The Germans on the arrest of Furgal: The governor violated the unwritten law of the Kremlin

The arrest of Governor Sergei Furgal in the Far East plunged many into shock. People do not believe that Russian justice has overtaken an official 15 years after alleged violations of the law - many took to the streets and demand the resignation of Vladimir Putin, because they believe that the governor fell victim to the autocracy of the Russian leader. This is argued by experts from the German publication Stern.

Furgal support residents of the Khabarovsk Territory. In the 2017 elections, he, as a LDPR politician, received the support of 70 percent of voters and defeated Vyacheslav Shport, United Russia party, becoming more popular than Putin himself. After that, the governor fell out of favor with the president, violating the unwritten law of the Kremlin, which says - “the king is good, and the boyars are bad”

- German analysts believe.

According to Stern journalists, Moscow does not like people's favorites - the federal authorities in Russia need loyal followers, and the less support the regional leaders use on the ground, the more they trust in Putin. Since Furgal outplayed United Russia, the Russian leader has been angry with him. Opposition policy They believe that the arrest of the head of the Khabarovsk Territory is Vladimir Putin’s revenge for personal humiliation.

Another possible reason for the President’s dislike for Furgal is the recent protest vote in the region on constitutional amendments. For the adoption of amendments 62% of residents voted - this is one of the lowest rates in the country.

Moscow is trying to shut up what is happening in eastern Russia. The police are trying not to intervene, federal channels do not talk about the protests. However, reports are already loyal to the Kremlin reporters that the demonstrations were allegedly organized by enemies of the Russian Federation from abroad.
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  1. King3214 Offline King3214
    King3214 (Sergius) 15 July 2020 10: 04
    In a region where the mafia has ruled for 30 years, killing everyone who tries to fight it - there are no angels.
    I would like to believe that the arrest of the king is still the beginning of the fight against the mafia, and not something else.
    1. Alexander Matrasov (Andrey Romanov) 26 July 2020 07: 42
      I would also like to answer you. You’re looking for the mafia, dear. You need to start with yourself and with your head, first of all.
      1. King3214 Offline King3214
        King3214 (Sergius) 26 July 2020 20: 32
        Quote me the entire training manual about the "Kremlin mafia". You shouldn't be limited to short theses.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  2. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 15 July 2020 10: 31
    In the TV series "Cop Wars" there was a series in which a life-sentenced person accuses a deputy as the customer of the murder. After that, investigative actions are carried out. No investigative actions were taken against Furgal. On a denunciation, he was arrested immediately, and now they are conducting investigative actions. And this is chaos. So you can blame anyone for anything, and then beat out the testimony. And since the rule of law is violated, it means that the case is 80% political! And they know how to hang labels on this site, and even more so in the prosecutor's office and the investigation. They have more opportunities!
    1. WEL7958 Offline WEL7958
      WEL7958 (Valery Bugorsky) 15 July 2020 18: 06
      No need to write about what you don’t understand anything about. CPC to help you.
      1. Bitter Offline Bitter
        Bitter 16 July 2020 20: 17
        The law is that you draw, as you turn there and it turns out.

        Knowing the Criminal Procedure Code is, of course, a good thing, but in "clever hands" and with the appropriate resource, everything will be as it should be.
    2. WEL7958 Offline WEL7958
      WEL7958 (Valery Bugorsky) 15 July 2020 18: 07
      Yes, and less see such nonsense.
    3. ver_ Offline ver_
      ver_ (Vera) 24 July 2020 17: 08
      ..wash his hand ..
    4. Alexander Matrasov (Andrey Romanov) 26 July 2020 07: 48
      That's exactly how it is. And the beaten out testimony is the basis of this magical case. First, these indications, and then everything is adjusted to them. Except for us, I have never met anything like this anywhere else, however. I don't even know how to call it all correctly.
  3. Sergey Latyshev Offline Sergey Latyshev
    Sergey Latyshev (Serge) 15 July 2020 12: 32
    Ha. In fact, most of them know something. No one is hiding.

    Look, read about Senator Arashukov. The head and members of the clan were imprisoned for theft even before that, powerful assets and children over the hill, the relatives of those killed by them openly rallied, Putin even then said that he knows perfectly well how these officials steal ...

