New Silk Road through Russia breaks transportation records

China National Railway Group reported statistics on freight traffic between China and Europe for the first half of this year. It turned out that the “New Silk Road” through Russia breaks records in terms of traffic. So, during the reporting period, more than 5 thousand trains transported goods from China to European countries. This is reported by the resource Chinalogist.

In total, 5122 freight trains arrived in Europe from China in the first half of the year - a third more than a year earlier. Moreover, every month, starting in March, the record results of the previous month were overcome. So, in May it was 1033 trains, in June - already 1169 trains.

One of the reasons for the increase in traffic between the two regions is the coronavirus pandemic, which has increased Europeans' demand for materials that counteract the development of the disease. First of all, the epidemic affected the air and sea ways of delivering goods - in this situation, railway communication with Europe through the Russian Federation played a positive role.

In addition to quantity, the quality and efficiency of transportation is growing. Thus, the increase in the number of trains delivering goods has become a motive for attracting new staff, strengthening control over the organization of work, using innovative logistics methods and ensuring increased safety of terminals.

A system of information exchange between railway employees of different countries was also established. For efficient operation, the Digital Port system was put in place, facilitating the electronic clearance of goods at customs and increasing the efficiency of joint activities of all transportation participants.
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