"Russia out!": Poles reacted to the confrontation in Belarus

Polish media and readers are actively commenting on the presidential elections in neighboring Belarus and the mass protests that followed. Let us remind you that supporters of the opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and the police subordinate to the incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko entered into a protracted confrontation.

In particular, the FAKTY w INTERIA.PL website has published a detailed article on the clashes on the streets of Minsk and other cities.

Polish readers have not left news without attention, leaving more than 500 comments under it. Some of them are offered to your attention.

Lukashenka is a buffer between us and Russia

- reminds one As.

I don't know if you understand geography, but Poland already borders on Russia. And in the Baltic itself there are submarines with supersonic missiles "Zircon" and "Caliber" and "Onyx". I'm not even talking about Iskander, but these are missiles that can be equipped not only with nuclear or conventional, but also with a thermobaric charge with enhanced acoustic noise, which causes an immediate heart attack without destroying buildings

- replies to a previous comment by Realista.

If Lukashenko's opponent scored less than 7%, then what is the discussion about? Such riots could be in Poland. [...] Lukashenko is a wise politician and prevented something like Maidan

- notes the user with the nickname czytelnik.

Belarus has the same democracy as Russia. Putin and Lukashenko guaranteed lifetime rule

- sure Miniu.

We must support the overthrow of the Lukashenka regime, as before in Ukraine, thanks to which Polish entrepreneurs can count on an influx of young people willing to work in our country ... which will be beneficial for economics

- says the ekonomista.

Long live free Belarus! Belarus in Trimorye! Russian troops - get out in Russia!

- chants Tomuś.

When Lukashenko disagreed with this comedy around the coronavirus, they want to apply the Ukrainian version to him. If this succeeds, the result will be such an economic devastation, impoverishment of the population, loss of sovereignty, massive emigration of people turned into farm laborers in their own country.

- predicts M.

Belarus is waking up, they want to be in the EU and NATO. But first of all, they want to be free, and not under Putin's yoke.

- The truth broadcasts.

Will they be free as Ukrainians? I wonder if all of them will have enough work in Poland?

- ironically ol.

I wonder if they are protesting for Euros from Merkel or Soros dollars?
- comments roro.
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  1. ozv Offline ozv
    ozv (Oleg Z) 12 August 2020 10: 01
    Russian troops - get out in Russia!

    Right now, we'll bring them to Poland, with tanks, rocket weapons ... what else can you bring?
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 12 August 2020 11: 03
      Today the main weapon is propaganda, and in the minds and actions on the streets, basically only the results of propaganda ... The Russian Federation is losing a propaganda war (failed "Russian World", "Nashi" and other movements). The reasons for the failures, in non-Russian, Khazar rule of the state, where 80% of Slavic Russia is ruled by a crypto-Jewish government (the main top positions are Jewish composition or influence (wives, etc.) ...
      1. Tatyana Offline Tatyana
        Tatyana 13 August 2020 10: 01
        Quote: Vladimir Tuzakov
        Today, the main weapon is propaganda, both in the heads and actions on the streets, in mostly only propaganda results..

        Exactly! Moreover, the Sormovo propaganda aims to create a "closet" in the minds of the masses!
      2. Kuzmich Sibiryakov (Kuzmich Sibiryakov) 13 August 2020 12: 32
        Quote: Vladimir Tuzakov
        Today the main weapon is propaganda, and in the minds and actions on the streets, basically only the results of propaganda ... The Russian Federation is losing a propaganda war (failed "Russian World", "Nashi" and other movements). The reasons for the failures, in non-Russian, Khazar rule of the state, where 80% of Slavic Russia is ruled by a crypto-Jewish government (the main top positions are Jewish composition or influence (wives, etc.) ...

        If you can, list the Judas here. I think with THIS list, you will lose. Hence, the conclusion is that the situation with this question has become better?
        1917. Who rode in the notorious sealed carriage.
        PASSENGERS OF SEALED CARS allowed by Germany to Russia in 1917:

