"Why did the Russians manage to leave without bullet holes?": Daily Mail readers on the incident in Syria

Readers of the British tabloid Daily Mail actively commented clash Russian and American armored personnel carriers in Syria. A video of the incident appeared on the web the day before.

To date, users have left more than one and a half thousand comments, some of which are listed below.

When are we going to say "enough" and kick all the crap out of the gas station better known as "Russia"?

- David1171 is indignant.

Russians think outside the box. Probably, they would like retaliation for 100 Russian mercenaries, whom the United States eliminated some time ago.

- noted the user Wayneford (we are talking about 2018, when a group from a Russian PMC came under American shelling in the province of Deir ez-Zor).

Why did these Russian soldiers manage to leave without bullet holes?

- asked sobe13.

The Russians are there at the invitation of the Syrian president. Why do Americans poke their noses into other people's business?

- valenciano is curious.

They will say that it was an accident, and the Russian driver did not understand which side of the road he was going to take. He will take advantage of diplomatic immunity and leave for Russia, and Vladimir (Putin) will apologize for not being able to get him. This is how it worked in the UK, and why shouldn't it in Syria?

- on this comment by user Barry G, some clarification should be given for the Russian-speaking reader. We are obviously talking about an accident involving the wife of an American diplomat, in which a British citizen was killed. Washington hastily transported the culprit to the States, rejecting London's demand to extradite her for trial. Similar cases have occurred in other countries.

A ram from the enemy's side is quite enough to use a weapon in response. Of course, all fighters are well aware that this action can lead to a large-scale war with Russia, therefore, the exercise of restraint is not to start shooting. If this happened at sea, American ships would open fire before being rammed.

- supposes a certain Mallers.

Everything is very simple. Russian troops are legally in Syria at the invitation of the Syrian government. American troops have remained there illegally since the days of Obama, but Trump promised to withdraw them from there in 2016. It's time for him to fulfill his promise

- reminds Julio Severo.

Stop inflammatory rhetoric about Russia, Democrats. The soldiers showed symptoms of "half-concussion". And the title is drawn up as if the Russians had blown them to pieces. At the same time, Russia needs to pay for its actions. Send troops and off you go, Trump 2020!

- Requires Burnedtoastfacedown.

So what's the truth here? It looks like the Americans were just trying to escape. Why was this happening if they were supposedly supposed to be in the area? Where is the American video of the incident? Why would the Russians publish a video if they themselves were in the wrong place? If the invaders were left with a half-concussion from a simple side impact, then how would they even have survived in a real disaster or in a mine explosion?

- SensibleSid is perplexed.
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  1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 29 August 2020 10: 33
    As a matter of fact, this is how the Russian Federation received propaganda bonuses for the first time, showing stronger than the US Armed Forces in this incident, to which the US leadership arranged the appearance of indignation. The message that is correct for the world is that the United States can get it by the horns, and their lawlessness ends ...
    1. Binder Offline Binder
      Binder (Miron) 29 August 2020 18: 32
      Russia is losing generals in Syria, and the Americans have a couple of privates with a slight concussion. So who is stronger? request
      1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 29 August 2020 18: 52
        When a Russian general is killed with a lonely mine, Russian officials are silent, the Americans, even though Ji Ai was only put in his pants out of fear and identified as "wounded," they have already declared an international incident ... It's time to catch the American general with a "javelin" with one shot of unknown terrorists, as with a lonely mine ...
        1. Binder Offline Binder
          Binder (Miron) 29 August 2020 20: 35
          Quote: Vladimir Tuzakov
          It's time to catch the American general with a "javelin", an accidental one shot of unknown terrorists

          This is a task for a serious special operation, such actions are approved at the very top, and there, thank God, they are used to weighing the possible consequences and refrain from adventures.
          1. meandr51 Offline meandr51
            meandr51 (Andrei) 30 August 2020 19: 32
            For some reason, it is not typical for Americans to abstain. They plan such attacks all the time.
            1. Binder Offline Binder
              Binder (Miron) 30 August 2020 21: 35
              Do you seriously think that the death of a Russian general was the work of the Americans? fool
              1. meandr51 Offline meandr51
                meandr51 (Andrei) 5 September 2020 20: 54
                Surely only those who did it and, possibly, intelligence, know. But this is quite American style. They constantly test everyone for lice. I think the probability of US involvement is above 50%.
                1. Binder Offline Binder
                  Binder (Miron) 5 September 2020 21: 11
                  I think that the US military has nothing to do with this incident. For the Americans, the death of another Russian general in Syria is completely meaningless. The victim is not Qasem Suleimani or bin Laden, why hunt him? Most likely, there was an accident here, of which there are many in the war - some barmaley planted a land mine near the road, and then an obvious enemy command came, why not blow it up?
      2. The comment was deleted.
        1. Binder Offline Binder
          Binder (Miron) 29 August 2020 20: 25
          Rudeness and insults in the virtual are evidence of cowardly stupidity.
      3. shinobi Offline shinobi
        shinobi (Yuri) 30 August 2020 08: 14
        How many Yankees actually lost personnel in Syria - they will never say. Like the Turks, these at least don't pretend to be hoses. At any more or less large base of the bearded sits their coordinator and a couple of instructors. So think about how many Russian Aerospace Forces have already sent these "advisers" for eternal retraining.
        1. Binder Offline Binder
          Binder (Miron) 31 August 2020 04: 16
          Quote: shinobi
          How many Yankees actually lost personnel in Syria - they will never say.

