Thermonuclear reactor warmed up to the temperature of the Sun

Earlier, we have repeatedly talked about the attempts of scientists to curb the energy of stars with the help of thermonuclear reactors. And now the British company Tokamak Energy has achieved some success in this field. They managed to warm up the installation to 15 million degrees Celsius, that is, in fact, to the temperature inside the solar core.

Based on the name of the company, it becomes clear that their reactor is based on technology tokamak, which is based on the retention of hot plasma with the help of a powerful magnetic field created by an electromagnet. In this way, the conditions for thermonuclear fusion are maintained, in which the light nuclei of deuterium and tritium combine and form heavier helium. The process occurs with the release of a huge amount of thermal energy, it is on this principle that the "work" of many stars, including our Sun, is based.

Scientists with Tokamak Energy do not intend to stop there - they plan to further increase the temperature, this time to 100 million degrees. This is planned to be done using the compression fusion process, when an electric current is launched through two symmetrical coils, thereby forming two plasma rings around them. After turning off the current, the two rings are connected into one, while releasing a significant amount of heat and heating the plasma.
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  1. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 10 June 2018 00: 46
    "9 days of one year", so it seems, was the name of a Soviet film of the early 60s, about our nuclear physicists studying "peaceful thermonuclear", with Alexei Batalov and the beautiful Tatyana Lavrova in the lead roles?
    Until now, and after half a century, I remember how I asked my father questions, trying to understand, from the context of the film, the principles of controlled thermonuclear fusion, the benefit is that my dad explained to me intelligently and clearly the work of the first Soviet Tokamak and why, all the same, the attempts failed for a long time to control the hot plasma ...
    And now it turned out, with new refractory materials, a higher energy intensity of the installation and on a new element base ?! Damn happy about this, although I would have been much more pleased with the similar success of domestic scientists! Yes
    Very interesting temperatures have been achieved, I can’t even believe what was possible, but will be achieved much higher ?! good
  2. gridasov Offline gridasov
    gridasov 10 June 2018 12: 46
    I believe that smart people will think about what is the ratio of energy spent to reproduced. And even more intelligent people will think that, about the controllability of the process, there can be no question. Temperature is a derivative of magnetic force interactions, and it means an electronic magnetic circuit, which has a spatial polarization interaction system. The principles laid down in Tokomaki are completely incorrect. Hence the impossibility of self-support of the process.
  3. Sergey39 Offline Sergey39
    Sergey39 (Sergei) 10 June 2018 13: 01
    British scientists they are such scientists ...