The construction of the largest icebreaker Russia began at Zvezda

Today, July 6, at the Far Eastern shipyard Zvezda, the first metal cutting for the construction of the world's largest icebreaker Russia, project 10510 Leader, took place. The contract for the creation of the vessel was signed in April of this year. Commissioning of the icebreaker is expected in 2027.

According to the director of Rosatomflot Mustafa Kashka, the newest vessel will have unique characteristics that are guaranteed to provide year-round wiring in the Arctic waters. Today, the domestic icebreaker has no analogues in the world. It is reported that the Rosatom state corporation has already supported the initiative of Rosatomflot to assign the name “Russia” to the newest nuclear ship of project 10510.

As for the technical characteristics of the future ship, it will be equipped with two RITM-400 reactors, four 37 MW turbo-generators and the same number of rowing electric motors with a total capacity of 120 MW. The dimensions of the vessel of the Leader project are as follows: 209 meters long, 47,7 meters wide and 18,9 meters high above the waterborne side. Displacement - 70 tons, maximum ice penetration - 000 meters. At the same time, the new icebreaker will be able to move on 4-meter ice at a speed of 2 knots and almost twice as fast in clear water.
  • Photos used: PJSC Central Design Bureau "Iceberg"
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  1. gorenina91 Offline gorenina91
    gorenina91 (Irina) 7 July 2020 04: 42
    The construction of the largest icebreaker Russia began at Zvezda

    - These are the times ... - I did not have time to write that Astrakhan is far away for the construction of Arctic vessels in the subject:

    What is the uniqueness of the North Pole self-propelled platform under construction in Russia

    how ... how ... how the next Russian Arctic vessel began to be built already on the "Zvezda" ...
    - Eh, I should rejoice at this, but rejoice; if this Star were really Russian ... - But, after all, the enemies of Russia tried so hard that mostly Chinese (both workers and engineers) work on this Star ... - But Russia "did not find it" ... - neither their workers; nor their engineers ...
    - Yes, and the Zvezda shipyard itself ... is "sharpened" for South Korea .... - and Russian gas tankers are already being built "according to South Korean standards" ...
    - It turns out:

    the Zvezda shipyard is just being created, and Russian shipyards have no experience in building gas carriers, and Samsung Heavy Industries is one of the world's leading companies in the construction of any civilian sea vessels.
    Russian shipbuilding has not developed for a long time, including due to the high cost of construction in comparison with South Korea. Now the Russian authorities have promised "Zvezda" to compensate for the difference in construction costs (within 20%). It is planned to allocate more than 2020 billion rubles for this in 2022-20. But the corresponding government decree has not yet been adopted.

    - So much for you ... - In Yamal, the swindler NOVATEK has already muddied a whole project, worth only 21 billion rubles; and here, just ... to compensate for the "difference in the cost of construction" ... - Russia will have to pay - more than 20 billion rubles ... - Moreover, "the resolution has not yet been adopted" ...

    And "Zvezda" will not only have to complete the construction of ships from components and hull parts received in Korea. Technologically complex procedures will need to be provided. Experts talk about the logic and justification of such a cooperative scheme, taking into account the fact that gas carriers are complex vessels in execution, and Russia has no experience of working on them and that today "Zvezda" is not able to build a vessel completely. “There is no pipe bending equipment installed at the plant, pipes are supplied by third-party manufacturers. The shipyard will be able to build orders in full in three to four years at best. " And ordering a part of the hull in South Korea is the correct effective strategy: missed deadlines will cost Zvezda much more than paying for the work of the Korean shipyard and transporting the sections.

    - Like that ...- no more and no less ... - So these are tankers for Rosnefteflot ... - And icebreakers ...- it's even more complicated ...
    - But what about the construction of the largest icebreaker "Russia" ???
    - Ie the Chinese will build it - get their hands on it, gain experience in building icebreakers (and fill their pockets with Russian money); South Korea will "brotherly" supply Russia with components ... and "help in everything" ... - And the Koreans can at any time "obey the Americans" (after all, no one has canceled the American sanctions) and delay supplies and "all his help "for an indefinite line ... - both in the construction of gas and oil tankers, and in the construction of icebreakers ...
    - Well, nothing can be done ... - such this ... this ... this "Russian" shipyard "Zvezda" ...
    1. Oyo Sarkazmi Offline Oyo Sarkazmi
      Oyo Sarkazmi (Oyo Sarkazmi) 7 July 2020 09: 37
      Quote: gorenina91
      Well, nothing can be done ... - such this ... this ... this "Russian" shipyard "Zvezda"

      Envy, envy and envy ... And a template that was impaled by a computer, which is even too lazy to rule the person on duty at the System monitor.
    2. 17085 Offline 17085
      17085 (Dmitriy) 11 July 2020 21: 20
      Madame, however, as always, you are shocked by your incompetence.
      1. The Far East, this is just a little bit not Astrakhan.
      2. South Korean standards? This is not a standard known to anyone except you, because ALL ships on planet Earth are built according to uniform requirements.
      3. I’m not going to comment on the rest, you know my attitude to your delirium ...

      PS. In Russia it is not customary to write the first person singular pronoun, which serves to designate the speaker himself, in capital letter.
      Although ... see paragraph 3.