One step away from war: a Greek frigate made a bulk on a Turkish ship

The Greek naval frigate Limnos and the Turkish warship Kemal Rice collided in the eastern Mediterranean. According to the Greek agency Pentapostagma, the Greeks "taught a lesson" to the Turks, having made a bulk on a frigate of the Turkish Navy.

The incident between the ships of the two countries took place on Tuesday, August 12, in the disputed region of the eastern Mediterranean Sea, where seismic exploration is being conducted by the Turkish scientific vessel Oruk Rice.

Greece could benefit from the event in two ways, according to Slpress. On the one hand, the Greek frigate managed to "deploy" this offensive move of the Turkish Navy to the detriment of Ankara. On the other hand, there is evidence of "flagrant Turkish aggression", which could have far-reaching consequences.

The previous evening, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced in a televised address that the risk of ship accidents in the Aegean Sea is increasing due to the too high concentration of warships in such a small sea area.

Meanwhile, the confrontation between Athens and Ankara in the region has its own politicaleconomic background. On August 6, the authorities of Greece and Egypt signed an agreement on the demarcation of maritime boundaries and the establishment of an exclusive economic zone in the Mediterranean. This agreement allows the parties to benefit greatly from oil and gas production. Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias said that the agreement complies with all provisions of international and maritime law and ensures security and stability.

The Greco-Egyptian treaty was a reaction to the attempts of the Turks to claim their rights to the shelf of the eastern Mediterranean. To ensure its interests, Ankara had previously drawn closer to Libya's PNC, supplying it with weapons and directly intervening in the intra-Libyan conflict. Erdogan signed a memorandum of understanding with Saraj on maritime zones, violating the plans of Greece, Cyprus and Israel to explore in these areas.

The Turkish-presented map of the region does not recognize the rights of the Greek islands to mineral deposits in the Eastern Mediterranean. Meanwhile, the estimated reserves of natural gas in the region are about 122 trillion cubic meters.

Thus, Greece and Turkey claim their rights to the same maritime territories, which is why the countries actually found themselves on the brink of war.
  • Photos Used: US Navy
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  1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 13 August 2020 11: 23
    When there is a dispute about big money, the stakes for the conflict rise sharply ... One thing, butting for deserted islands, the other about hundreds of billions of dollars ... Huge reserves of hydrocarbons in the waters of the Levant today are the main hot spot in the Middle East, or else it will be .. Russia is also a player, after a treaty and arrival in Syria ... In a pair with Turkey, good bonuses are possible for the Russian Federation, otherwise the other side is under the influence of the United States, and there are only losses and a break in relations with Turkey, which is very undesirable for strategic reasons ...
  2. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 13 August 2020 11: 36
    The logic of the Greek side is incomprehensible. Why was this bulk necessary at all?
    1. Bakht Offline Bakht
      Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 13 August 2020 20: 02
      Thank you for the downsides .... Well, at least someone would explain the reason. Although I have said many times that I don't care.
      And now, essentially from someone who has worked in marine seismic surveys for 25 years. It is enough for any ship to go in the wake of a geophysical vessel, or even a little to the side at a distance of 1-2 miles, and no reconnaissance will become possible.

      Therefore, I will repeat the question "Why was this bulk needed at all?"
      1. Binder Offline Binder
        Binder (Miron) 13 August 2020 21: 29
        The naval was carried out not on a geophysical vessel, but on a frigate of the Turkish Navy, therefore, there was not a desire to interfere with the research, but a demonstration of strength and determination to escalate. Not the wisest decision in my opinion ... negative
        1. Bakht Offline Bakht
          Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 13 August 2020 22: 15
          Military vessels accompanied the geophysical vessel. The picture in the article rather corresponds to refueling at sea. There is another photo

          If this incident took place, then it is not clear why? It is enough to create noise and the seismic survey will not be carried out. A small boat is enough to create interference, which will simply be nearby.
          To be honest, the islands belong to Greece, but are located next to Turkey. Who owns the exclusive economic right is unknown. The island of Kastolorizo ​​is literally under the mainland coast of Turkey