          Not true. All losses of US personnel are freely available, it is in the Russian Federation, by presidential decree, information about losses was classified back in 2015. So there is no need from a sore head to a healthy one ...
          1. shinobi Offline shinobi
            shinobi (Yuri) 31 August 2020 14: 19
            Do you believe in free access to military information? You are either naive or stupid. Especially American information. They have already been caught on outright lies many times, but you continue to believe.
            1. Binder Offline Binder
              Binder (Miron) 31 August 2020 16: 26
              Due to your own blinkeredness, you simply cannot imagine that in a democratic society the loss of personnel is not hidden.
              1. shinobi Offline shinobi
                shinobi (Yuri) 1 September 2020 06: 56
                Oh-yo! A person with a head is really bad! What does democracy have to do with military secrecy? Losses of personnel in peacetime, a secret sealed with seven seals! Is always. In any army, regardless of the political system. Especially if this is the personnel of the intelligence department. Actually, even in wartime, this information is secret, because by it the enemy can judge the state of his opponent. Information is a weapon. And judging by what you write here, in this regard you are already a corpse. The point of talking to a corpse?
                1. Binder Offline Binder
                  Binder (Miron) 1 September 2020 17: 24
                  You persist in your limitations, and meanwhile, the data on the dead servicemen are published on the official resources of the military departments of all normal states - this is very easy to verify. So, I consider it completely pointless to discuss this topic with you.
      4. Azazel76 Offline Azazel76
        Azazel76 (Kovalenko Yuri Vasilievich) 30 August 2020 22: 18
        Russia is losing generals in Syria, because it is at war, and it is not the air that spoils the air in the bunker at its bases!
        1. Binder Offline Binder
          Binder (Miron) 31 August 2020 04: 20
          The results of the war are not the level of losses of the generals, but the achievement of the set goals. With this, the situation is successful only in the speeches of S. Shoigu, who, as you know, liberated, according to his own statement, three times more territories than the SAR had initially. laughing
  2. AlexisCrow Offline AlexisCrow
    AlexisCrow 29 August 2020 10: 50
    Stop giving in to us ... also to me, an exceptional nation.
  3. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 29 August 2020 11: 22
    Why would the Russians publish a video if they themselves were in the wrong place?

    The Russians are right there. The Americans are in the wrong place and they are deeply hinted at. And it will be even more interesting further. America, good bye!
  4. Shadow041 Offline Shadow041
    Shadow041 29 August 2020 13: 20
    The hamburger eaters do not understand that at the first shot from the United States at a Russian soldier, the Mi-24 attack helicopter of the Russian Aerospace Forces, hovering in the air above the Russian patrol, would have blown all the mattress chiefs to pieces.
  5. Yuri Shalnov Offline Yuri Shalnov
    Yuri Shalnov (Yuri Shalnov) 29 August 2020 16: 14
    If the Americans opened fire in response to their unparalleled arrogance, then this day would be the last day of their lives ...
  6. Metapontum Offline Metapontum
    Metapontum (Alexander) 29 August 2020 17: 19
    When we say - enough, and squeeze the ovs out of where they are, like a thorn in the eye ...
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. dabyl Offline dabyl
    dabyl 29 August 2020 17: 24
    As some commentators have correctly pointed out, RUSSIA is by invitation.
  9. Paramon Pictures (Paramon Pictures) 29 August 2020 17: 54
    Now we need to wait for a response from the amers, but we still need to be "daring", more assertive and even boorish. They only accept it.
  10. Bovan Offline Bovan
    Bovan (Bovan) 29 August 2020 18: 53
    Small British barks began to bark. Hee hee!
  11. Andrey Vylev Offline Andrey Vylev
    Andrey Vylev (Andrey Vylev) 29 August 2020 23: 13
    Russian Il-20 was shot down over the Mediterranean by Syrian air defense forces


    Only it was not the Syrians who shot him down, but the Israelis, and this has been proven !!! There was no retribution for Israel!