    But until he stole half a billion bucks, he was untouchable. It can be seen that the line for the senator is half a billion ....
  4. Roarv Offline Roarv
    Roarv (Robert) 15 July 2020 18: 18
    People are judged by deeds ... Furgal deservedly won with his professional approach to solving the problems of the residents of the Khabarovsk Territory ...
    If this person was a supporter of the ideas of edrisism, no one would have touched him for 20 years .....
    What are the deputies, oligarchs, senators, governors who passed the 90s without crime .....
    But we do not have political competition, not only between presidential candidates, but even between parties, there is a skirmish between one-day parties ..... in the pre-election period, and then quiet and smooth and rare outbursts of publicity ...
    How many deputies, senators, governors with a difficult criminal past silently warm asses for taxpayer money in satisfying positions ....?
    The problem of the country is that it is impossible to conduct a fair survey of citizens ...
    Representatives of which party citizens would like to see in the role:
    State Duma deputy
    their region, with a high probability the representative of edrosov would certainly not be there in 99% of the regions, ...
    The conclusion is simple - before the Autumn Election, Authoritative politicians are cleared - Platoshkin, Bykov, Furgal, Grudinin.
    ((They raided the cashier’s bank of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - a state farm named after Lenin in a raider raid), and many politicians in the field make it clear, cool down.
    There is a Compromising Folder on each of you ... This is our economy, it may be in Stagnant Stability or Stable Stagnation, as our central media will want, so they will interpret ...
    And compromising evidence can be stagnant only when the person on whom it is
    Controlled and twitching the strings in the right way ...
    The scale of Edross’s crimes over 20 years is so great that they fear for the consequences of their deeds ....
    But a young generation has grown up that has learned to compare how it was and what has become over the past 20 years ...
    May decrees
    December messages
    National projects
    Development Programs ...
    Youth asks one Question ...
    Why in the country the titular nation does not have the possibility of physiological reproduction - there are no jobs, economics, in the presence of such mineral resources and biological resources ...
    I could not answer the simple question of the young ....
    1. Xuli (o) Tebenado 15 July 2020 22: 17
      Why does the titular nation have no possibility of physiological reproduction in the country - no jobs, no economy, in the presence of such mineral resources and biological resources ...
      I could not answer the simple question of the young ....

      1. What is the "titular" nation in Russia?
      2. Among my neighbors (I live in a small town near Moscow) offhand I recalled two families: in one there are three boys, in the other - three girls. I don’t know how the parents of these children found "the possibility of physiological reproduction."
      3. This question is really simple, and it can be answered by a normal three-man, who moved to the 11th grade of the school.
      1. Johann Klassen Offline Johann Klassen
        Johann Klassen (Johann Klassen) 16 July 2020 12: 19
        I will give you the only correct and error-free answer to the first question, although the vast majority will clearly not like it.
        The "Titular Nation" in the Russian Federation are citizens of Jewish nationality, with two or even three citizenships.
        These are the "Oligarchs" and "Officials" and "Intellectuals" of all stripes and "colors".
        1. ver_ Offline ver_
          ver_ (Vera) 24 July 2020 16: 54
          ... in the government of Ulyanov - Lenin - Blank, 85% were Jews.

