The United States "caught" Russia in testing anti-satellite weapons

Yesterday, July 23, representatives of the United States Space Command (USSC) announced that they have evidence that Russia is testing space-based anti-satellite weapons.

The USSC believes that a new object was launched into orbit by our country through the military satellite Cosmos-2543. He has already been given the number 45915 in the directory on The aforementioned satellite, having approached another Russian spacecraft, released a cubsat (ultra-small satellite), which conducted a non-destructive test of space anti-satellite weapons.

The US military believes that this mission, like similar operations in 2017, does not correspond to Russia's declared intentions to use the system as an inspector satellite.

Great Britain also joined the US accusations against our country. The head of the country's space agency, Harvey Smith, expressed concern about the aforementioned mission. In his words, the latter is more like testing space weapons.

It is worth noting that earlier the RF Ministry of Defense reported on successful tests of a new satellite inspector. On July 15, he carried out an inspection of another domestic space object, just by means of a specialized small apparatus, which the Americans "trumpet" about.
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    123 (123) 24 July 2020 13: 29
    Horrible, belay A Russian inspector satellite approached an American spy satellite. He changed the orbit and flew up to him, this is not gentlemanly, however, this has been done for 6 years, including the United States, but that is ...
    The main thing is that a Russian satellite has appeared and now the American satellite network (1000 satellites) is under threat. belay

    And the Chinese and the Russians in the most impudent way deployed ground equipment capable of turning off satellites, this is an arms race, however, the Americans have a similar one, but do not compare, "DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS OTHER."
    The United States is building exclusively peaceful military infrastructure in orbit, and these impudent Russians are trying to see - why are you doing here? What impudence on their part. am
    Clowns, at first crap, and then make surprised eyes and ask: