Why, instead of Azerbaijan, Armenia began to fight with the Russian language

The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan received an unexpected continuation. Yerevan dealt a crushing blow ... to the Russian language. The aim of the draft law "On Audiovisual Media" is to get rid of "foreign influence". By all appearances, “influence” refers to the work of the TV channels Russia, Channel One, Mir and Kultura. As a result, programs in Russian will completely disappear from the free broadcasting network.

In Armenia itself, this decision was commented as follows:

Foreign TV channels can broadcast either on the basis of interstate treaties, or if they are of public benefit, broadcast universal content and do not have political or the propaganda components of the agenda of the country from which they broadcast.

This attack on the side of the “great and mighty” looks very strange. Armenia is a member of the Eurasian Union and the CSTO; there is a Russian military base on its territory. By and large, it is our country that is the guarantor of security for Yerevan in its long-standing and bitter conflict with Baku. Now Turkey is ready to take the side of Azerbaijan, which has the second strongest army in NATO. The question remains, how timely and adequate are the actions of the Armenian Parliament? Is Yerevan really ready to meet the Azerbaijani and Turkish hordes alone, and does it absolutely not need peacekeeping assistance from Moscow?

The Russophobic actions of the Armenian authorities look harmful and dangerous primarily for Armenia itself. From the outside, it may seem strange, but, looking closely, you can really see a malicious external influence in them. But not from the Kremlin, but from the West.

If desired, the roots of this destructive policy can be seen in the results of the activities of the Open Society Armenia Foundation, otherwise known as the Soros Foundation. This NGO began operating in the Transcaucasian Republic in 1997. The ex-head of the National Security Service Artur Vanetsyan, who was removed from office by the new Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, recently announced that the Fund poses a danger to Armenia. What have the "Sorosets" been doing all these years?

At first, this Fund, as well as a number of other organizations funded from abroad, actively promoted liberal ideas, insisting on reducing the role of the state in the economy... Note that this creates the preconditions for privatization processes and the emergence, as a result, of a local oligarchy closely associated with large Western capital.

Secondly, there is a so-called "flashing" of values ​​among young people through educational programs. Under the influence of Soros's structure, military-patriotic circles were closed, and the question of removing the subject “History of the Armenian Church” from the school curriculum was raised.

ThirdlyAs a result of such “training”, a “new elite” of the country was formed, which got into the state authorities, capable of leaking the necessary information to the curators and promoting the agenda they need.

It is no secret that in modern Ukraine the tone is set precisely by the former "Soros", who defend the interests of anyone except their own country. It is very likely that now they have raised their heads in Armenia. The "expulsion" of the Russian language from television, if it hurts anyone, is first of all Yerevan itself.
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  1. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
    Bulanov (Vladimir) 24 July 2020 14: 11
    And what about the Russian language in Azerbaijan? The Russian government should help the country that is more loyal to the Russian language. For example, make it the language of international communication, or official.
    In general, Russia can extend a railway line through Azerbaijan to Iran and the Indian Ocean. And what can Russia reach through Armenia? It is necessary to help the one who is more beneficial for Russia.
  2. Sergey Tokarev Offline Sergey Tokarev
    Sergey Tokarev (Sergey Tokarev) 24 July 2020 14: 56
    These are the Armenians, apparently, taking revenge on the Azerbaijanis for the fact that they drove them out of the markets in Russia in a day and forced them to remove their signs)))
    1. Bitter Offline Bitter
      Bitter 26 July 2020 23: 00
      ..a day from the markets in Russia they drove out ...

      But this is nonsense! It turns out that the executive branch does not work in Russia. How so? It is very similar to "my hut is on the edge", the folk are shallow.
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 24 July 2020 15: 09
    Someone really wants to really start fighting ...

    And with the Russian language, everything is simple. The USSR is to blame for everything with the authorities - and who organized the USSR? - Russians. Hence, their language is also to blame.
    Under modern capitalism, everything is simple - our oligarchs are good, and foreign peoples are all bad ...
  4. 123 Offline 123
    123 (123) 24 July 2020 15: 27
    Why, why ..... because there are more people in the American embassy than there are Russian teachers in the whole country.
  5. Marciz Offline Marciz
    Marciz (Stas) 24 July 2020 15: 51
    All this follows the patterns of Ukraine - first the president, who destroys the industry on the sly, then the next one begins to ruin and sell with might and main, spinning the flywheel of corruption so that people rise up, the third is supposedly decommunization and cleansing, in which all the security officials are changed to loyal to the West (who are then also killed ), the fourth begins openly hostile actions. In general, they do everything in stages. As soon as Russia agreed to the fact that President Pashinyan, it gave Armenia Armenia, consider it, to the West.
    1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
      Sapsan136 (Alexander) 24 July 2020 18: 15
      Well, did not Russia agree, but the Armenians, or Russia every time to send troops to the former republic of the union that separated from Russia ?! No, gentlemen, since you separated from Russia, you are responsible for your actions, yourself and Armenia! Russia owes you nothing, and after you repeatedly put Russophobes at the head of Armenia, and even more so!
      1. Marciz Offline Marciz
        Marciz (Stas) 25 July 2020 10: 09
        Well, if you give all the republics to the Pashinyans and Zelenskiy, then in 10 years you will be at war with them, and this despite the fact that a lot of people from these republics living in Russia will harm you in every way. In general, if geopolitics is not that important to you, then get ready for a war on your territory with your citizens. And even more so, Ukraine could not be given away with its nuclear power plants, if anything, the entire south of Russia would be unfit for life, so think about whether it is necessary to interfere in geopolitics or wait to sit.
        1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
          Sapsan136 (Alexander) 26 July 2020 10: 15
          So they are already doing harm, they live in apartments deprived of ethnicity from the Russians, and are fighting against the Russian Federation, so nothing will change. And I am of the opinion that the Russian Federation needs to follow the example of Saudi Arabia in matters of citizenship and not distribute it to just anyone. Nuclear power plants in Ukraine are also on the border with Poland. If Ukraine begins to stir up trouble with nuclear weapons, dirty bombs, or something like that, the Russians will have to move beyond the Urals, and the UKROPS will have to die in their Chernobyl. And in general, what does it mean to give ?! Dill what - furniture ?! They themselves left, and not for the first time, they always rotted and betrayed, from Mazepa to Bandera and Kuchma with Kravchuk. No matter how much you feed the wolf, he still looks into the forest ...
      2. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 31 July 2020 16: 57
        The United States is carrying out in Armenia, as it once did in Georgia, an anti-Russian restructuring, in fact, a coup (a revolution in Prime Minister N. Pashinyan). Russia needs to show the Armenian government that it will not work to sit on two chairs and spit on Russia. Withdraw the troops from Gyumri, leaving the guards. In the CSTO, adopt a resolution on the non-application of protection to the aggressor members ... Armenia will be left alone with the impossibly bloated US diplomatic corps ... Further rapprochement with Azerbaijan and Turkey and the return of N. Karabakh to Azerbaijan - as a consequence of the US policy in Armenia ... Only real actions lead everyone to real thinking ...
        1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
          Sapsan136 (Alexander) 3 August 2020 08: 15
          Taking into account the fact that the countries of the former USSR, who are sick with Russophobia, will not help the Russian Federation, the Russian Federation should generally leave the CSTO and let them there as they want. And then the Evil One in Kazakhstan was already singing how the Russian Federation imposed its wars on the Republic of Belarus, in fact calling the Russian Federation an occupier.
  6. Marciz Offline Marciz
    Marciz (Stas) 24 July 2020 15: 57
    Solovyov had a video report about Putin, so there Putin said how their West asked to influence Yanukovych not to disperse the Maidan !!!!! And the Kremlin almost ordered Yanyk to surrender Ukraine. What are you there, absolutely suckers sitting in the Kremlin, they will ask you to knock your head against the wall - and you will do it !?
    1. Sergey Tokarev Offline Sergey Tokarev
      Sergey Tokarev (Sergey Tokarev) 24 July 2020 16: 34
      But Russia received the Crimea, and then the southeast will receive. All have arrived except ukrov, but nobody is interested in that.
      1. Bitter Offline Bitter
        Bitter 26 July 2020 23: 11
        But Russia got Crimea

        For thirty years of work of all departments and services, Russia managed to lose Ukraine, but at the last moment won the Crimea. It looks more like winning the battle by losing the battle. And there is no need to sing songs about wolves looking into the forest. With Ukraine as a friendly state, many problems in Russia could simply have been avoided and "free" resources could have been used for other purposes. Of course, the people and the economy of Ukraine would also benefit, but Russian diplomacy let this matter go as it were, perhaps even quite deliberately and by agreement with the overseas overseer.
        1. Sergey Tokarev Offline Sergey Tokarev
          Sergey Tokarev (Sergey Tokarev) 26 July 2020 23: 36
          And when was the ruin a friendly state?))) Nobody needs them at all.
    2. Oyo Sarkazmi Offline Oyo Sarkazmi
      Oyo Sarkazmi (Oyo Sarkazmi) 24 July 2020 16: 50
      Quote: marciz
      And the Kremlin almost ordered Yanyk to surrender Ukraine.

      Gee-gee-gee !!!
      Let me ask you this question: could the US Vice President appear together with the US Secretary of State, the second and third persons of the state, in the place of armed confrontation, where they will start shooting at any moment?
      Of course, Biden and Nuland are not idiots. They went out to hand out cookies only when the area was under the full control of the US military. Not a single berkutov, not a single pravosek with brass knuckles. Only American soldiers in civilian clothes. Hence the success of the Maidan - the police and special forces of Ukraine opposed the American army, which completely controlled the neighborhoods around. And the shooting of Maidan was the work of Biden to speed up the process of transferring Ukraine to him on lease. Nobody asked Yanukovych and did not consider him a figure.
      1. Bitter Offline Bitter
        Bitter 26 July 2020 23: 20
        ... the area was under the full control of the American ...

        It looks like American "green men", it turns out that there was already "plagiarism" in Crimea?
        All that happened in Ukraine and in the Crimea was a card game already played and we saw only the foam left after diplomatic battles? And Donbass was not in the plan at all and now everyone is improvising as best they can.
    3. 123 Offline 123
      123 (123) 25 July 2020 15: 28
      And the Kremlin almost ordered Yanyk to surrender Ukraine.

      A person who is "almost ordered" from abroad to surrender the country and, as is typical, does it, can hardly be called a president. Once again, you have chosen a rag, the same as all managers with "reduced social responsibility" since 1991. It will not be possible to shift the responsibility onto Russia. You yourself, with your own hands, "polymerized" it and, according to the old tradition, are looking for someone to blame.
  7. Egor 7b7 Offline Egor 7b7
    Egor 7b7 24 July 2020 17: 21
    Oh how! Another savory spit in the godfather from the Ozero cooperative. Another proof of what kind of rag he is.
    1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
      Sapsan136 (Alexander) 24 July 2020 18: 10
      This is a slap in the face of the Russians and he will fly back to the Armenians, so much so that it does not seem a little. Russia will live without Armenians and Armenia, but the Armenians will regurgitate the enmity with Russia and the Russians for a long time. Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iran are nearby, they have a lot of experience in carving Armenians ...
      1. Egor 7b7 Offline Egor 7b7
        Egor 7b7 24 July 2020 18: 42
        Nothing will arrive and nothing will appear to anyone. The cowardly policy of the cowardly guarantor presupposes exclusively wiping the muzzle of the face from spitting.
        1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
          Sapsan136 (Alexander) 24 July 2020 22: 44
          You should not think so. The worse the attitude towards Russians is in a number of countries, the worse the attitude towards these countries and people from them in Russia will be. Do you know what they say in Russia? - High up to God, far from the king, and we are always near! Russia simply saved Armenia and Georgia from being cut out by the Turks, and what did they get in return ?! Russophobia! No, gentlemen, that's enough, I will never do anything good to any of these countries and these countries, and I am sure there are many like me. And they will continue in the same spirit, they will get a war with the Russian Federation, possibly with the deportation of all these Sobchaks and Makarevichs from the Russian Federation!
          1. Egor 7b7 Offline Egor 7b7
            Egor 7b7 25 July 2020 14: 01
            As long as a cowardly dwarf rules, nothing with these .... like Ksyushadi, Makar, Chubais, Kudrin, Gref and other abominations, nothing will happen, for the bald flesh is from their flesh.
            1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
              Sapsan136 (Alexander) 26 July 2020 10: 02
              Is not a fact. It happened to Novodvorskaya and Nemtsov.
              1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 2 August 2020 09: 59
                Novodvorskaya for old age and illness. Nemtsov, the Chechens, so to speak, worked for the Russians. This traitor to the Yeltsin United States and others were tagged as the president of Russia ...
                1. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
                  Sapsan136 (Alexander) 3 August 2020 08: 13
                  They both got help. Novodvorskaya - doctors, with a beggarly salary, Nemtsov - the population of the Russian Federation, enraged by his actions.
            2. Oyo Sarkazmi Offline Oyo Sarkazmi
              Oyo Sarkazmi (Oyo Sarkazmi) 27 July 2020 07: 24
              Quote: Egor 7b7
              While the cowardly dwarf rules, nothing with these

