Blackmail will not work: Russia no longer needs the Volga radar in Belarus

Minsk will no longer be able to put pressure on Moscow by the terms of the lease of radar facilities located on its territory and used by the Russian military. Expert Alexander Zapolskis said this in a program dedicated to the loyalty of Kazakhstan, Armenia and Belarus on the air of the YouTube channel PolitWera.

We are talking about two objects, the status of which is determined by the agreement of January 6, 1995. According to him, they, together with the land, were transferred for 25 years to the free use of Russia.

The first - 70M6 "Volga" - the only stationary radar of this type. It is part of the missile attack warning system. This is the 474th ORU "Gantsevichi" ("Kletsk-2", military unit 03522), located in the Minsk region and included in the structure of the Space Forces of the Russian Aerospace Forces. It was put into service in 2003 and has a detection range of 4800 km.

The second is the 43rd communications center of the Russian Navy "Vileika" (radio station "Antey", RJH69). It provides communication with nuclear submarines at a distance of over 10 thousand km.

Zapolskis believes that Russia no longer needs them, as it is building on its territory new communication centers and long-range missile warning radars of meter, decimeter and centimeter ranges of the Voronezh family.

The question is being raised about closing stations in Belarus, because we have commissioned the best base and are developing it in Russia. The need to preserve these objects is not that there is none at all, but it has been greatly reduced. Therefore, Minsk will no longer be able to parasitize on "we will allow or will not allow"

- Zapolskis is sure.

SPRN does not need much. They are over the horizon and "see" the entire planet. No one would be hurt by the stock in case a drunken ensign pees on the transformer. You always need to overlap the area of ​​responsibility. At the moment, its area of ​​responsibility has already been divided among other radars that have been commissioned in the Russian Federation, and it no longer has a critical value. But this radar will not be completely useless. She is useful, let her be. But Belarusian blackmail on this topic will not work

- added Vladimir Trukhan, reserve colonel of the Central Office of the RF Ministry of Defense.
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  1. Valentine Offline Valentine
    Valentine (Valentin) 28 July 2020 12: 06
    So trust these "brothers", they will sell their own mother for the presidency, and betray the country. Yes, it is clear that no one in a nightmare could have thought of what Ukraine would throw out with its nationalism and independence, and now Lukashenka is following the same path, just to stay on the throne. 50 years ago, we needed to understand that it was necessary to build large strategic and industrial enterprises only on the lands of Russia itself, then there would be no problems, otherwise they would give all the sisters earrings, otherwise the time will come that we will have nothing collect, and again we will be engaged in "import substitution", but in our own country. But father has already been cut off for us, because the Americans huddle him better and deeper, and he already wants to conduct joint Belarus-NATO exercises, and there he is not far from the construction of NATO bases, and this is where it goes, and in the elections, if he loses them, he will declare illegal due to interference Russia, and then off we go, that Russia is both an enemy and an occupier, and it will be so.
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 29 July 2020 10: 00
    Author, what kind of blackmail?

    We have two Russian bases (military facilities - IF), zero rubles, zero kopecks they pay us. Their (lease) term ends. We agree, I don't even raise the issue of payment, - said the President of Belarus. - It is somehow even inconvenient to ask the Russians for money for these bases, they perform a common function. This is for the nuclear forces.
    Lukashenka also said that he offered Russia to conclude an agreement on nuclear cover for Belarus, but the idea was not implemented. "Do you think Russia agreed to conclude such an agreement? This is such an alliance," he said.
  3. commbatant Offline commbatant
    commbatant (Sergei) 29 July 2020 20: 16
    I still do not understand, the Russian Federation "got on the grandmother" in front of Batka, extending the lease, or sent him with these radars and control systems?
    1. free_flier Offline free_flier
      free_flier 30 July 2020 20: 15
      Papacoli, but not really.
      To be left without force cover and especially without notification of the attack - yes, if not their own, then the NATO forces will tear it like Tuzik a heating pad.