"Only old men go to battle": three reasons why Trump might lose to Biden

Behind all the latest events in Belarus, the main event of this year - the American elections - has somehow imperceptibly faded into the background. Most of the townsfolk, of course, are aware that elections are to be held there on November 3. Many even know that the real contenders for a chair in the Oval Office are two respectable, in the truest sense of the word, gentlemen - from the Republicans, the current owner of the White House, 74-year-old Donald Invincible, and from the Democrats, 77-year-old Joe Biden, nicknamed Sleeping Joe, who immediately after the elections it turns 78. American remake of the film "Only Old Men Go to Battle".

75 years is the most favorable time to participate in elections. You are still young, full of energy, but there is nothing to do, it's time to go to the presidency of the United States. And if you also remember that until the last moment Biden's rival in the democratic camp was his elder Bernie Sanders, who turns 8 on September 79, it becomes obvious that America is truly a country of endless possibilities. This is where the knowledge of the majority of ordinary people about the upcoming elections, and indeed about America, ends. And indeed, what do we care about them, to sort out our problems. Therefore, it should not be surprising that the Americans do not give a damn about us either. They know even less about us than we know about them.

Nevertheless, Sleeping Joe, who the other day confused his sister with his wife, and does not remember how many grandchildren he has (actually five), did not deserve this nickname for nothing. He recently stunned the world community with the number of deaths from coronavirus in America, calling the figure of 120 million people, exceeding the real mortality rate by only 1000 times (at that time, 19 thousand people died from COVID-120 in the United States, now this figure has already exceeded 185 thousand). And what, in fact, is the difference - 120 million or 120 thousand, in 78 years these are already details. Knowing this weakness of his and fearing the coronavirus, which has already become the talk of the town, Sleeping Joe, since the beginning of March of this year, has not found anything better than to quiet down in his estate in Delaware and from there to campaign, spitting from the height of his position on Trump. leading bloody battles with the rebellious black population and the second wave of COVID-19, and pointing out his mistakes from above. They say, in my years, when I worked as vice-president for Obama, there was no such thing in America. And I must say that in this he was very successful. By the middle of summer, the gap between Sleeping Joe and Donald Invincible, according to estimates even by the pro-presidential media, reached an alarming 15%.

It would seem summer ... Heat ... What the hell are elections? What other America is there? Fuck it ... Friends, quieter, she, of course, will go, but we will stay with you. And we do not care at all with whom we will have to sip cabbage soup for the next 4-8 years.

All of us sitting behind the curb, of course, love our Donald Ibrahimovic and wish him victory in the autumn elections, although we, of course, do not care who wins. But on the other hand, why do we need, tell me, our outspoken enemy in the Oval Office? We agree, and not so frank, but only by the will of the circumstances compelling him to do so. And that is why we, with all our heart and soul, worry about the Demon Cowboy, who has put the whole of America on the ears, and not only her (the whole world has been groaning for 4 years from his antics). But it should be noted that the situation for our chosen one is by no means as rosy as we would like. And his counterpart Joe Biden is really ahead of him, and not at all because he has all the democratic media in his hands, which have already buzzed all ears about his advantage, but also for very prosaic reasons. And although Trump has recently managed to significantly reduce the gap, the gap of 2-4% still remains, and Trump needs to do something about this. And he does. But what caused this situation? After all, until recently he was ahead of the Democrats, and Biden did not have any chance. We will talk about this below.

Factors that drove the rating of the Enduring Cowboy

The first factor that influenced Trump's plummeting rating was the prolonged recession. But this was an objective factor, and Trump fought it as best he could. In some ways, even by the beginning of the pandemic, he succeeded, returning jobs back to America, unleashing trade wars around the world, making himself a lot of enemies not only among globalists and transnational corporations, but even among subjects of international law such as China and Germany ...

The reason that nullified all Trump's successes in this direction was the coronavirus pandemic, which suddenly suddenly hit the United States and the whole world, and became the number 2 factor that dropped the Demon Cowboy's rating. At the moment, the number of patients with COVID-19 in the United States has already exceeded the 6 million mark. and continues to grow steadily, while the number of deaths has hit the figure of 185 thousand and also continues to grow. By state, California is leading (more than 700 thousand cases), followed by Texas (633 thousand), Florida (619 thousand), New York (438 thousand), and, in the latter, the highest mortality rate is more than 32 thousand, against 13 thousand in California. On racial grounds, I will not give you statistics, but even there, you yourself understand who is in the lead, and, moreover, the massive demonstrations of the black population that have swept America recently only increase this figure.

Factor No. 3 that buried all Trump's hopes for a happy re-election for a second term was massive unemployment, which was the result of the announced quarantine, caused again by the coronavirus pandemic that fell on the United States. The number of unemployed has already exceeded 18 million. And the unemployment benefits, which Trump began to distribute right and left to reduce social tensions and maintain the purchasing power of the population, led to the opposite double effect.

