DW: Is Putin overthrowing Lukashenko or helping him?

After the scandal with the detention of "PMC militants", the Belarusian authorities are strengthening control and security of the border with Russia. Moscow responds with mirror actions, creating queues at checkpoints and a nervous situation, discontent of Belarusian citizens (potential voters). Experts at the German news portal Deutsche Welle are trying to understand what is behind the screen of the scandal. And also to answer the question, is the President of the Russian Federation trying to "overthrow" his colleague from Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, or, on the contrary, is helping him?

These strange Russians

According to the German media, there are already legends about the detention of Russian "militants". Even if the authorities of Belarus, who are well aware of the presence of a group of mercenaries on their territory, had not arrested the recruits, then the law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Belarus would have done so at the request of individuals. Indeed, there were reasons for "concern" for the vigilant citizens of Belarus.

So, the visiting Russians had an athletic physique, walked "as one" in camouflage, were always sober and did not make a rowdy, besides, these "destabilizers" wore frightening stripes on their uniforms. This is inexplicable from the point of view of stereotypes about Russians, the German newspaper notes sarcastically, hinting at a "serious reason" for the arrest, separately emphasizing the absurdity of the situation.

All the "harmony" of the official version is finally broken by reports that another member of the "Wagner group" was detained in the south of Belarus. According to the investigation, the "militant" went there supposedly to visit relatives. What is the sentimentality of a fighter preparing a coup, the newspaper writes.

In other words, the fighters did not "stand out" from the crowd at all, skillfully "disguised themselves" and waited for the "Kremlin decree".

Seriously speaking, the "theatrical" performance, which Minsk premiered on July 29, raises a lot of uncomfortable questions both in Russia and in Europe.

Geopolitical attraction

It is quite obvious that all the events taking place in Belarus are connected with the presidential elections in August. Lukashenka is pulling armored vehicles and additional forces of law enforcement agencies to the capital. The opposition “captures” the hearts of the people and looks better and better in the eyes of the voters against the background of the panicking head of the republic. And the two former allies (perhaps one can already speak of this in the affirmative) are increasingly intertwined, attracted in a tangle of contradictions.

Nobody believes in the official version that President Vladimir Putin sent mercenaries to overthrow Lukashenka, most likely, even in Minsk itself.

DW experts also name the second version: the incumbent head of Belarus constantly angers Moscow, but the likely coming to power in Belarus of the opposition frightens the Kremlin even more, so the "Wagnerites" were sent to support the regime. This more truthful version raises additional questions.

The most plausible version, from the point of view of the German media, is that Minsk really believed in Moscow's betrayal, and by arresting the "militants" sent a signal to the West to put pressure on Putin and support Lukashenko's power. In other words, the current head of the republic is so afraid of a coup that could suit the United States that he surrendered in advance without a fight, betraying one of his closest allies.

Summing up, the publication notes that in any case, Lukashenka has big problems: he "annoyed" the Kremlin, and Putin does not forgive even lesser grievances, he is an enemy for the opposition and Washington will definitely not accept him as "their man." Are his days numbered?
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  1. Lawyer Offline Lawyer
    Lawyer (Olaf) 1 August 2020 11: 17
    Actually, for the pupsik's special forces, this behavior is not surprising.
    The times of Eitingon are a thing of the past along with Big Aliya, so today the Lord gave us for morning coffee either Salisberetsk, or Minsk, or some kind of Syrian Wahhabitsk, where the Russian Air Force, for their money, is rolling our last enemy into rubble.
    Ay love Putin!
    He saves us the budget.
  2. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 1 August 2020 12: 23
    Lukashenka has big problems: he "annoyed" the Kremlin

    - Yes, Lukashenka did not really annoy the Kremlin with anything ... - so ... sheer nonsense ...

    and Putin does not forgive even smaller offenses

    - Yes, Erdogan did everything he could; gets up and ... it seems that he will continue to get up in relation to Russia ... - And he is not only forgiven everything; and even everything is perceived with such servility towards him, directly ... like ... like: "You are our prankster and a mischievous person ... - Well, what else can I give you, besides gas pipelines; cash loans (when you can, you will give ; but you can't ... - and so it will do); S-400; NPP ... - Well, what else do you want ... - we will bring you everything on a silver platter .. "...
    - And China still holds Russia for a "maid" girl ... - She uses it; but does not pay money; yes, she also strives to rip off money from her ...
    - So ... - Everyone is glad to offend Russia ... - everything will come out with impunity ...
    - And what such monstrous thing Lukashenka has done in relation to Russia ... - here it is necessary to use so much "fantasy"; as for any science fiction writer ... - a good storyline will turn out ...
  3. beeper Offline beeper
    beeper 1 August 2020 13: 29
    This, in my opinion, was a clear anti-Russian signal to the "common people" from the pro-Western circle of the AHL that "father" is completely under their control (which he confirmed with his public "comment" on this unfriendly "action"!) And to arrange the Minsk "Maidan" ( to remove the "last dictator of Europe" and "lustrate" - "reshuffle" and deprive Lukashenka's habitable places, forcing them to be unnecessarily nervous, hastily "changing their shoes in a jump", and worry about the "honesty" until everything "settles down" with the "new authorities ") with the help of the marginal rabble engaged by the" State Department cookies "(as the Americans did in Tbilisi, Kiev, Yerevan and Arab countries) is there no need ?!
    Indeed, if their “patron” is re-elected for a “new cadence,” these “makei” will surrender everything to their Washington hucksters, without “noise and dust,” “quietly (as Yanukovych and Azarov did!)”, Strangling the pro-Russian the Russian-speaking majority of the Belarusian population and giving no reason for the Kremlin to intervene in this Ameroholui "process of non-alternative European integration" ?!
    The main mistake of the AHL (which predetermined its further unenviable fate) is that since 2000 (with the coming to power in Union State Russia of a young energetic president instead of the EBN who was breathing in incense), he clearly lost all motivation and stopped seriously working on a prosperous future his fellow citizens and his, a priori dependent, "independent" ex-Byelorussian SSR, but only imitated "concern for the development and prosperity of Belarus" - began to "slow down" and concentrated on the narrow world of private priorities of the "appanage prince"!
    Alas, Alexander Rygorovich lacked (obviously "frozen in self-development"!) The level of competence and state thinking, so that, as a state official invested with the highest power with very wide opportunities and truly fraternal preferences from the Russian Federation, to act correctly in the interests of the majority of his fellow citizens and his RB , ineptly bogged down in personal "leaderism" and the Family (as well as his "non-pilot" colleague in Zapadokholopskaya "tacking" fugitive Judomazepine Yanyk, with his "lost life vzhe syogodni" and "Ukraine for people", by which he meant "people" just yourself and your inner circle!) ?!
    I don’t think that in a razaydannaya native Belarus, with pro-American "Tikhanovichs" and other maydauns, if Washington’s nevertheless throw off the AHL who has lost touch with reality, the life of ordinary workers will somehow improve (and not worsen many times, as in the neighboring post-Maidan colony “Ukraine” !), but also (now rushing in madness) "father" will also not lead to any good .... only to the next Russophobic poverty "AntiRussia" - this has already become clear to many Belarusians, who previously supported the AHL in the hope of the Union integration proclaimed by them with Russia and joint growth and synergistic development of a common Union State!
    Probably, I really hope, and in the "deaf-blind" sleepy Kremlin, albeit through the insolent "bite of a fried rooster (in this case, an overseas bald eagle)", they finally began to understand this ??!