              But if you are put in the presidency - you collect all the money in the country, buy Treasuries - and you will grow rich in percentage! At the same time, there will be no roads, no salaries, no pensions in the country.
              Typical Soviet Yeltsinism. For a condescending pat on the back, taken for respect, wasting the country.
              A lackey no one will reproach all mortal sins. Only a real, independent person is hated by the Anglo-Saxons to the point of hysteria.
  8. Sapsan136 Offline Sapsan136
    Sapsan136 (Alexander) 24 July 2020 18: 08
    All the republics of the USSR are sick with Russophobia and built their independence on it. This must be remembered, do not waste the resources of the Russian Federation on them and do not expect good from them for Russia.
  9. King3214 Offline King3214
    King3214 (Sergius) 24 July 2020 18: 55
    This is good.
    And then there are a lot of Armenians, they feel very at ease in Russia.
    And so at least there will be a language barrier, which the Armenians themselves diligently erect.
  10. Don't give a damn, let yourself. Transcaucasia - to hell!
  11. assault 2019 Offline assault 2019
    assault 2019 (assault 2019) 24 July 2020 21: 25
    In response to the adoption of this Russophobic law, Russia should freeze all loans to Armenia, stop supplying weapons, block access to the Iskander and Su-30SM OTRK until the Armenians pay their full cost.
    The number of military personnel at the base in Armenia should be reduced several times.
    1. commbatant Offline commbatant
      commbatant (Sergei) 24 July 2020 21: 38
      Quote: assault 2019
      The number of military personnel at the base in Armenia should be reduced several times.

      That's right ....
      The RF WB in Armenia is a camp of armed prisoners of war ....
  12. Jozhik_2 Offline Jozhik_2
    Jozhik_2 (Jozhik) 24 July 2020 22: 23
    The Armenians are not to blame. It was their "pins" that seduced. In general, all post-Soviet limitrophes are innocent, like lambs, they are simply confused by "Pinsk" demons. Swallow further, Russia.
  13. RFR Offline RFR
    RFR (RFR) 25 July 2020 01: 40
    So get on with this Pashinyan more, it won't be that soon ...
    1. Lia Offline Lia
      Lia (Leah) 26 July 2020 09: 11
      You don't know which leader Pashinyan is. It won't work with him or be severely punished. He is a strong leader, non-standard thinking, loving his people and donated to the cause of the prosperity of his people, despite enemies, internal and external.
      1. General Black Offline General Black
        General Black (Gennady) 26 July 2020 10: 55
        All Pashinyan's leadership will end exactly when the janissaries with crooked scimitars knock on your door. Then the Russian language, and tender love for Russia, and fraternal feelings will immediately come to mind.
        In the meantime, develop green energy, fight head-ons with Azerbaijan, strike sparks. And let Russia stand aside for now. Stop putting out fires with Russian hands.
        1. Lia Offline Lia
          Lia (Leah) 26 July 2020 11: 35
          As if you yourself are extinguishing the fire of war with your own hands. Ugly, oh, how ugly. Yatagan is something like Turkish, not Armenian. Don't be confused. You are not aware of all the events, I guess. I respect the Russian people, with a great soul, with their own history, with kind people (this does not concern you). People who have a loyal look, people who understand the essence of dirty play, intrigue and do not stick their nose where they should not.
          1. General Black Offline General Black
            General Black (Gennady) 26 July 2020 11: 43
            Tell Tigran Keosayan about ugly.
            1. Lia Offline Lia
              Lia (Leah) 26 July 2020 11: 47
              I do not know him and do not accept him as a person. Also his wife, who bears the surname Simonyan. I am discussing with you because I think that you are a reasonable person.
              1. General Black Offline General Black
                General Black (Gennady) 26 July 2020 15: 53
                Leah, I'm sorry. Today is Navy Day, I rolled a little, still twenty-nine years in the navy. It's not a pound of raisins. Sorry again. So. I totally disagree with you.

                I do not accept as a person.