          1. Binder Offline Binder
            Binder (Miron) 13 August 2020 22: 24
            I happened to be in those places, everything is really very close there, and the controversial situation did not arise out of nowhere.
    2. boriz Offline boriz
      boriz (boriz) 13 August 2020 22: 55
      The actions of two Soviet TFR in 1988 showed the effectiveness of the reception. This is the last attempt to convince the "partner" of the full seriousness of further intentions.
      The Turks started looking for oil in the zone of Greek economic interests. Spit on international law. They behaved the way the United States does not always allow itself to behave.
      So it was explained to them, using available means, that they were wrong. The next step is to open fire.
      And without the bulk, they did not understand. Just like the Americans in 1988, who made their way into our territorial waters. Our sailors have set a good precedent in international communication. smile
      And the Greeks are great.
      1. Bakht Offline Bakht
        Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 13 August 2020 23: 03
        Maybe well done. But I still recommend looking at the map. 200 miles is an exclusive economic zone. And Turkey also has a right to it. You can't figure it out without half a liter.

  3. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 13 August 2020 12: 10
    Beat the Turks - that's right. The Turks will answer - this too. While there is almost a war going on, gas will not go to Europe. And this is good...
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 13 August 2020 12: 42
      Don't hit yourself in the head, because this is how the beating of the Turks, the current strategic allies of the Russian Federation in terms of the strategic alignment, looks like ... Well, are you trying for Israel, then you need to kill everyone with the hands of the United States in the Middle East - Israel's current strategy. Everyone builds their own strategy according to their needs, Russian needs are somewhat different than those voiced by you ...
      1. Binder Offline Binder
        Binder (Miron) 13 August 2020 21: 32
        I want to note that the Israelis today, as always in the past, beat their enemies in the Middle East exclusively with their own hands.
        1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 13 August 2020 21: 56
          Of course, the Israelis beat their enemies on trifles ... But the main strategic intent is in the destruction of the surrounding states by the hands of the United States and other actions, such as coups and civil wars ... Now they began to destroy Turkey, through the support of the US Kurds and the formation of the Kurdish statehood, which will significantly weaken Turkey .. About Egypt, Syria, Tunisia. Libya, - so the statehood is in ruins, they have no time for Israel in the near future, which is why these coups were created ... With the exception of little Jordan under the secret protectorate of England, she indulges Israel in all ... The spread of Wahhabi terrorism in neighboring countries with the support of the Saudis, Israel's secretive allies in the struggle for domination, as a defense weapon ... Israel's policy is extremely straightforward ...
          1. Binder Offline Binder
            Binder (Miron) 13 August 2020 22: 14
            The coups in the Arab states have taken place and are happening not through the efforts of the Israelis and / or the Americans, but as a result of quite understandable historical processes. In general, the Israelis would be much better off if there were stable state formations around, and not a bunch of primitive barmaley who cut each other over the centuries. You can conduct a dialogue with normal states, as is happening today between Israel and the UAE.
            1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 14 August 2020 12: 48
              Normal Arab states have attacked Israel more than once, therefore, the further policy of smashing them from the inside, you really don't let the fog go ...
              1. Binder Offline Binder
                Binder (Miron) 14 August 2020 14: 03
                There are few normal states among Israel's closest neighbors. Is that Jordan, the Hashemite kingdom, to some extent can be considered as such. And Egypt under the rule of Nasser and others. "Progressive Arab regimes" were ordinary mongrels who sat on handouts from Moscow.
  4. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 13 August 2020 12: 44
    Well, Galina, do you still doubt the courage of the Greek fleet ?! The Turks received lule from the Greek cruiser Averof, having superiority over the Greek fleet, but this did not help them win a single battle against the Greeks at sea.
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  7. Dima Dima_2 Offline Dima Dima_2
    Dima Dima_2 (Dima Dima) 14 August 2020 00: 59
    122 trillion cubic meters? Dreamer)