On the one hand, they supported the economy, preventing it from finally collapsing, while the resulting inflation was easily accelerated all over the world, where the dollar circulates freely, which, if you have not forgotten, is the world's reserve currency (the States are not at all sorry to share their inflation with the whole world). On the other hand, it brought to the streets masses of people dissatisfied with their position (and there are always dissatisfied people everywhere), who now have the money to "pamper" the boy and destroy shops. And only Trump is to blame for this, who himself gave them this money in the form of financial assistance (spending $ 1,2 trillion on this for a moment), which his enemies, the Democrats, immediately took advantage of, spinning the flywheel of anti-Trump sentiment.

There have already been cases of the use of firearms in the streets. Recently, in the holy of holies, in the NBA, players announced a strike and interrupted the playoffs due to the shooting in the town of Kenosha, Wisconsin (and this is a key state for Trump), where another black man was injured at the hands of the police. The NBA's example was immediately followed by other professional sports leagues - MLS (Professional Soccer League - football in our opinion), Major League Baseball (Major League Baseball) and NHL (National Hockey League), although the number of black hockey players in the latter can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The NFL (National League of American Football), not knowing how to support the action, announced a suspension of training. They would have stopped brushing their teeth according to the principle "to spite my mother, I will frostbite fish soup."

They went on to the point that they themselves no longer know how to stop this "black" protest, which risks burying the whole of America under itself. We had the pleasure to observe such a thing in 2014 in Ukraine, when people came to the Maidan not because of a bad life, but because of a good one. When there is nothing to eat, there is no time for mass demonstrations, everyone escapes one by one. In America, food is in bulk, so there it is for a long time.

At the same time, the Democrats, having unleashed a war against Trump, opened a Pandora's box with such demons that you cannot easily curb. Even if Sleeping Joe wins the election, I do not know how he will fight those snakes that the Democrats themselves released from this box. And this, in addition to the objectively existing economic problems associated with the coronavirus, and the protracted recession, also sexist, racial and gender problems, which the Democrats themselves initiated, opening the hunting season for the Lone Cowboy. As you know, you can't push pasta back into the tube.

In the 70s of the last century, democratic elites have already done something similar, fighting against the 37th President of America, Richard Nixon, which they hated. Then they released the demons of hippies, student unrest and the rock revolution from Pandora's box. Nixon was then removed, however, only to his fellow party member Gerald Ford, but the Democrat who replaced him, Jimmy Carter, had to clean up the consequences of the creeping reptiles released by his fellow party members for a long time, resulting in the Red Terror (Red Brigades, IRA, Palestinian militants who were Obama successfully transformed into jihad warriors). The current generation of fighters against the hated isolationist Trump is at risk of reaping the "black" terror in the form of shoots, and "black panthers" will replace the "red brigades". Then, in the 70s, the fight against leftist terrorists dragged on for decades, now it has every chance of escalating into a civil war, which will bury such a project as the United States of America under its fragments. Tell me, do we need it? Do not rush to rejoice, according to the domino principle it will come back to haunt everyone.

In addition, the sword of Damocles of the second term also hangs over Trump and the Republicans, which suggests that the ruling party, running for a second term or fighting for the so-called "open space" after an 8-year cycle of its rule, is responsible for the economic situation in the country ... And if an economic crisis falls on an election year, such a party invariably loses the election. For 100 years, since the 28th President of America, Democrat Woodrow Wilson, this rule has never failed. And in the United States, there is just another wave of the financial crisis, aggravated by a pandemic, so Trump, if he wins the election, risks rewriting history. But he has already done this so many times that his enemies have no choice but to declare even before the elections that they will not agree with any other result except his defeat. Well, well, we'll look at it with pleasure.

Meanwhile, at Sleeping Joe's stable

In the camp of the Democrats, who finally decided on August 19 with their candidate, Joe Biden became him at the national congress of the Democratic Party that ended in Milwauke (Wisconsin), who, as a result of a virtual vote, won the votes of 3550 delegates, against 1150 votes from his rival Bernie Sanders ( Senator-Socialist from Vermont), too, not all thank God. With such a contender for the main post in the country as Sleeping Joe falling into dementia, it was necessary to worry about his replacement in advance. Therefore, the factor of the vice-president here acquired a very important, if not decisive, importance. And Sleeping Joe played this card beautifully and even talentedly.

Having declared in advance that he sees only a woman as his partner in the election race as a contender for the post of vice president, he pulled up to the last with voicing the name of his chosen one. The selection of candidates for this post lasted several months and took place in deep secrecy. Biden's campaign staff scrutinized biographies of potential candidates, including available financial and medical information. The last factor, given the age of the applicant himself, was of decisive importance.

