For whom Russia has created a new engine RD-93MA

The new turbojet engine, called RD-93MA, developed by the Russian United Engine Corporation (UDC) -Klimov, was tested in a heat chamber to confirm speed characteristics in flight simulation conditions. This is reported by the resource

The RD-93MA dual-circuit engine was specifically designed to power single-engine light fighters. This is a modernization of the RD-93 engine, currently installed on the Pakistani JF-17, as well as on the Chinese Chengdu FC-1.

During the tests, the engine was subjected to tests as close as possible to real conditions. They will also check the functioning of the automatic control system of the BARK-93MA motor.

It is expected that the thrust of the RD-93MA will be 9300 kgf compared with 8300 kgf for the RD-93 - this will be a significant increase in power that will help the JF-17 and FC-1 fighters carry more weapons and fly at higher speed.

It was previously reported that the RD-93MA will be directly sold to Pakistan. However, sources told that work on upgrading the motor is carried out under a contract with a Chinese company, for which more than 100 such power units will be manufactured.

It is expected that the engine will enter combat test mode towards the end of 2020. This means that the JF-17 Block III fighter will be subjected to flight tests with the RD-93MA no earlier than 2021-22.
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  1. steelmaker Offline steelmaker
    steelmaker 10 July 2020 20: 23
    And I support. Better to sell finished products than technology.
  2. Alexey Semenenko (Alexey Semenenko) 10 July 2020 21: 38
    The next modernization of the RD-93, from the RD-33 family, developed in 1965, produced since 1977.
    Soviet backlog.
    1. igor.igorev Offline igor.igorev
      igor.igorev (Igor) 11 July 2020 16: 59
      And what of it? The groundwork must also be able to bring to new heights. Or should we give all the Soviet achievements to the Chinese, sit on our ass ourselves and begin to smear our snot on my cheeks, how bad is everything in Russia?
      1. Alexey Semenenko (Alexey Semenenko) 12 July 2020 04: 52
        Never mind.
        As soon as something is tinted in the Russian Federation, it is the Russian Federation that invented and implemented. As soon as Ukraine launches Neptune, immediately, this is a Soviet development.
        1. igor.igorev Offline igor.igorev
          igor.igorev (Igor) 12 July 2020 11: 42
          You would ride to your home.
  3. Anchonsha Offline Anchonsha
    Anchonsha (Anchonsha) 10 July 2020 22: 05
    Here is a sensible decision to sell aircraft engines, as they sold in the United States for space rocket flights. Moreover, China wants to acquire them.
    1. Accidentally Offline Accidentally
      Accidentally 11 July 2020 07: 52
      Arm your enemy .......
    2. Oleg Shlyapin Offline Oleg Shlyapin
      Oleg Shlyapin (oleg shlyapin) 5 August 2020 22: 03
      Do you think your engines are competitive in the US market?
  4. Kyctyk ardax Offline Kyctyk ardax
    Kyctyk ardax (Kyctyk ardax) 10 July 2020 22: 15
    For Rogozin ... he is now training on a trampoline ... And Musk is preparing for the moon and Mars.
    Putin promised a flight to the moon in 2019 ... instead, it was reset to zero ...)))
    1. Oyo Sarkazmi Offline Oyo Sarkazmi
      Oyo Sarkazmi (Oyo Sarkazmi) 10 July 2020 22: 35
      Quote: Kyctyk ardax
      And Musk is preparing for the moon and Mars.

      Musk is getting ready to put on his lenders well. Billions of commercials for 20.
    2. igor.igorev Offline igor.igorev
      igor.igorev (Igor) 11 July 2020 17: 00
      Is Mask getting ready for the moon? In Hollywood, the pavilion took off, or what?
  5. Sergey Sfiedu Offline Sergey Sfiedu
    Sergey Sfiedu (Sergey Sfyedu) 10 July 2020 22: 16
    Yeah. Hindu aircraft, pack engines. Swift loot from both, let them fight.
  6. maidan.izrailovich (Maidan Izrailovich) 12 July 2020 06: 47
    Quote: Alexey Semenenko
    Never mind.
    Once in the Russian Federation .... this is a Soviet development.

    Russia is the USSR with capitalism and without parasites. Not a single development in the USSR would have been born without RUSSIANS.
    Therefore, there are no before and after. This is all the story of the RUSSIAN PEOPLE.
    1. The comment was deleted.