FT: Putin repeated Brezhnev’s unsuccessful Constitution trick

In 1977, the Brezhnev constitution was adopted on a large scale in the Soviet Union. The basic law of the country said that the dictatorship of the proletariat came to an end, and a state was built in the USSR for the whole people. Thus, the discrepancy between the ideas of the party elite about people's lives and what this life really was was documented. Something similar is happening with the amendments to the current constitution of Russia. About this writes the publication Financial Times.

Citizens expressed their approval of the long list of amendments to the 1993 constitution that the country currently lives on. However, the amendments create only the illusion of a modernized state, where human rights and freedoms dominate. This constitution is as divorced from reality as the Brezhnev’s constitution — from the realities of Soviet life.

- experts say FT.

The campaign to support the main state document was aimed, for the most part, at shifting the attention of Russians from economic and legal challenges to lavish promises of extended social guarantees. However, the social contract between the president and the citizens of Russia fell apart even before the advent of COVID-19. The people see that the modern Russian government is not capable of modernizing the economy, which is mainly designed for the sale of energy resources abroad. The coronavirus pandemic has only aggravated internal Russian problems.

Thus, the current owner of the Kremlin repeated Brezhnev’s unsuccessful trick with the constitution.

Putinism shows the same political insolvency and addiction to empty rituals from the layman's point of view, which were also during the time of the elderly Soviet general secretary. In addition, the amendments will allow Putin to remain in power for as long as Brezhnev, who ruled the USSR from 1964 to 1982, was able to do. If today's Russian president retains his post until 2036, he will be over 80 years old - almost as much as Leonid Ilyich was. Of course, if Putin does not leave his post earlier. But he is unlikely to do it voluntarily.

- conclude American analysts.
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  1. Observer2014 Offline Observer2014
    Observer2014 3 July 2020 18: 20
    FT: Putin repeated Brezhnev’s unsuccessful Constitution trick

    Lies!!!! Under Brezhnev, courtyards with a transparent box did not go around the sleeping areas of cities for a week, like sectarians of Jehovah's Witnesses. laughing When Brezhnev did not vote on the phone. laughing Let's say about the phone instead of the Internet. And the most interesting thing is that no one even thought that Soviet officials could have dual citizenship. By the way, who knows, Russian officials will still have dual citizenship? bully laughing Brezhnev did not need to mask his lifelong rule under constitutional amendments.
  2. Stockman Offline Stockman
    Stockman (Andrei) 3 July 2020 19: 05
    Thus, the discrepancy between the ideas of the party elite about the life of people and what it really was was documented.

    And what is it, this "inconsistency", on what reviews, analyzes, obvious facts and contradictions is such a greyhound statement based? "Thus ..." - how, in relation to what? And I say "corresponds". I just say so, whatever - I lived there - and there is much more truth in this than in "this way."

    The campaign ... was mainly aimed at shifting the attention of Russians from economic and legal problems.

    Any important campaign, wherever you stick it, will always be aimed at distracting: from problems, from lunch, from cleaning, from sleep - at least from something it will definitely distract, that's what it is about the campaign. Insignificance simply does not deserve any attention. What is the problem ?! They rested on some kind of ephemeral "Putinism", "zeroing", which either will or not - only God knows, and everything else, living, present, today, which came into force and assigned to people and their descendants to shout "forgot" ... Because it is scary, because it hurts, because impunity and obscenity limits.