                In your opinion, if a person has an opinion different from yours, then he is not included in the order of placental mammals and does not fall into any of the 477 species of primates? So?
                1. Lia Offline Lia
                  Lia (Leah) 26 July 2020 17: 14
                  Gennady (General Chernot), it's not about opinion. I respect any opinion, because we are all different, different outlook, upbringing, intelligence, education, level ... You don’t know much, you don’t know, because a great and powerful media (I am also a journalist, no offense to anyone) CUSTOMIZED ... You will never know the truth. It's not about opinion, it's about, I don't even know what to write so that it doesn't sound too rude, it's about meanness, venality. This is a separate topic. I don't want any more about the sick person. To my great regret, there are quite a few people like Keosa-Simonyan now. If you know the history, then imagine the 1918s, after the revolution, the rich who fled abroad from the newly created new "monster" of the USSR and are trying to reclaim their past, hire "clowns" to carry nonsense and discord. They will not succeed. ))))) Something I missed,))) sorry. I'm not writing there. But people need to see the other side of the coin. Sorry for the emotions.
      2. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 31 July 2020 17: 10
        This "strong leader" N. Pashinyan will bring Armenia to trouble. Anti-Russian policy dictated by the United States will soon yield results. Russia is more profitable for Azerbaijan and relations with Turkey. So to give hostile Pashinyan's Armenia to be torn apart will seem to be a necessary action against the enemy, such is Pashinyan's Armenia ...
  14. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 25 July 2020 07: 08
    - Well ... - that's not bad at all ...
    - The next generation of Armenians will come to Russia for permanent residence, "dumb" and "illiterate" ... - And this generation here ... in Russia will already have much less opportunity to get into all the "cracks" ... - to penetrate and occupy all kinds of vacant positions in Russia ... - Armenians are absolutely not needed by Russia ... in general, they are absolutely not needed ... - And those Armenians who do not speak Russian will not be needed even by those Armenians who have already adapted to Russia ...
    - So, let them "to spite themselves ... they freeze their ears ..." ... - Hahah ...
  15. Dmitry S. Offline Dmitry S.
    Dmitry S. (Dmitry Sanin) 25 July 2020 08: 46
    The problem is that in Russia the situation with the Russian language is not very good either.
  16. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 25 July 2020 10: 15
    The result of Lavrov's work. Or does someone think that the Foreign Ministry has nothing to do with it?
  17. kriten Offline kriten
    kriten (Vladimir) 25 July 2020 11: 43
    Putin has decided to step on a rake once again, supporting a country cultivating Russophobia, which only needs gratuitous handouts from Russia.
  18. oleg mikhailov_2 (oleg mikhailov) 25 July 2020 15: 11
    Yes, you got tired of the tongue. The less lumps know Russian, the better for Russia and the Russian people. This means that fewer of them will hide in Russia, and if they do, they will not be able to make a career without knowing the Russian language. For Russia, it is precisely the lumps who know the Russian language that are becoming oligarchs in Russia. Dudayev and Basayev also knew Russian - so what?
  19. Lia Offline Lia
    Lia (Leah) 26 July 2020 08: 56
    Messrs. Commentators !!! You are now sowing enmity and ethnic strife with your comments. And so the situation is tense nowhere else. This military garbage, which has not been solved in any way for more than 30 years, plays into the hands of several players, but not people, ordinary citizens. I must say right away that I am Armenian, and honestly, I don’t understand your reaction. What do you care if Armenian TV broadcasts in Russian or Tatar or Austrian, but what difference does it make to you? Do you watch it every day and cannot understand what people are saying there? Why do you need all this? Don't get involved in a dirty game, don't. You see, the media is a tremendous weapon that affects the subconscious, mind and opinion. Have your I.
    1. General Black Offline General Black
      General Black (Gennady) 26 July 2020 11: 08
      We make a difference! Fix your limitrophe showdowns at home. Russia is a multinational state. There was not enough of your showdown here.


      This Russian peasant does not care what is happening at his house.
      1. Lia Offline Lia
        Lia (Leah) 26 July 2020 11: 39
        So the Armenians have all these changes at home, I am amazed. You contradict yourself. And the recent events in Moscow are really unacceptable. I agree with you completely. Let them show themselves where needed, and not on the territory of the state that accepted them. It's a shame.
        1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 1 August 2020 14: 34
          Leah, an anti-Russian coup is taking place in Armenia along the lines of the United States, the same happened in Georgia. ... The prohibition of mass media in Russian is one of the obvious facts of the anti-Russian coup. Soon the youth will forget the Russian language, Russia will be turned into evil by propaganda ... Then Armenia will become completely anti-Russian in a decade, Georgia, Ukraine will be an example ... Russia will leave Armenia, you will be stewing in hostile relations with Muslims ... You seem to be cunning and cover up the change in the vector of Armenia's policy ...
    2. Bulanov Offline Bulanov
      Bulanov (Vladimir) 30 July 2020 10: 46
      Having my own opinion, I would like to ask citizen Lia: - And what is the American military biological laboratory doing on the territory of Armenia, a member of the CSTO? How does the Armenian people feel about this? Here the proverb about the cross and cowards just fits ...
  20. mikhail.rybakov2017 (mikhail rybakov) 26 July 2020 09: 46
    Ukraine was profiled, and now Armenia is on its way. What does our Foreign Ministry do? How much can you? Pure water sabotage.
  21. river Offline river
    river (raul) 26 July 2020 16: 18
    A branch of Moscow State University and a branch of the First Moscow State Medical University have been operating in Azerbaijan for many years. All state universities in Azerbaijan have departments in Russian. 25 thousand students and 130 thousand schoolchildren study in Russian at 338 Russian-taught schools. There are streets of Lermontov, Pushkin, Tolstoy, Gogol, Mendeleev, Yesenin, Mayakovsky, Moskovsky Prospekt, etc., and they are the central streets, monuments to Pushkin, Yesenin, Mendeleev. And no Russophobia, unlike Armenia.
  22. Mykola Porosyuk Offline Mykola Porosyuk
    Mykola Porosyuk (Mykola Porosyuk) 1 August 2020 11: 59
    Well this is a theatrical production. In real life, Pashinyan is a protege of the foreign intelligence of the Russian Federation. Have you noticed how Serzh Sargsyan gave up the steering wheel too easily? You shouldn't notice, you would have slept more calmly.
    I repeat for those in the tank. Pashinyan is a protege of Russia. Russia will never admit a pro-Western ruler to the helm of Armenia. And he will do the right thing. What are you? Naive .. Do you think who organized and why the terrorist attack in the Parliament of Armenia? It was then that there was a real threat to the drain of Armenia to the West.

