Opposition in Belarus urged to deprive Russian of the status of the state

The leaders of the Belarusian opposition demonstrate in every possible way that the protests in Belarus are directed exclusively against Alexander Lukashenko, who has been sitting in the chair, and do not concern Russia at all. But the longer the protests last, the more difficult it is for "peaceful protesters" to hide their anti-Russian essence, temporarily disguised as "European".

It should be noted that all Russophobes in Eurasia consider the Russian language to be their main enemy, which unites peoples, and does not divide them. Therefore, Belarusian oppositionists are no different from Ukrainian or Georgian “patriots”. It's just that the “zmagars” have not yet managed to take power into their own hands in Belarus in order to start a total Belarusianization, which will definitely not please the majority of citizens who are used to thinking and speaking in Russian.

Therefore, the 85-year-old former president of the country Stanislav Shushkevich, one of the signatories of the Belovezhskaya agreement, which put an end to the USSR, was appointed the "initiator" of the topic of Belarus joining the "big European family". He still has no political future, and the words needed by the "patriots" must be voiced by someone.

The Russian language can be used for documents, and for communication, and for everything, but the state language must be Belarusian. And this is due to the fact that for many years we have been undergoing violent russification, well, such loyal subjects as, for example, Lukashenka

- said Shushkevich in Russian.

His words about violent russification caused outrage in the Belarusian society. Naturally, a significant number of authoritative and well-known Belarusians were critical of the words of the first president. For example, the head of the House of Representatives commission on human rights, ethnic relations and the media, Gennady Davydko, directly called Shushkevich's words rash and provocative.

This is an absolutely ill-considered statement of a provocative nature, because the majority of the republic's residents speak Russian. For many, this is their native language. And, as President Lukashenko said, Russian is our native language. We also have Belarusian, which we value, love and are proud of.

- explained Davydko.

It should be added that, according to surveys conducted in 2019, almost 57% of Belarusians consider Russian to be their native language. At the same time, about 43% of the respondents communicate in the so-called "trasyanka", a mixture of Russian and Belarusian (analogous to the Ukrainian "surzhik"). Only a few Belarusians use the Belarusian language in everyday life, and this makes it very difficult for local nationalists to tear their country away from Russia.

Therefore, the "zmagars" want to impose on society the struggle for "identity". Previously, Lukashenka often flirted with nationalists, but it is difficult to say whether he will play along with them this time after trying to remove him from power.
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  1. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 29 August 2020 18: 10
    I thought he has been fertilizing the soil for a long time, but look here, he's also talking. Tellingly, he sits on foreign grub like Gorbachev. Only the one in Germany, and this one is smaller, that's why the regiments were shaken off.
    Shushkevich - Shukhevych, it’s not in vain, probably, such a similarity. what
    1. beeper Offline beeper
      beeper 29 August 2020 18: 55
      That Shushkevich, that Shukhevych is a "hero" - both "from under the Poles", respectively - a Belarusian Pole, a Roman Catholic religion, and a Galician cross, a Greek Catholic Uniate, both brought up "in the trend" of Catholic Polish Russophobia, always hated the Orthodox - Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians.
      I would not be surprised if young Shushkevich (like young Kravchuchok) also ran into the forest in the late 1940s and early 50s with parcels to local bandits - "Akovtsy" and "Dubrovniki" ... winked
      Ukroprezik Kravchuchok, too, in 1991 appealed to the Russian and Russian-speaking majority of the multinational Ukrainian population, they say, do not be afraid, we are not against the Russians and the Russian language, all the citizens of "Nezalezhnaya" will be equal and the Russian language of interethnic communication will be equal with the Ukrainian language!
      And then look how these dastardly komrenegats gradually, with small steps, turned the "language issue" anti-people and, supposedly "pro-Russian", who came to power at the expense of the Russian-speaking majority of the population, the Jews of Mazepa Kuchman and Yanukovych turned out to be the most ardent de-Russifiers of Ukraine and accomplices of the Banderlog!
      1. 123 Offline 123
        123 (123) 29 August 2020 18: 59
        They all act like that, little by little, step by step .... No one has faith.
  2. Dmitry S. Offline Dmitry S.
    Dmitry S. (Dmitry Sanin) 29 August 2020 18: 43
    And again someone's ears came out ...
  3. Lysik001 Offline Lysik001
    Lysik001 (boy Seryozha) 29 August 2020 18: 54
    And how should Belarusians relate to Russia, if she supported this ghoul, and even threatened with her special forces. The stupidity of our leadership, who supported Lukashenko despite his wild antics and statements against Russia and its citizens, will lead to the fact that we will simply lose our last ally. Everybody leaves! And it's not just that! Nobody wants to live in a swamp!
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    3. Sidor sidorini Offline Sidor sidorini
      Sidor sidorini (Sidor) 30 August 2020 17: 00
      Are you serious? Is Lukashenko a ghoul? Bulbash ghouls have not yet seen! There the Romanians bite their elbows for Ceausescu! Even Iliescu was put on trial!
      They can't look around anymore. The roof is completely gone.
      Do we want to remove the Russian language too?
  4. GRF Offline GRF
    GRF 29 August 2020 19: 00
    When will English be banned in Canada, America, Australia? And restore historical justice, restore the language of the aborigines? Are active Poles not even grunt? A opposed and other democrat ????
  5. Valentine Online Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 29 August 2020 19: 44
    Tomorrow "the last and decisive" gathering of the Belarusian Maidanists, since Soon the kids will go to school at their desks, and the students will be in the classroom, so the booters will noticeably decrease, and, as Lukashenka said, there will be no salaries for the strikers, and Europe didn’t manage to throw money on your "democracy" ... lose, guys, what you will soon have to cry bitterly, like in nenka Ukraine, while you and Butter are skating on Russian subsidies like cheese in butter, and your neighbors-brothers Ukrainians are head over heels in de ... with your independence, so tie up with your mess, and let's live together, as before, under the USSR, in peace, friendship and mutual understanding.
    1. Sidor sidorini Offline Sidor sidorini
      Sidor sidorini (Sidor) 30 August 2020 16: 58
      Youngsters cannot be convinced, they bought a bit and in blinkers rush into the abyss.
  6. begemot20091 Offline begemot20091
    begemot20091 (begemot20091) 29 August 2020 19: 59
    Quote: Lysik001
    Nobody wants to live in a swamp!

    Learn Russian (spelling "NOT" and "NO"). And then the Poles will throw out - you will have to wash the toilets in Russia. And we only need literate !!!
  7. To stop this, it is necessary to chop off the Vitebsk, Mogilev and Gomel regions from Russo-Bellia, where they live RUSSIAN PEOPLE, and the rest can speak at least Old Upper Japanese - do not care!
    1. Sidor sidorini Offline Sidor sidorini
      Sidor sidorini (Sidor) 30 August 2020 16: 56
      You don't have to bite anything. All Belarus will become part of the Union State.
  8. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 29 August 2020 22: 34
    Ha. The Chubais want to blame the dissatisfied for the collapse of the USSR.
    President Shushkevich has already been connected.
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 30 August 2020 09: 15
    Well, I waited. Those who insulted Lukashenka, as soon as they did not call names, now do not speak the words of the filthy about him! Got it !? The program of all Babarik and Tikhanovskaya has finally been sounded! What, critics, now agree to Lukashenka too !!!
  11. Potapov Offline Potapov
    Potapov (Valery) 30 August 2020 09: 26
    Of course, all decent perverts speak only English ...
  12. Sidor sidorini Offline Sidor sidorini
    Sidor sidorini (Sidor) 30 August 2020 16: 54
    Well, it has begun! From under the mask, the mug is finally starting to crawl out!