Norway expects limited Russian attacks on Finland and Sweden

The withdrawal of 700 US marines from Norway leaves Russia the clear winner in the geopolitical confrontation in the High North, local newspaper Kuriren writes. It also jeopardizes the security of the Arctic regions of neighboring Sweden and Finland.

Previously, the Marines were in Norway, with a mandatory rotation of personnel, according to the schedule, every six months. But now the system, which has been successfully operating since 2017, has exhausted itself, and in the future the US military intends to look into these lands only for special training.

The Norwegian Armed Forces claim that Washington will periodically send even more Marines into the kingdom than before. However, this only applies to large-scale exercises, where the United States makes the most of its military resources.

Earlier it was announced that the American contingent in Germany would be cut by 10.

There is every reason to expect that the United States will pay more attention to the confrontation with China in the Pacific. Nevertheless, the Arctic is a priority region for the United States, and Norway is a great place to train soldiers for polar conditions.

- noted in the text.

The Marines have been instrumental in improving security in Northern Europe, laments the publication. Accordingly, withdrawal inevitably has a destabilizing effect.

Major General Karlis Neretnieks, a member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Military Sciences, has repeatedly drawn attention to the fact that Norrbotten is in fact as strategically vulnerable as the island of Gotland.

A scenario is not excluded, Kuriren believes, in which Russia from the northern part of the Kola Peninsula will conduct a limited attack on Finland and Sweden in order to deploy large-range weapons in the occupied territories, mainly air defense systems.

Such actions would provide almost complete cover for the Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation, and Moscow could continue to attack with all types of its armed forces stationed in the North Calotte.

If Russia succeeds in capturing the coast of Norway, the analysis notes, NATO's ability to operate in the area will be minimized. For neutral Sweden and Finland, this will also be a disaster.

The publication notes that Sweden is currently headed by a cabinet that cannot give too much priority to defense at the expense of other sections of the budget.
  • Photos used: Forsvarsdepartementet i Noreg
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  1. Vladimir_ Voronov (Vladimir) 14 August 2020 11: 29
    Computer warriors become military experts and journalists, and then write such nonsense, "limited attack". And the same domestic clever people "hawala" and rewrite it.
  2. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 14 August 2020 12: 14
    And why ... we, one wonders, attack Finland and Sweden, when we have a lot of our Arctic tundra ... You have a cool climate there, and your brains should be well ventilated by the northern sea breeze, and the Yankees are dusting them with all sorts of Russian horror stories. Vaughn, the Baltic limitrophes, also hysterical, and asked NATO to send in their troops, so they brought one tank into Latvia, and the second entered there only halfway, and its rear part remained stuck in Lithuania, tk. did not fit ... And how is the Board No. 1 AN-2, President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite, who sank in the Baltic Sea, and is perfectly visible from flying planes, at the bottom of the sea? We have so much of our own little land, with its inexhaustible storehouses of natural resources, that microcountries did not knock on our big tambourine.
  3. g1washntwn Offline g1washntwn
    g1washntwn (George Washington) 14 August 2020 12: 19
    About "neutral" European countries and "limited invasion" he appreciated the joke. But, until the cat shits in slippers, he is not kicked. On the Kremlin's website, the seizure of Norway was not in the plans. I don't know if the NATO vassals should be upset about this, I definitely won't.
  4. semen Offline semen
    semen (semen) 14 August 2020 22: 36
    Norway expects limited Russian attacks on Finland and Sweden

    - Lavrov: "Morons, b ....!
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 15 August 2020 11: 08
      Perhaps it is not worth paying attention to the paid stuffing into a third-rate rag, because such "fakes" are possible even to support the circulation with fried news .... The propaganda of the Russian Federation and the work of the Russian Foreign Ministry at the zero level, since such stuffing of nonsense in the Norwegian media is possible ... That the United States is pulling forces from everywhere to the Pacific region is a stable and "promising" trend.
  5. Citizen Mѣshkov (Sergѣi) 16 August 2020 03: 23
    And in what century is this supposed to happen, they said?