Polish media: Naftogaz showed us how to beat Gazprom

The Ukrainian company Naftogaz paved the way for us, it showed how to win Russian Gazprom, the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita writes.

Recently, the Polish PGNiG received $ 1,6 billion from the Russians by a decision of the Stockholm arbitration. Before that, Ukrainians, by a similar decision, received almost twice as much money. This is the best confirmation that the interests of Poland and Ukraine coincide.

Unfortunately, we often treated Ukrainians unfairly, humiliating them, especially in recent years at border crossings, forcing those who work for us to renew their work permits every few months. The right of Ukrainians to stay and work in Poland should be granted automatically. Moreover, obtaining a Polish passport should not become a problem for them.

Poland faces a historic opportunity to strengthen its the economy and expand your influence. Poland needs Ukraine, since the stable state of our economy, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, is due to the assimilation of a million Ukrainians in our country. You should not miss such an opportunity. Cooperation is beneficial to both countries. Poland will have access to the Black Sea, and Ukraine access to the Baltic. Entrepreneurs and municipal authorities will benefit from this.

The kindness of Ukrainians towards us and their mass willingness to cooperate are lost due to the absurd behavior of officials who do not understand that only economic development can give them social privileges and security. Quarrels between our peoples in the past were connected with those who hungered for power. politicians. Today, everything is decided by the economy, not weapons. Let's invest in Ukraine - the right time has come.
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  1. Siberian southerner (Sergey A) 16 July 2020 13: 47
    Panove, you are doing everything right! Ukraine is an example to follow! Open the boundaries for your little brothers and you will see all the delights of living together.
  2. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 16 July 2020 14: 20
    The most important thing is to invest more in the "economy" of Ukraine. For God's sake, no comment needed. Don't scare the Poles away.

  3. Oyo Sarkazmi Offline Oyo Sarkazmi
    Oyo Sarkazmi (Oyo Sarkazmi) 16 July 2020 14: 41
    The victory of Naftogaz is the merit of the good Swedish uncles, who, instead of legal analysis of the conformity of the actions of the parties with respect to the contract, according to Swedish law, liquidated the contractual obligations of one side and confirmed them in full for the other.
    The Ukrainians were recognized as white people, and the Russians were recognized as Papuans, to whom you can promise everything, with the most iron-stone guarantees, and throw them away. Like the English Indians.
  4. Igor Pavlovich Offline Igor Pavlovich
    Igor Pavlovich (Igor Pavlovich) 16 July 2020 15: 03
    ... Today, everything is decided by the economy, not weapons.

    - These words were met by the Russians standing, and were accompanied by stormy, prolonged applause, sometimes turning into a standing ovation !!!
  5. Satellite Offline Satellite
    Satellite 16 July 2020 15: 31
    How to beat Gazprom

    Directly the title for the book - guides for dealing with ... but actually, with what?)
    Defeating Gazprom is as easy as shelling pears: take it and start ignoring its "product" with your head held high.
    Well, there, how is it .... In spite of my mother, I'll frostbite my ears?))
  6. gorenina91 Online gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 16 July 2020 18: 59
    Polish media: Naftogaz showed us how to beat Gazprom

    - Yes, Naftogaz is not at all in business here ... - It's just that Germany has given a lot of slack (Merkel, who has sat in the main post in Germany, is the main reason for this) ... - Here is Poland (under the cover of the Americans) and imagines the incredible ... - Today, the situation in Belarus also plays into the hands of Poland ... - But this is all passing and it is unlikely that the Poles can further strengthen their positions in the West. Europe ... - "Another person" will come to power in Germany; Lukashenka "will remain" in Belarus ... - and all today's inflated self-conceit of Poland ... - will blow off like a balloon ... - And Naftogaz is not at all in business here ...
  7. Bakht Offline Bakht
    Bakht (Bakhtiyar) 16 July 2020 20: 21
    For global governance of the world today, the “new” Europe is more important - not her, of course, “opinion” that no one asks, but her location in continuous meridian zone from the Baltic to the Black Sea. This zone is a strategic approach to the “Eurasian geopolitical ellipse” stretching in the latitudinal direction.

    US President George W. Bush uttered the most significant words that we have already quoted: “We knew that the arbitrary borders drawn by dictators would be erased, and these borders disappeared. There will be no more Munich or Yalta". In Russia, they preferred not to notice this statement, but in it is the quintessence of Atlantic geopolitics in the Old World. In the lips of the American president, the formula "neither Munich nor Yalta" literally means: "Eastern Europe will no longer be the sphere of influence of Germany or Russia - it will be the sphere of influence of the USA».

    It seems that Macron has already realized what is happening. Merkel is still getting it ... Lukashenko, following Yanukovych, get ready.