      2. andrew42 Offline andrew42
        andrew42 (Andrei) 16 July 2020 21: 16
        Julio, shade the fence. Your "answers" are empty unsubscriptions. And you understood everything about the "titular nation", but preferred to answer the question with a question. Is the radio operator's handwriting like that? We have nothing to say to our children - "why is everything so", and Roarv is absolutely right. However, living in an elite apartment in some Odintsovo, you can have 5 girls / boys in your neighbors. And physiology has nothing to do with it. Noble animals do not breed in captivity! Not to mention the People.
    2. Major_2 Offline Major_2
      Major_2 (Nikolay Bondar) 25 July 2020 14: 37
      There is no need to present delusional essays and lead cancer for a stone.
      Everything is just like cowards for a ruble forty: - the investigation believes that Furgal is a bloody killer. Whether this is so or not, the court will decide.
      1. Amba Came Offline Amba Came
        Amba Came (Laurent Romanovskaya) 22 May 2021 04: 29
        Kill the wall, you hypocritical Kremlin-slayer! I would be silent about my Basmanny court! You yourself into it !!!! So absolutely anyone can be seized and locked up until they sign the necessary testimony. For example, one of the defendants in the fictional "Furgala Case" Marat Fanilyevich Kadyrov, who could not even be at the scene of the alleged assassination attempt - he has an alibi, he has been in jail for the second year already. At the same time, the limitation period for criminal prosecution under the article on assassination ended in July 2019, which means that the case should not have been initiated in principle. The state of health of Marat Fanilyevich was not even assessed, they do not care about all the arguments, documents and certificates, about the health and life of innocent people, they torture like the elderly - Sergei Kuznetsov is already 67, he is a techie, a hereditary metallurgist who has managed to withdraw the bankrupt and dilapidated
        the enterprise is in working condition and even in profit, and that is all his fault, and quite healthy men are brought to the zugunder - Nikolai Shukhov made a deal on the investigation after he "unexpectedly" had several hypertensive crises and his leg was broken, besides, he was convoyed to Moscow for almost two months - is that what they beat at every stopping point ???! And the way Nikolai Mistryukov entered into a deal with the TFR is generally indicative! After he was unexpectedly seized while on his way to an urgent operation for retinal detachment and was kept in a full vacuum for more than six months, not being allowed to receive medical attention, and then, in addition, he was diagnosed with oncology. But in the conditions of the pre-trial detention center, nothing prevented him from selling his 25% stake in Amurstal to Mr. Balsky, Rotenberg's henchman, which is illegal in itself. After complete degreasing and signing the necessary testimony - here he was released under house arrest and the necessary operations were carried out ...
        It should be a shame to write such a heresy about a "fair trial" in the Russian Federation under the conditions of despotism and arbitrariness of insolent security officials, merged with oligarchs and criminals ...
        And if we compare how the current “Hero of Russia” Ramzan Kadyrov is flourishing, with the origin of the former thugs and destroyers of Russian soldiers, to evaluate all his palaces and parks of luxury cars, all his super-profits with the same size of the region as in the Khabarvsk Territory, that is , can be compared with Sergei Furgal and his "wealth" in confiscated three million rubles, three thousand dollars set aside for the education of his son, and in a couple of second-hand Japanese women with a modest house in the Moscow region, since he worked for a long time in the State Duma, then everything becomes extremely it is clear in the two-faced arrangement of the thieves' Putin's RF and his henchman party PZhiV, where mafiosi flourish and grab the innocent.
  5. Satellite Offline Satellite
    Satellite 18 July 2020 21: 45
    Another possible reason for the President’s dislike for Furgal is the recent protest vote in the region on constitutional amendments.

    This, as I understand it, is already the opinion of not the moronic "Stern journalists", but the author of this article?
    So Furgal didn’t please Putin?
    Well, well) ... but nothing that Furgal’s right hand in his governor’s team was the leader of the notorious Khabarovsk organized criminal group “Moses Club”?

    Please note that this article was written in March 2019, that is, long before the “protest vote”.
    1. Amba Came Offline Amba Came
      Amba Came (Laurent Romanovskaya) 22 May 2021 04: 44
      Lie, so lie! Solved the Satellite and the Kremlin stuck! What do you Timofey have to do with Furgal ??? !! This is an FSB-shny snitch and a showman in the 2000s, who were disdained by real criminals and therefore were allowed to pinch small merchants and taxi drivers at the station with impunity! It is necessary to become so insolent that the stolen entrepreneur should be recorded in the leader of the group that pinched him ??!
    2. Amba Came Offline Amba Came
      Amba Came (Laurent Romanovskaya) 22 May 2021 04: 47
      Pathetic attempts !!! To expose the former officer of the special forces Timofey as a major criminal, when it was a small, podstvennaya group, which the criminal bosses did not touch out of disgust and were allowed to pinch only taxi drivers at the station and medium-sized businessmen ?!
      Sergey Furgal, a novice visiting entrepreneur in the 2000s, could not have had ANY relation to the alleged murders! IN NO WAY !!!! And the fact that Timofey, a booner, was its roof, only emphasizes this! The corpses were formed from the "Sakhno" with the "Crab" and the stolen thieves' cash register, no financial traces and benefits lead to Furgal - he is not richer, but someone lived well for decades in Canada, and after all, they demanded at least a million dollars from Evgesha Zori.
      It would be better if the widow of Zorya and the son of Dimochka Kostikov, the then head of the Khabarovsk FSB, should have been properly shocked;
  6. Dmitry Kozlov Offline Dmitry Kozlov
    Dmitry Kozlov (Dmitry Kozlov) 19 July 2020 10: 51
    Xuli (o) Tebenado, I'll tell you what.
    Russians are the main people in Russia. According to the UN, the country in which more than 60% of one people live can be considered national.
    So the Russians are the titular nation.
    You, judging by your statements, are an employee of the Putin apparatus for propaganda, which on various sites throws mud at everyone who is against Putin.
    People like you get paid to continue to rob and destroy this Petersburg Kremlin man and destroy our people and our native Russia!
  7. Amba Came Offline Amba Came
    Amba Came (Laurent Romanovskaya) 22 May 2021 03: 50
    Look at old articles, for example, in Kommersant from the beginning of November 2004:

    The corpse of a businessman was found on a mobile

    Golden Russia "deprived of the owner

    Kommersant was killed near the police

    And make sure that those three simultaneous murders were connected with each other and the thieves' money-box, communed by the authority "Crab", for this they called Evgeny Zorya from Canada, and Alexander Adamov from Sochi, and the local Vladislav Babiy was stolen for a showdown.
    And the separately taken murder of Zory does not in any way apply to Fural, it was not for the sake of the shed in the industrial zone that it was started, which Furgal never got anyway, not this workshop, he found another one. Such abandoned goods were enough then, besides, Furgal sold it a year before those events, the court was proceeding by inertia.
    And Lariska Zorya is lying on TV so brazenly, just not enough words! Allegedly, she was present at the disputes between Evgeny and Sergei Ivanovich, which is physically impossible, she herself went to Canada back in 1998 - long before Furgal appeared in Khabarovsk at all, and did not come until 2019, when she showed up immediately to the authorities so that her own to compose false testimony. Every word in her opus is a FALSE, not a single date and event has been correctly named and it is clear to the locals.
    Who was Furgal then in the 2000s? They did not know anything about him and did not know that he would influence someone there, and there was not a word about him then, especially in criminal showdowns. He was an aspiring entrepreneur who had just moved from the village to the city, he did not have his own firms, only in shares, even just a few acquaintances - they found a large man with connections! It was Lariska Zorya who worked in the administration and worked with everyone, including in crime, as a "laundry", due to which she was promoted for a comfortable life in Canada for decades !!!!
    The official lies of the statements of TV and the TFR are especially evident, if we trace the financial trail of those numerous murders in the 2000s associated with the criminal war kindled from outside between the proprietor Sakhno and the breakaway Crab, most of the companies killed did not even come close to whistling next to Furgal, but went straight to the son of Dima, the local head of the FSB, appointed in 2003 from Moscow.
    All rallies in defense of Furgal are absolutely fair demands to understand and release the innocent.
  8. Amba Came Offline Amba Came
    Amba Came (Laurent Romanovskaya) 22 May 2021 04: 31
    Here a man is sitting just for nothing, they invent anything for him, sew on photocopies of other people's crimes, scoff as they want, hide him, all the information on his case, about his support and rallies in Khabarovsk, and at this time he could have done for Khabarovsk Territory has so many good things as it has already created a groundwork ...
  9. Amba Came Offline Amba Came
    Amba Came (Laurent Romanovskaya) 22 May 2021 04: 37
    People's Furgal is the Person of the Year! And all those who are dissatisfied with Sergei Ivanovich - the Kremlinites, the Zaputins, the Edrots, the Moskvtsy, the Drones, the Shportans, the Prighents, the planktonians and other evil spirits, go through the forest and memorize along the way! In Russia:
    • not under the governor Furgal there was a daily increase in tariffs, taxes and prices;
    • 40 million Russians living below the poverty line were formed not under Governor Furgal;
    • not under Governor Furgal, the budget for education, health care, science, culture was cut;
    • not under the governor Furgal - the head of the only one of 85 regions of Russia, where the people learned to successfully drive Edro, the country's GDP became = 1,6% in the world share;
    • not under Governor Furgala, pensions were indexed by only 4%, instead of 12;
    • not under Governor Furgala, 2012 million high-tech jobs were promised in 25 by 2020 and nothing has been done, the saleswoman and security guard with a ridiculous salary is still a hit on labor exchanges;
    • it is not under Governor Furgala that pensions are destroyed and the older generation are put in a wooden mac by Pension Genocide of 3.10.2018 No. 350-FZ ...
    • not under Governor Furgala, our resources are chased not to Russian villages, but to NATO countries, with the full provision of such sabotage activities by laws as the Law on TORs of December 29.12.2014, 473 No. XNUMX-FZ.
    Take up criticism at the address in the Kremlin and shut up about the choice of the Khabarovsk Territory, while you sit in all other regions with Edr and keep your mouth shut in front of your embezzled governors.

    The People's Governor Furgal just as best he could honestly tried for the people in his small homeland, and laid down his career, finances and freedom for the sake of his fellow countrymen ...

    • under Governor Furgal, external control of the region was prevented, which is accompanied by a sharp cut in social services - from hundredths of a percent under Shport to a stable safe level, while borrowing from commercial banks with a large% (owned by Medvedev, where only one %% " "had about five billion), on-lending in state structures at a lower interest rate, reducing costs for the staff of bureaucrats and increasing their own income.
    • Under Governor Furgala, children at school have been equalized in the menu; from 2021, completely free meals were planned for primary classes. This initial was blatantly slammed by Putin and forgot to say who its author was;
    • under Governor Furgala, the staff and salaries / pensions of officials, including their own, were cut at times - from 1,4 million for Shport to 400 thousand, and there were simply deranged numbers - just remember the sensational story with Movchan's pension supplements of 187 thousand rubles , at Shport himself in 397 thousand rubles;
    • Under Governor Furgala, there were discounted tickets for air travel in the North of the region and the prospects for the revival of small aircraft;
    • Under Governor Furgala, many long-term construction projects were liquidated, queues for equity holders, public sector employees, orphans, for dilapidated housing damaged by fires and floods, were vigorously moving;
    • Under Governor Furgala, roads were built more actively and with better quality, the destroyed single "Kraydorpredpriyatie" was restored, the region entered the top ten in the country according to the national project "Safe and High-Quality Roads";
    • under the governor of Furgala, a large-scale modernization of boiler houses in the region began with a planned reduction in utility tariffs, an improvement in supply for the Northern Delivery;
    • under Governor Furgala, they forced loggers to repair the roads they had broken, and oil, gold and fish industrialists - to pay to the local budget, stating that "Why should a super-profitable business have tax incentives in the region?"
    .. "It's not good to catch almost all of the Khabarovsk fish on the estuary to Moscow, here you need to think about the edge";
    • under Governor Furgala, the construction of many socially significant facilities from village FAPs to the unique Center for Proton Radiation Therapy, the pilot House of Social Support for Russia and an educational center similar to Sirius was launched - in 2019, eight large facilities were built, in 2020 it was planned to be commissioned 18, and 31 more to start building, while in 2017 two such objects were commissioned, in 2018 - three;
    • under the governor of Furgala, the priority went to the environment, at the request of public figures, Lake Amut became specially protected; the most powerful reforestation was planned - by 2024, up to 100% of the territories where the forest was cut down and burned down; all sources of water supply and purification of drinking water for the population were completely revised throughout the region;
    • Under Governor Furgal, the Khabarovsk Territory had the smallest decline in industry and employment in the country due to the coronavirus, and even in the first quarter of 2020, investments grew by 22%. Many large investment decisions were planned in the region - RMK, oil and gas processing, Post logistics center;
    • Under Governor Furgal in the Khabarovsk Territory, the People rallied and drove the Edross from the majority in power - in the only region of the Russian Federation, and shocked the country and even the world with unprecedented rallies in defense of their People's Governor.