        Lenin wagon

        Abramovich Maya Zelikovna
        Eisenbund Meer Kivovich
        Armand Inessa Fedorovna
        Goberman Mikhail Vulfovich
        Grebelskaya Fanya
        Kon Elena Feliksovna
        Konstantinovich Anna Evgenievna
        Krupskaya Nadezhda Konstantinovna
        Lenin (Ulyanov) Vladimir Ilyich
        Linde Johann-Arnold Johannovich
        Miringof Ilya Davidovich
        Miringof Maria Efimovna
        Mortochkina Valentina Sergeevna (wife of Safarov)
        Payneson Semyon Gershovich
        Pogosskaya Bunya Hemovna (with son Reuben)
        Ravich Sarra Nakhumovna
        Radek (Sobelson) Karl Bernhardovich
        Radomyslskaya Zlata Evnovna
        Radomyslsky-Zinoviev (Apfelbaum) Ovsha-Gershen Aronovich
        Radomyslsky Stefan Ovsheevich
        Rivkin Zalman-Burke Oserovich
        Rosenblum David Mordukhovich
        Safarov (Voldin) Georgy Ivanovich
        Skovno Abram Anchilovich
        Slyusareva Nadezhda Mikhailovna
        Sokolnikov (Diamond) Hirsch Yankelevich
        Suliashvili David Sokratovich
        Usievich Grigory Alexandrovich
        Kharitonov Moses Motkovich
        Tskhakaya Mikhail Grigorievich


        Avdeev Ivan Ananievich (with wife and son)
        Axelrod Tovia Leizerovich (with wife)
        Pharmacist Joseph Vasilievich
        Asiriani Sosipatr Samsonovich
        Astrov (Hang) Isaac Sergeevich
        Baugidze Samuil Grigorievich
        Belenky Zakhary Davidovich (with wife and child)
        Bogrova Valentina Leonidovna
        Bronstein Roza Abramovna
        Vanadze Alexander Semenovich
        Voikov (Weiner) Pinhus Lazarevich
        Geronimus Iosif Borisovich
        Gishvaliner Petr Iosifovich
        Gogiashvili Polikarp Davidovich (with wife and child)
        Gohblit Matvey Iosifovich
        Dobrovitsky Zakhary Leibovich
        Doidze Solomon Yassevich
        Zhvif (Makar) Semen Moiseevich
        Ioffe David Nakhumovich (with his wife)
        Kogan Vladimir Abramovich
        Kogan Israel Iremevich (with wife and child)
        Christy Mikhail Petrovich
        Lebedev (Polyansky) Pavel Ivanovich (with wife and child)
        Levin Iohim Davidovich
        Levitman Liba Berkovna
        Lunacharsky Anatoly Vasilyevich
        Manevich Abram-Evel Izrailevich (with wife)
        Manuilsky Dmitry Zakharovich
        Martov (Cederbaum) Julius Osipovich
        Martynov (Picker) Semen Yulievich (with wife and child)
        Mgeladze Vlasa Dzharismanovich
        Movshovich Moses Solomonovich (with wife and child)
        Muntyan Sergey Fedorovich (with his wife)
        Nazariev Mikhail Fedorovich
        Orgerovsky Mark (with wife and child)
        Orlov (Mender) Fedor Ivanovich
        Ostashkinskaya Roza Hirsch-Arapovna
        Pevzaya Victor Vasilievich
        Pshiborovsky Stefan Vladislavovich
        Plastinin Nikanor Fedorovich (with wife and child)
        Pozin Vladimir Ivanovich
        Rabinovich (Scenrer) Pilya Iosifovna
        Wrightman (with wife and child)
        Rosenblum German Haskelevich
        Rokhlin Mordha Wulfovich
        Ruzer Leonid Isaakovich (with his wife)
        Ryazanov (Goldendach) David Borisovich
        Sagredo Nikolai Petrovich (with his wife)
        Sadokaya Joseph Bezhanovich
        Semkovsky (Bronstein) Semen Yulievich (with his wife)
        Sokolinskaya Gitlya Lazarevna (with her husband)
        Sokolnikov (with a child)
        Turkin Mikhail Pavlovich
        Finkel Moses Adolfovich
        Khaperiya Konstantin Alekseevich
        Shaykman Aaron Leibovich
        Shifrin Nathan Kalmanovich
        Erenburg Ilya Lazarevich


        Abramovich (Rhine) Rafail Abramovich (with wife and two children)
        Alter Estera Izrailevna (with a child)
        Boltin Leyser Haimovich
        Weinberg Markus Aaronovich
        Diment Leiser Nakhumovich
        Drankin Wolf Meerovich (with wife and child)
        Dreisenstok Anna Meerovna
        Zanin Mayrom Monashevich
        Idelsson Mark Linmanovich
        Ioffe Pincus Ioselevich
        Clavier Lev Solomonovich
        Office Samuel-Srul Davidovich
        Levit (Gellert-Levit) Eidel Meerovna (with a child)
        Lerner David
        Lipnin Judah Leibovich
        Lyubinsky Mechislav-Abram Osipovich (with wife and child)
        Luxembourg Moses Solomonovich
        Makhlin Taiva-Zeylik Zelmanovich
        Meerovich Movsha Gilelevich
        Nakhimzon Meer Itskovich
        Pinlis Meer Bentsianovich
        Rakov Moses Ilyich
        Rosen Chaim Judovich (with his wife)
        Svetitsky A.A.
        Skeptor Yakov Leibinovich
        Slobodsky Valentin Osipovich
        Tusenev Isaac Markovich
        Hefel Abram Yakovlevich
        Zuckerstein Solomon Srulevich (with two children)
        Sheinis Iser Haimovich

        Socialist Revolutionaries (Socialist Revolutionaries)

        Landless (Ustinov) Alexey Mikhailovich
        Belyaeva (Ures) Maria Alexandrovna (with a child)
        Bobrov (Natanson) Mark Andreevich (with his wife V.I. Alexandrova)
        Vesnstein Israel Aronovich
        Vinogradova Elizaveta Ievrovna
        Gavronsky Dimitri Osipovich
        Dakhlin David G. (with wife and child)
        Hookah Evgenia Nikolaevna
        Klyushin Boris Izrailevich (with wife)
        Levinzon Meer Abramovich (with wife and child)
        Lunkevich Zoya Pavlovna
        Perel Rebekah
        Proshyan Tron Pershovich
        Rosenberg Lev Iosifovich (with wife and two children)
        Ulyanov Grigory Karlovich
        Tendelevich Leonid Abramovich (with wife and two children)
        Freifeld Lev Vladimirovich (with wife and child)


        Butsevich Alexander Stanislavovich
        Vyugin Yakov (with wife and children)
        Giterman Abram Moiseevich (with wife and child)
        Goldstein Abram Borisovich
        Lipditz. Olga (with a child)
        Maximov (Yastrzhembsky) Timofey Fedorovich
        Miller Abram Lipovich (with wife and two children)
        Rivkin Abram Yakovlevich
        Rubinchik Efraim-Abram Aronovich
        Segalov Abram Vulfovich (with his wife)
        Skutelsky Joseph Isaakovich
        Toybiseman Vetya Izrailevna
        Shmulevich Esther Isaakovna
        Justin David

        Social Democrats of the Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania

        Goldblum Roza Mavrikievna
        Urban Ernst Ivanovich (with wife and child)
        Schuster Ivan Germanovich

        Polish Socialist Party

        Kon Felix Yakovlevich (with daughter and son-in-law)
        Lapinsky (Levinson) Meer Abramovich
        Shpakovsky Jan-Ignatius Alexandrovich

        Poalei ционion (Zion workers)

        Volovnina Alassa Ovseevna

        Zionist Socialists

        Dines Rivka Haimovna
        Rosenberg Lev Iosifovich

        Social Democratic Party of Lithuania

        Martna Mikhail Yuryevich


        Averbukh Shmul-Leiba Iosifovich
        Balabanova Angelika Isaakovna
        Braginsky Monus Osipovich
        Goniondsky Joseph Abramovich
        Siefeld Arthur Rudolfovich
        Karadzhay Georgy Artemievich (with his wife)
        Kimmel Johann Voldemarovich
        Makarova Olga Mikhailovna
        Mararam Elya Evelchevna
        Meisner Ivan (with wife and two children)
        Odoevsky (Severov) Afanasy Semenovich
        Okudzhava Vladimir Stepanovich
        Rashkovsky Haim Punkusovich
        Slobodsky Solomon Mordkovich
        Sokolov Pavel Yakovlevich
        Stuchevsky Pavel Vladimirovich
        Troyanovsky Konstantin Mikhailovich
        Shapiro Mark Leopoldovich
        1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 13 August 2020 13: 06
          There were two trains from Germany, but the second sealed carriages had the same passenger composition, but this is a story ... A conversation about today's Russia, essentially Moscow Khazaria, with the leaders in the government, who have been shuffled for decades without changing (there are not so many Khazar personnel). Mishustin by mother, D. Medvedev-Mendel David Aharonovich, Lavrov-Laverman, Mutko, Surkov, Kirienko-Izraelit, Chubais ... etc., and the vast majority of oligarchs ... Today, having considered the government, we will find crypto-Jews at all in positions, even the Rosgvardia was put in command of a crypto Jew. It is necessary to consider "digging deeply", because surnames and biographies are fake, a vivid example, Medvedev Dmitry Anatolyevich ... But the problem is not in the nation, the problem is that the crypto-Jews in the government rule according to their interests, basically robbing and destroying Russia ... Strengthen the armed forces and the Russian Guard, and then to protect the loot ...
          1. Accidentally Offline Accidentally
            Accidentally 6 September 2020 07: 42
            Well done, he raised the banner against Khazaria.
    2. Kostyar Online Kostyar
      Kostyar 12 August 2020 12: 07
      From them "great warriors" a pair of pendals is enough ...
  2. Vyacheslav Egorov (Vyacheslav Egorov) 12 August 2020 10: 42
    It's time to put the Poles in place.
  3. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 12 August 2020 11: 00
    Should we repeat the Vistula-Oder operation again and free Poland from idiots?
    1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex 12 August 2020 20: 01
      No, Valentin, it is not necessary - let them themselves under the ameri ... When they come to their senses - it will be too late - the Yankees will strip them like sticky, ruin them to zero and knock them down ... AND GOD DON'T GIVE THEM TO REGRET THEM - the creatures of the first order. There is no more corrupt and bastard nation on the planet (with a few exceptions that prove the rule).
  4. Corvalolov Offline Corvalolov
    Corvalolov 12 August 2020 11: 29
    410 years ago, Moscow was in the Commonwealth, 200 years ago, more than 100 years ago, Poland was a Polish kingdom, and the tsar was not in Warsaw, but in St. Petersburg, when will the Polish federal district of the Russian Federation be?
    1. Kostyar Online Kostyar
      Kostyar 12 August 2020 12: 11
      when will the Polish Federal District of the Russian Federation be?