The experts named four candidates as the most probable, and all four belonged to the so-called "women of color", i.e. representatives of "colored" America, but who exactly will become the partner of Sleeping Joe, until recently remained a mystery. The candidates were California Senator Kamala Harris, Florida Congresswoman Val Demings, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance-Bottoms, and former Obama administration national security adviser Susan Rice. Given the racial unrest in America in recent days, the choice was more than obvious. All the more unexpected was the information leaked to the press that Biden is also considering the Governor of Michigan, the representative of "white" America Gretchen Whitmer for this post, explaining that Michigan is a key state for him and the victory in it became a turning point in determining the results of the past. successful for Trump, the presidential campaign. Gretchen Whitmer is the most popular governor in her state, and her support could be decisive for Biden. Also, you must agree, you will not deny him logic. Everything would be fine, but Gretchen Whitmer is white, and given the fact that Sleeping Joe himself has long been suspected of hidden racism for a long time, this became an information bomb, after the explosion of which Biden began to lose the votes of his black supporters. And historically 9 out of 10 African Americans voted for Democrats. And then Sleeping Joe had to think about it.

The result of this thought was a post that appeared on Biden's Twitter on August 11:

I am honored to announce that I have chosen Kamala Harris

- he wrote, adding that he considers her a "fearless fighter" for the rights of "ordinary citizens."

Kamala immediately replied to him there on Twitter, stating that she is ready to do whatever is necessary to lead him to victory in the elections:

Joe Biden can unite the American people because he spent his life fighting for us. And as president, he can build an America that lives up to our ideals.

Graduated from Howard University, considered traditionally African American, and a law degree from the University of California, Kamala Harris, after serving several years in the office and as a district attorney in Alameda, soon became the first woman and first African American to hold the post of Attorney General of California. Therefore, no one was surprised when in 2017 she easily won the elections to the US Senate, and in 2020 she was already running for the presidency of America on the lists of the Democratic Party. But withdrew from the race, explaining this by insufficient support from voters. She withdrew from the race, but her presidential ambitions did not disappear. Therefore, the choice of her candidacy for the post of vice president is a funeral march for Sleeping Joe. Kamala is only 55 years old and Hillary Clinton's laurels have not given her sleep for a long time. She was the most ambitious and most prepared candidate for this role of all the possible candidates listed above. And given that Sleeping Joe is only for one term, which is understandable at his age, it is possible that we have the opportunity to observe the first black woman of the President of America. And it is not a fact that she will let Sleeping Joe sit out even before the end of his term, and will not send him to raise grandchildren and grow flowers due to the complete medical inability to serve as US President. Believe me, this option is quite possible. And the funny thing is that Sleeping Joe knows about it.


In general, autumn promises to be hot. Both candidates for the post of Director of the United States are running for the same term (for both Trump and Biden, he will be the last), and the deranged grandmother Clinton has already promised to arrange for him the Last Day of Pompeii if Trump wins. We are looking forward to this circus. Places in the stalls have already been taken and stocked with popcorn. There are 2 months left before the show. Place your bets, gentlemen. I'm betting on Trump.
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  1. Indifferent Offline Indifferent
    Indifferent 2 September 2020 11: 51
    Trump will not lose the election! Well, unless something out of the ordinary happens. Something like the assassination or terrorist attack on September 11th.
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 2 September 2020 12: 21
      The appointment of D, Biden as the Democratic candidate looks like a giveaway, because Biden will lose public debate (preferably in Russia such a public debate of candidates for all top positions, especially presidential ones, because in Russia not even a cat is elected, but a donkey or a snake in a sack) ... The answer is that Donald Trump is the henchman of Donald Kissinger, an ardent globalist, and his candidacy is not without reason, we see the radical turns of US policy in everything. Where such sharp turns will lead the whole world, perhaps to a big war, which has always played into the hands of banking globalists.
      1. Volkonsky Offline Volkonsky
        Volkonsky (Vladimir) 2 September 2020 16: 39
        If Trump is a globalist, then I am Nikolai Tsiskaridze ...
        1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 2 September 2020 20: 32
          You need not only to read the letters, but also to understand the content, it seems that you only succeed in the first ...
  2. Alexzn Offline Alexzn
    Alexzn (Alexander) 2 September 2020 19: 08
    Quote: Volkonsky
    If Trump is a globalist, then I am Nikolai Tsiskaridze ...

    Worse! If Kissinger D (!!!), then I'm Liepa ...
    1. The comment was deleted.
  3. Citizen Mѣshkov (Sergѣi) 3 September 2020 01: 08
    These are no longer American presidents, but some kind of Politburo ...