    The name and surname are fake. I am an Armenian and an Armenian pro-Russian to the core. Although I have never been to Russia.
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 3 August 2020 09: 10
      You do not mislead, the revolution and the coup in Armenia was organized by the United States, brought its N. Pashinyan to power, about the Russian government was dispersed, the prime minister was arrested - do not lie so openly ... Perhaps you are from the US Embassy in Armenia, there for 1800 employees of this embassy, ​​when previously usually up to two dozen worked ... Armenia was sent along the path of Georgia, and N. Pashinyan, the second M. Saakashvili in Armenia ...
    2. Seaman_2 Offline Seaman_2
      Seaman_2 (White Sea) 4 August 2020 14: 24
      A pro-Russian Armenian is like a "pro-Iranian Jew" today. Serzh Sargsyan gave up the steering wheel so easily because he was ordered to. The question is who ordered it. Russia? Funny !!!! State Department? Warmer, but not hot.
      But there is an Armenian lobby in the US Congress. The second most influential after the Israeli.
      This lobby, representing the interests of the entire American Armenians, approves all the top officials of Armenia. Both Sargsyan and Pashinyan.
  23. Sergey Petrovich (Sergei) 3 August 2020 15: 53
    Quote: Leah
    This military garbage, which has not been solved in any way for more than 30 years

    The British fought with the French for 100 years. Even the war was called the "Hundred Years War".
    The Spaniards believe that their Reconquista (at the beginning of which, in fact, there were no Spaniards yet) generally lasted 800 years. And you've only been fighting for 30 years :)))
    The problem is that it is impossible to solve your problem with your neighbors peacefully.
    Well, you won, taking advantage of the internal turmoil .. and the actual civil war in Azerbaijan 20% of their territory. Well, the Germans in 1942 also occupied about 15% of the territory of the USSR.
    So what? In your opinion, newspapers and other printed publications of the USSR, calling at that time to destroy the Germans like plague rats, sowed enmity and ethnic strife ???
  24. Sergey Petrovich (Sergei) 3 August 2020 15: 57
    Quote: Vladimir Tuzakov
    pro-Russian government dispersed

    God be with you, where does the "pro-Russian government" come from in Armenia ?? Where did you see him there? Take the same Serzh Sargsyan. Perhaps you did not know, but Serzhik is the first and so far the only of all foreign (for the United States) presidents to be awarded the Ellis Island Medal during his visit to the United States in 2011. Look on the Internet for what this medal is given.

    "Mr. President!", - the head of the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations of the United States (NECO) Nasser Casemini addressed Sargsyan, - "For everything that you have done for your country and Armenian-American relations, history will remember Respectfully yours. "

    Serzh Sargsyan thanked for the award and noted: “Today I accept this award with excitement and pride, including on behalf of the Armenians who passed through Ellis Island, their generation, I accept it as an assessment of the success of our people on these distant shores, as symbol of further development of the Armenian-American friendship and cooperation... I realize that I am the first non-American president to receive this award. ”

    Pashinyan, by the way, is unlikely to receive such a medal. For he does not know as well as Sargsyan (and the previous leaders of Armenia) to hide his true attitude towards Russia.
    1. Vladimir Tuzakov (Vladimir Tuzakov) 3 August 2020 19: 29
      The main thing is what is happening in Armenia with the people now, and there is a turn in politics, a departure from Russia and a turn to NATO and the West, a typical "Georgian history" according to the US templates ... Personalities are not even decisive here, too powerful forces are involved. It's like a front-line operation, when they throw all their forces into one sector and win. Today for the United States this area is Armenia.
      1. Seaman_2 Offline Seaman_2
        Seaman_2 (White Sea) 4 August 2020 15: 21
        I will support the previous commentator. To understand the question, you need to look at the historical retrospective. The peak of "Armenian dominance" in Russia is the end of the reign of Alexander II the Liberator. The Prime Minister of the Empire was then Loris-Melikov. He pursued his policy earlier. At the end of the Caucasian War, the emissaries of the then not yet prime minister, but already quite influential Loris-Melikov, went to Turkey to agitate Turkish Armenians to move to Russia. The number of Armenians wishing to move to Russia was negligible. But according to reports, it turned out that a lot. For potential settlers, they began to liberate the land, evicting the Circassians to Turkey. Then Loris-Melikov, already in the post of prime minister, neglecting his duty to protect the Emperor, began to compose a "liberal constitution" for Russia. That in it one could only guess. But Alexander II the Liberator was blown up and the new Emperor Alexander III the Peacemaker expelled Loris-Melikov and almost all other Armenians from the civil service. Left only Delyanov. By whose hands he banned the Armenian parish schools. Then Nicholas II carried out the secularization of land and real estate belonging to the Gregorian Church. All this infuriated the Armenian politicians of those years. As a result, a decision was made. First, with the help of Russia, which needs to be drawn into the war with Turkey, bite off a piece of Turkey. To do this, you need to present Turkey as a kind of "bloody sultanism". Then, with the help of the United States and Western democracies, to force "bloody tsarism" to give up those territories of the Russian Empire that the Armenians considered "theirs." As if with a wave of one conductor's baton, Jewish pogroms began in Russia, then, taking into account the Russian experience, Armenian pogroms began in Turkey. Newspapers of the West were full of notes and caricatures of "Bloody Tsarism" and "Bloody Sultanism". Everything went according to plan. The war began. Our victories began on the Caucasian front and our failures on the German. But an unforeseen factor intervened. Revolutions in Russia and Turkey. But while Armenia was independent, in 1920 the Armenian delegation to the Paris Peace Conference went out of their way to force US President Wilson to take Armenia under the US mandate. Wilson promised. But the issue had to be coordinated with the US Congress. But the US Congress for some reason refused. The Armenians drew the proper conclusions from this breakdown. And by the time the USSR collapsed in the US Congress, the Armenian lobby was firmly entrenched in the second position, after the Israeli one. After the USSR collapsed, the lobby demanded that the US Presidential Administration ensure the security of Armenia, and then the State Department began to scratch their turnips. You cannot refuse the Armenian lobby. But Armenia cannot be admitted to NATO either, since Armenia itself does not want to give up territorial claims to the old NATO member Turkey. It is possible to create a US base in Armenia. But this step will not be understood not only by Turkey, but also by American taxpayers. As a result, the State Department gave "valuable advice." Let Armenia turn to Russia for help, and the State Department will instruct Kozyrev to satisfy all the requests of the Armenian side. Organize a base in Armenia and accept Armenia into the CSTO. Since then, Armenia has been playing this game: "Armenia is Russia's best friend." For almost 30 years, all the top officials of Armenia have successfully played this game.
      2. Seaman_2 Offline Seaman_2
        Seaman_2 (White Sea) 4 August 2020 16: 23
        Shorter again.
        So, for almost 30 years, all the top officials of Armenia have been playing the game that the Armenian lobby in the US Congress instructed them to play. Namely, the game: "Armenia is Russia's best friend and ally."

        Sargsyan was a particularly good player. For his professionalism, he became the first (and so far the only) foreign president (for the United States) to be awarded the special Ellis Island Medal in the United States for his enormous contribution to the development of Armenian-American friendship and cooperation.

        And this US award winner (that is, a person who is oriented towards the USA) Sargsyan was overthrown by the even more USA-oriented Pashinyan.

        And the United States is still in a stupor. They don't really understand what to do. For 30 years everything has been fine-tuned. Armenian top officials sing songs about the great love of the Armenian people for the great Russian people, and in return they receive our Russian roof. And the United States is standing on the sidelines and rubbing its hands.

        And then suddenly an even more pro-American person came to power, who for some reason does not really want to continue singing these songs.

        In Romania, on the eve of the Great Patriotic War, there was a similar situation. But there the process took a different path. So before the war, Romania was led in principle by a very pro-Hitler-minded Great Conductor Antonescu.

        But in Romania there was an even more pro-Hitler party of Horia Sima, the Iron Guard. So this Sima wanted to overthrow Antonescu. And luck could well smile at him. Since Sima had an excellent relationship with Himmler.

        But Hitler considered that they were not looking for good from good and gave the order to assist Antonescu, and not Sime.

        I have the impression that two stupid State Department buffets stupidly failed to agree on Armenia in the State Department. Or, more precisely, the GosDepovskiy buffet did not agree with the GosDepovskiy toilet bowl. The sideboard supported Sargsyan, and the toilet took and drained him. In favor of Pashinyan.
  25. Ashot Pogosbekyan (Ashot Pogosbekyan) 6 August 2020 21: 42
    The same insinuations were under Kocharyan and under Sarkisian. Now everyone is blaming Pashinyan. Someone really wants to embroil Russia with Armenia. So they come up with messages sucked out of the finger. Here, of course, the Turks and Azerbaijanis put their hand, bribed, paid. So the corrupt "militants" of the information front come up with all sorts of fables taken from the ceiling. Not without it. Armenia will never buy American gingerbread. And don't dream. Armenians speak Russian much better than others. You are trying in vain, the Armenian-Russian friendship has been tested for centuries and the pitiful inclinations of any enemies will not shake the fraternal relations.
    1. Sergey Petrovich (Sergei) 27 August 2020 16: 08
      What are you talking about ? What kind of "Armenian-Russian friendship", and even "tested for centuries" ??? What centuries? Where is this "friendship"?
      Is this how our “Armenian brothers” allegedly helped us? Let's finally learn how to separate flies from cutlets and start judging not by words, but by deeds. In the history of Russia, there were not many cases when we really needed help.
      Well, for example, 1380, Kulikovo Field. The huge army of Khan Mamai is against us. Where are the "Armenian volunteers"? With us? No, they are against us as part of the army of Khan Mamai.
      1612, Poles in the Kremlin. The Tatars came to the aid of the Militia of Minin and Pozharsky, the Bashkirs came, even some Siberian princes came. At least one Armenian came from the Caucasus near Moscow to help us liberate Moscow from the Poles? No, he didn't come !!!
      1709, Poltava. We are against the Swedes. Has at least one detachment of volunteers from Armenia come to our aid near Poltava? No, he didn't come.
      1711, Prut campaign. Our army is surrounded by the Turks! Where are the Armenian volunteers? Where are the Armenian uprisings in the rear of the Turks? There are no volunteers, no uprisings.
      1812, Borodino. What, maybe at least one detachment of Armenian volunteers came near Borodino? No, he didn't come. Although they say that on the Don, the Armenians tried to gather some kind of detachment - but where it went, no one knows. The money was collected for it - the detachment disappeared.

      1853-1855 years. Crimean War. Against us are England, France, Turkey and Sardinia, which has joined them. Have Armenians raised at least one uprising in Turkey? No, they didn't.
      So when did the Armenians "help" us? When did we not need help?
      It's like, "What are you doing, eat candy? Give it to me, I'm your ally, I'll help you eat your candy."
      Here our troops stood in Gyumri (Alexandropol) in 1813. They stood up to protect the Armenians from Turkey and Persia. So to speak, they covered the front. And what did the Armenians do at this time in our rear, in the North Caucasus.

      The slave trade, practiced in the region for centuries, caused the emergence of intermediaries in the person of merchants, who turned the slave trade into a special craft. In the Accident, some of the slaves were sold to eastern merchants through buyers in Derbent, Tarki, Aksai ... According to the testimony of pre-revolutionary authors, “... This kind of trade was intensively engaged in by the Armenians, who did not abandon this craft even with the appearance of the Russians in the Caucasus. Taking advantage of their position, they helped the highlanders to steal people within our borders, receiving an appropriate reward from the highlanders for this, and then helped the Russian Government in negotiations with the highlanders on the ransom of the same prisoners - also not without compensation, or they themselves ransomed them in order to resell them to the Russians ... "[17, p. 7]. Shamray V.S. Historical background to the question of yasyrs in the North Caucasus and in the Kuban region. B. m. B.g. S. 6, 7.

      An article from the late 19th century. Maybe this is an accident? Here's another reference.

      A.A. Novoselsky. The struggle of the Moscow state with the Tatars in the first half of the 1948th century. M.-L., 208.S. XNUMX.

      On July 10 [1631], the Moscow envoys in the Crimea, Voeikov and Zverev, learned that a Russian was brought to Bakhchisarai to be sold overseas. The interpreter and the clerk brought to the camp Andrei Lazarev, a stanitsa Cossack from Ryazhsk, who said that he had been taken full of Tatars (there were 500 Nogai and 80 Crimeans) in Petrovskaya Sloboda; all full - 75 people; of this number, the Crimeans got 25 people. Five people chose “head duties” for the tsar: the boyar's son, two village Cossacks and two wives. They brought them to Bakhchisarai and set them before the king; the tsar questioned them and chose the little duck-haired woman Lyubavka for his yard, and gave the rest to the Armenians for sale overseas. However, the envoys defended A. Lazarev, despite the demands of the Armenians, and took him with them to Russia.

      Tsar - in this text, the Crimean Tsar (Crimean Khan).