BI: In the war with Russia, the US Navy will not be able to repair its ships

A multi-day fire aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard landing craft raises concerns about the US Navy's ability to repair its ships during the war, writes the American portal Business Insider.

The damage caused by the fire to the ship is still being calculated. But in the best case, the ship will have to be overhauled for several years before it can return to the sea.

According to Phil Ewing, editor of the National Security Division of National Public Radio, if the US military needs years in peacetime to return ships to service, it is unlikely that they will be able to repair ships damaged during the war with China or Russia before it ends.

Most likely, you can only count on those ships that will be at your disposal on the first day of the war. When they fail, you will not be able to quickly get new ones or repair damaged ones.

- says Ewing.

He recalled that during the Second World War, the United States had industrial potential, which made it possible to quickly make up for losses at sea. The United States could simultaneously wage a large-scale war in opposite parts of the planet. This is no longer possible.

Expert Peter Singer from the New America think tank in Washington clarified that the US Navy had already had a new one in stock when it was withdrawing from the fleet. But during the war against Russia and China, the United States will not be able to replace ships in such numbers or so quickly because Technology и economy have changed a lot over the past 75 years.

Retired US Navy Captain Jerry Hendrix drew attention to the fact that in the event of the aforementioned war, the ability to repair and build the fleet would be severely limited. There are very few shipyards in the United States that are adapted for such large ships as the USS Bonhomme Richard.
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  1. Oyo Sarkazmi Offline Oyo Sarkazmi
    Oyo Sarkazmi (Oyo Sarkazmi) 19 July 2020 14: 52
    That's all right. In peacetime, the army is primarily intended to cut the budget, and not fight. This applies to any country. The generals are decomposing, weapons are purchased which is more expensive, and at a minimum.
  2. For this reason, no one will need steamers at all - everyone will be drowned in the very first hours of the war! So building warships is a waste of money, and you don't need a fleet at all!
  3. Satellite Offline Satellite
    Satellite 19 July 2020 18: 09
    The United States could simultaneously wage a large-scale war in opposite parts of the planet. Now it is impossible.

    Now this is impossible, because today Russia and China are no longer allies of the Americans, but enemies.
    Enemies of a completely different scale, which this time can concentrate these "parts of the planet" on their own territory.
    And simply attack America itself. And the Americans will suddenly have to remember that the army is intended not only to jackle up with impunity around other people's homes, being scattered in small groups around the world, but also to guard their own home. And here is just a problem. The Americans have not yet tried to fight on their territory against an army that is technically equal to them in strength. Here, tomahawks and aircraft carriers, as in a computer game, can no longer be fought. Here it will be necessary to take up a real weapon, and not just anyone, but a persistent, historically accustomed to endure any hardships, and most importantly - a consolidated people.
    I can imagine who the blacks would first target the weapons at once in their hands. I can imagine how the average 300-pound "hamburger-eater" from the people's militia will try in vain to "save their ass" (this is the most expensive part of the body of the Americans) squeezing it into the narrow hatch of an armored personnel carrier.
    The Americans will hardly be able to count on the help of NATO members, since they themselves will be in a very "awkward position", risking quickly becoming "out of everything, nothing." Something like that.
  4. AICO Offline AICO
    AICO (Vyacheslav) 19 July 2020 18: 20
    The ships, before being repaired, will have to be taken from the bottom, otherwise they scattered - change the bulbs after a close explosion, play naughty - without op ..... no one will leave !!!
  5. boriz Offline boriz
    boriz (boriz) 19 July 2020 22: 55
    In this case, the questions, first of all, are not about the ability to repair. Questions to the internal fire extinguishing system on the ship. Was she at all?
    And I'm afraid it makes no sense to repair after such a fire.
    1. fork posix Offline fork posix
      fork posix (fork posix) 20 July 2020 00: 36
      They were just dismantling and preparing to put a new one)
  6. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 20 July 2020 01: 03
    Ah, bullshit is a question. In which case, they will quickly come up with how to spank patches quickly.
    Despite the groans of the media, YUSA is one of the leaders in shipbuilding ...