      When we attacked us we will eliminate completely, and not restore them at our expense !!!
    2. Galina Pigareva Offline Galina Pigareva
      Galina Pigareva (Galina Pigareva) 12 August 2020 12: 30
      On May 1, 1686, Russia bought Kiev from the Commonwealth for 146000 rubles. With a 27% discount from the original price. These were the conditions of the "Eternal Peace".
      1. Sergey Tokarev Offline Sergey Tokarev
        Sergey Tokarev (Sergey Tokarev) 12 August 2020 19: 40
        ..and got dill in the load ...
  5. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 12 August 2020 11: 48
    I wonder if they are protesting for Euros from Merkel or Soros dollars?

    As it turned out, for dollars.


    Again, for the sake of objectivity, a Ukrainian source.
  6. Alexander Nazarov (Alexander Nazarov) 12 August 2020 13: 11
    It is necessary to put a monument to Susanin opposite the Pshek embassy so that they will remember !!!
  7. fedys2.f Offline fedys2.f
    fedys2.f (Max Romanov) 12 August 2020 14: 18
    And nothing that until 1917 Poland was the territory of the Russian Empire?!?
    Maybe you need to attach it back?
    1. A.Lex Offline A.Lex
      A.Lex 12 August 2020 20: 02
      No, don't. Let them themselves, let them themselves - let the Ameri clatter with them.
  8. Joker62 Offline Joker62
    Joker62 (Ivan) 12 August 2020 15: 45
    Quote: fedys2.f
    And nothing that until 1917 Poland was the territory of the Russian Empire?!?
    Maybe you need to attach it back?

    No really! We don't need this hyena of Europe for nothing. If they are attached as in the Russian Empire - they will constantly be buzzing - then a car, then a strike, then they will also come up with a mischief to their neighbor ...
  9. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 12 August 2020 17: 22
    Long live free Belarus! Belarus in Trimorye! Russian troops - get out in Russia!

    Is this an invitation? Go from Pskov to Kaliningrad? Maybe you should take it before you change your mind?
  10. kartalovkolya Offline kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 13 August 2020 10: 50
    Well, from what "binge" on the VO are the cries of the "hyena of Europe" discussed? Insufficient, three times divided and glued again only thanks to Russia, in gratitude, shits in the hand of the breadwinner! Corrupt filth, to call Poland a prostitute would be an offense for the representatives of this ancient profession, scavengers, in a word !!!
  11. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Sapsan136) 13 August 2020 12: 58
    It's time for the Russian Federation to cut off the oxygen to the insolent Poles, enough to buy Polish goods, which rotten Luka passes off as Belarusian.
  12. General Black Offline General Black
    General Black (Gennady) 23 August 2020 21: 14
    Lukashenka is a buffer between us and Russia

    The buffer between Russia and Poland is common sense. If, say, Vladimir Volfovich were in power, the psheki would now sneeze from radioactive dust and rub the chains under their noses with dirty fists. Together, of course, with the lovers of other people's suitcases - the Romanians.