"Flying Car" finally soared into the sky

Kitty Hawk, a company specializing in the development of flying vehicles, introduced a working prototype of its flying car this week. While the device will run in test mode for a limited circle of people, but in the future it will become available to everyone.

According to company representatives, it does not require any special skills to operate Flyer (such a name was given to a flying car), and management training will take only an hour. In fact, Flyer is a large quadrocopter, the control panel of which is located directly on board with the pilot. It is equipped with ten electric motors with propellers, and is able to automatically stabilize its position in flight, which is an important component of its simplicity. In addition, the device is able to land on the water, thanks to two floats.

While Flyer (that is, the “flyer”) does not fly very vigorously: its speed is limited to 30 km / h and the maximum flight altitude is only 3 meters, but Sebastian Tron, CEO of the company, is confident that in the future Flyer will be able to reach speeds of up to 160 km / h Another, we believe that a temporary, drawback of a flying machine is a weak battery, designed for only 20 minutes of flight.

Whether development will go to the people and how popular it will turn out is time will tell.
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