example, the new capabilities of the MiG-29SMT generation "4+" were demonstrated in the spring of 2019 during an exercise at the Ashuluk training ground in the Astrakhan region. The Russians practiced a massive air strike. In this case, a link of modernized fighters was rehearsing an air raid on terrorists in Syria.

The footage shows the flight of the MiG-29SMT group in formation and a panorama of partially digitized avionics in the cockpit of one of them. They launch unguided S-13 missiles and successfully hit a light armored training convoy equipment... Also, fighters practiced elements of air combat, working in pairs.

In the SMT version, the MiG-29 has a significant number of improvements. The fighter acquired six external hardpoints and armed with Kh-25, Kh-29 and Kh-31 missiles. He now has a new radar, and the vehicle's range has increased.

A major military power like Russia will always have a surplus of aircraft variations that are needed to complete various tasks. And when an aircraft can no longer engage in high-intensity combat, it can be adapted for patrolling, air strikes and low-intensity conflicts. This is a good strategy that allows aircraft to serve for many years, the publication concludes.
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  1. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 14 September 2020 09: 55
    Some strange questions. Example: F-4 Phantom II. Initially a fighter-interceptor, then just a fighter, then a fighter-bomber, now just a bomber. And that's okay. Great operational story for a good car. Why should it be different for our 29th Either he wrote an article full down in aviation, or he keeps his readers for downs.
  2. Bitter Offline Bitter
    Bitter 19 September 2020 22: 59
    ... change the purpose of the MiG again ...

    The combat aircraft remained combat aircraft, what's the difference? request A change of purpose would have taken place if it had been occupied with geological exploration, transporting mail, or photographing coral.