    If tomorrow the Russian military will suffer again (God forbid), retribution, I am convinced, will not happen again !!! -Why???

    Philip Kirkorov offended the paratroopers


    Philip Kirkorov, Erofeev, Putin, Sechin, Miller, Kudrin, Chubais ... these are metastases in the Russian Orthodox-Soviet rotten obscurantist body!

    You need to understand that the "elite" of a given nation is its and only its product! There is no need to blame the mirror if the mug is crooked and look for the guilty on the side!

    The paratroopers swagger, but this is only so - gum for himself, that they say - I'm so cool! We need to get rid of fake stereotypes! This is called Catharsis - the most painful process of breaking one's own slave Essence - which, in reality, very few can do! Cattle - not the strength to get out of the cesspool of slavery, where it itself jumped!

    Take the same story about the fact that "Russia has only two allies - the Army and the Navy"! There is no bigger lie !!!!! If this were true, then the so-called "Liberal Party" - the rotten Russians, led by Mutin - would NOT BE ABLE long ago! The Army and the Navy would have raked this shit with giblets off the Russian Land! However, Russian slaves are an army, a navy , guards and cops - guard the Pyramid of Satanic Power from the wrath of hicks and they don't even have an Idea - Why it turns out this way (as always) and - What to do with It!
    That is why the Kirkorovs wipe their feet on them and there is no retribution for Israel!
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. shinobi Offline shinobi
      shinobi (Yuri) 30 August 2020 08: 18
      How many emotions! Do you believe in your own delirium?
    3. Tuareg72 Offline Tuareg72
      Tuareg72 (victor) 30 August 2020 09: 00
      Have you been given a sedative yet? Doctors are late, they are late.
  12. Petr0vi4 Kirill Offline Petr0vi4 Kirill
    Petr0vi4 Kirill (Petr0vi4 Kirill) 30 August 2020 00: 51
    Probably, they would like retaliation for 100 Russian mercenaries, whom the United States liquidated some time ago.

    Here are "mild" (antonym). Footage from the AC-140 computer game (a fake that was thrown in by the troll Yurko Stets on the Internet) about fake destruction, fake "Wagnerians" from the fake "Wagner group" are taken at face value. Although, why be surprised. In the non-existent "Novichok", these "mild" (antonym) did believe.
  13. boom Boom Offline boom Boom
    boom Boom (Bum) 30 August 2020 07: 21
    Not one hundred, but three hundred Wagnerians, Pompeo officially confirmed.
  14. EDRENA ZA NOGU_2 (EDRENA ZA NOGU) 30 August 2020 07: 24
    Because Russia is not Libya, not Yugoslavia! Just because Americans are brave - to fight small countries! Underpants! Any grandfather with a club will give a black man or a Latinos in the forehead with that club for his freedom! And he doesn't care about your American values! Our values ​​are more valuable!
  15. shinobi Offline shinobi
    shinobi (Yuri) 30 August 2020 08: 29
    Ltd! They forgot to ask the British couch strategists. Nobody there, patrols, I mean, will not shoot at anyone. In Syria, our aerospace forces dominate, and if something happens, the Yankees' bases will be rolled into dust. And this is open war. Nobody needs it. There will be no help. The Turks are playing their game, the Israelis will disown. To hit Iranian warehouses is one thing, to spit with the Kremlin and be left alone with Iran and the Turks is quite another. And Uncle Sam now has his worries above the roof and until next spring is not up to the Middle East.
  16. Tuareg72 Offline Tuareg72
    Tuareg72 (victor) 30 August 2020 08: 57
    Why did the Russians manage to leave without bullet holes?

    Because if at least one bullet hole appeared in a Russian car, then in the middle of the field there would immediately appear several burned-out remains of American armored cars.
    Let the Americans pray to God that they are only being rammed for now!
  17. shonsu Offline shonsu
    shonsu (Shonsu) 31 August 2020 11: 54
    Some people still have glimpses of reason.
  18. Prisoner Offline Prisoner
    Prisoner (Ayrat) 31 August 2020 17: 28
    You are formulating the question incorrectly, gentlemen, Americans. Why the Americans were still able to dump is the question.
  19. AICO Offline AICO
    AICO (Vyacheslav) 2 September 2020 22: 19
    You worry about your holes - so that new ones are not picked up, or the existing ones are not "expanded" !!!