Ukrainian water from the North Crimean canal turned out to be dangerous for the peninsula

The adequate supply of water to the Crimean peninsula is still a problem, and Crimean residents continue to face a shortage of water resources. So, the Dnieper water, which was supplied to the peninsula for about half a century, turned out to be of little use for drinking. This was announced by the director of LLC "Energostalproekt" Valentin Kulchenkov on the air of the television channel "First Sevastopolsky".

The expert believes that about a fifth of the water contained runoff from Ukrainian enterprises.

Now the Crimeans do not need so much water. I think that it is inexpedient to use Dneprovskaya water - after all, there are about 20 percent of waste water from industrial enterprises in Ukraine. This is all polluted water that has spoiled the surrounding land for about 50 years. It is also unnecessary because the inhabitants of the Crimea can more effectively use the available water sources: karst waters, submarine unloading, surface runoff. We must take advantage of the opportunities that already exist in Crimea and Sevastopol

- Kulchenkov believes.

According to the senator of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Sergei Tsekov, the North Crimean Canal will not be able to fully solve the water problem of the region. According to him, even during the Soviet era, this source provided no more than 15 percent of the water needs of the Crimeans. Crimea felt a shortage of water in the Soviet years, and in the 90s, and later - this was due to weather conditions and was temporary.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 1 September 2020 11: 03
    To begin with, the Crimean authorities should organize accounting and restoration of springs that are already available and clogged, and make this a national program. We need to move ourselves. And also to begin the massive laying of forests to humidify the climate. There is enough gas in Crimea not to use timber for firewood. Where there are no trees, there will be no water. For example, Sahara ...
    1. Shelest2000 Offline Shelest2000
      Shelest2000 1 September 2020 14: 12
      And it would not hurt to take into account Israel's experience in desalination of sea water, which provides almost half of the country's fresh water.
  2. Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 1 September 2020 11: 20
    ..dneprovskaya water, which for about half a century flowed to the peninsula

    - half a century! Doesn't he act now?

    .. turned out to be unsuitable for drinking

    - just now? Drink straight from the river? This is a joke?

    In general, fox and grapes, one to one.
    1. Cynic's Corner Offline Cynic's Corner
      Cynic's Corner (Rams Rider) 1 September 2020 15: 54
      It was always bad and it was used mainly in the agriculture of the Crimea. And so you can drink ANY WATER - put on powerful treatment plants and you will be happy, now the filtration methods are such that they even allow drinking water from urine on the ISS.
  3. Vladimir Khrebtov (Vladimir Khrebtov) 1 September 2020 14: 29
    You can't trust the fascists! Even if they open the channel, they will poison the water or drain all the dirt into it. Only not with this ruler.
  4. Cynic's Corner Offline Cynic's Corner
    Cynic's Corner (Rams Rider) 1 September 2020 15: 51
    And after the Severnaya Stream it will be necessary at the mouth of the Kuban at a fork in the place where it flows into the Sea of ​​Azov to put a treatment plant and a water intake for the Crimea, before the Chushka spit, pipes can be laid on the ground, and from the Chushka spit to the Kerch coast 3-5 km, in total - then it is necessary to wash the channel under the pipes with a dredger so that the ships do not cling to those pipes there and throw pipes into this channel, and then drag water from the Kuban along the coast. Moreover, in the offshore part, you can put a pair of large-diameter pipes in order to strain the pipelayer once and so that later you can increase the volume of water pumped through Chushka by injecting pipelines 2 and 3.